Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of JULY!!!

Happy 4th! Mom, you would be so proud of me to know that I am DECKED out in Red White and Blue. Made sure sister couper was wearing it as well... :) And we most definitely sang the star spangled banner this morning for our hymn. It was the best! Our zone leaders called us and we all sang it as a zone. Haha! I was laughing thinking how I bet most of the missionaries around the world were singing it today because either they were American or their companions were! :) its so fun! I was also telling sister couper about how fun you are mom! just with how much you love to celebrate! I love that we have grown up just loving EVERY holiday and celebrating it! I love it and you have taught me well! We are going to party today! Not sure what we will do... but i feel like i have to find some BBQ and other good things to make it feel like the 4th! And OH im so excited for the package. It hasn't come yet but we will be watching for it... Oh you are the BEST! She will just smile too after all i said about how great you were with celebrating. Ah youre so fun mom! Thank you!! I am SO excited!!

It sounds like you have had the greatest week too! So fun to have steph and her family there! And that greg and jess had a little boy! Oh how fun! He looks so cute. Remember that week at powell when they were trying to get auburn to do something and ky would laugh about their parenting tactics... how it started with please do it and then ended with if you dont the dog will get you! haha! oh man. So fun! So excited for them! But it sounds like it has been the greatest weekend! So fun to get to float down the river. Sounds like it was freezing but hey! Fun memory right? And so fun to have family over for dinner. oh your smoker is the best dad. looking forward to that again! But the stadium of fire. Oh my. Tyse must have been in HEAVEN! IT sounds like it was the greatest night for all of you but especially him! I can just picture his cute face just being so excited and then watching it so closely the whole night. Oh it is so fun! cute boy! I loved the pictures that you sent of him in the tubs. OH my heart. He is the cutest little (big) boy! I love him and miss him! How is he doing? Still as happy as ever? 

but with ky! OH MY GOODNESS! I am so relieved he sounds like he is doing so well!! He seems just genuinely happy - that it can be long but that he is really enjoying his comp and his district and just life in general. OH i wanted to cry when I heard him talking about all of it. He just seems to be doing so well. And like you said dad, just seems like kyle! OH i love him. I bet he is a blast to be in a district with. im just so gald he is so happy! It sounds like he is taking everything really well, that the spanish is coming along, that he is making lots of friends, and he is feeling the spirit. In the end of his email to me he was saying how he just feels so much peace - besides the day he sent you that note.... ? What did he say? you both have mentioned it and ky did too saying that he was just freaking out - but not to worry becuase things were better now! :) Was he done? Poor guy. But yeah he said besides that he has been amazed at just how much peace he has felt. Not even nervous just knows that it is right. OH MY! I will just be saying prayers of gratitude for the rest of forever for that. I have been so nervous but heavenly father is just so merciful and loving. Im so glad he is having such a good time. And so fun to see his pictures. Sister Couper and I are the WORST at taking pictures... sorry! We have realized it though. Its proabably a good thing. We just are out having to much fun I just dont thinkabout it ever BUT i want to be able to remember this time and her... and then be able to show you all the pictures as well and tell you about them so I will be better! We have set that as a goal this week so expect lots next week! I will make up for it! But thank you for sending over all of the emails! please keep doing it!!! 

The computer I am on only has a couple minutes left before I have to get off and go to my ipad so sorry if this is stopped in the middle... ill send another one after! 

BUT yes! I am just so happy that ky is so happy! And that you are all so happy back home! LIfe is just so good! It sounds like today will be really fun too! Dad you will just LOVE the parade. A day full of a parade and fireworks AND emails from me?? What could be better!?;) Take lots of pictures and send them over! Its so crazy that i remember the 4th last year and how I was LEAVING in just a couple days. AHH! I can't even. i will send all of my thoughts on that in the next email... can you believe I am hitting my year this week? AHH! Im excited but honestly it makes me sick too.... 

Be right back! 


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