Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, July 4, 2016

Part 2

Sorry! I'm back!

But yes! Oh my goodness.... Parents! I just can't believe that
Saturday it's been a year. Honestly I am SO excited to get to see you
all again but he thought makes me stomach turn a little bit. I love my
mission. I have had a lot of experiences this week where I have just
reflected on how happy I am here, how much I LOVE getting to serve as
a missionary and be with these people of England I have come to love
so much.

There was a particular experience this last week... On the way back
from the chapel we started talking to this man while we were waiting
for our train. Yeah... We have to get a train to church. The man
started tell onus how life had been hard and he was really needing
that peace. We promised him he could find that! We kept talking to him
as we got on the train and as we were traveling I felt prompted to
share "because of him." ( I LOVE IT SO MUCH. go watch it right now for
me.) but I got out my handy iPad and placed it in front of him. as I
sat there and watched this man watching the video I had this crazy
kind of out of body type experience where I just realised how
incredible it was to me a missionary. I sat there and watched this man
and I felt SO MUCH love for him. Just so much. As he sat there
watching the video you could see how his life had been hard but
getting to see the hope that could come as he watched about Jesus
Christ and what was possible becuase of what he had done for HIM. I
was sitting on the train and out of the Windows England was just
passing by me- the beautiful green and cobblestone and thousands of
chimneys everywhere, and I was sitting next to sister Couper who is
the worlds best companion and easily one of my best friends. As his
man watched the video I just sat in amazement of how blessed I am to
be here and to be doing this. To give people hope and not just talk
about Christ but defend him and let people know that he really is here
and that he loves them and that it can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.
because it has for me. I know Christ lives. I am so converted to him
and his gospel and it brings me no greater happiness than to get to
share that with others. So oh as happy and exciting as it is to hit a
year it is also really hard for me to think about. I just love this so
much. So just like you said mom, I plan on making the most of EVERY
SECOND I HAVE! And let's be honest. I still have 6 months... That's
still a long time right? Yeah. Yeah it will be good! I'll keep telling
myself that and doing all I can to just live it up!

But isn't that crazy?  A year! I just can't believe I have actually
survived not being with you all that long. Only with heavenly fathers

But yes! Things are so good! I love being a missionary and the work is
going well! I am really focusing lately on just doing everything
Christs way. I just want to be more like him and follow his example.
He was the best missionary there ever was so I just need to be more
like him and do it his way! I'm really working on just helping
everyone feel his love when I speak to them. I'm pretty sure that's
what he would have done for everyone here. Whether or not they wanted
to know about it he would have let them know his and his fathers love
for them.

But I hope you have the GREATEST week ever! I hope you have a bLast
with all the festivities today as well! Oh the 4th of July is so fun!
And with your questions I had forgot to answer.... They do say mates
here! Kinda funny... Not like they do in Australia but they do say
like him and his mates all the time. It's funny. And dad! Tell Keith
that Wimbledon is in full swing! Everyone is loving it! We are about
40 minutes from it in Sutton so I won't get to see it but people talk
about it all the time. It's great!

But I just love you both so much!! So so much! Thank you for being the
worlds greatest parents. And I mean that. I am constantly amazed at
all that you have and continue to do for me and Ky tyse and Linds. We
are just all so blessed.

Happy 4th!!! Talk to you next week!!


Sister Gwilliam

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