Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, May 30, 2016

I love my family.

Hello Family!!

It has been a crazy week like always. Missionary life is the greatest.

This week has been good but a little hard as well. SOmetimes I am reminded that I am serving in a place where almost everyone thinks I am crazy for believing in God and Jesus Christ. Serving here, a lot of my mission has been full of people not interested but normally It doesn't phase me at all - we still find those who are willing to talk or are interested - its great! :) BUT THIS WEEK. Good heavens. it seemed like NO ONE wanted to talk or let alone even give us a time the time of day. We would spend our time stopping and trying to talk to those people around us but once the words Jesus Christ got out they would immediately shut down and just walk away. Goodness, it can be mentally a little tough sometimes. It was especially like that on Friday night. We had an hour before going to teach a recent convert and went to go walk down the high street to find someone that needed some happiness and hope. WELL it was almost to the point I almost just started laughing (better than crying) because we just went from person to person of them saying no. It was crazy. I am still so blessed to have the worlds best companion though who this morning as we were talking about it got emotional as she shared how blessed she feels to be able to be here and share her testimony of Jesus Christ - how she doesn't care whether or not we find new investigators or our friends get baptised or any of that. She is here to just share her testimony to everyone and as long as she does her best at that she knows it is okay. Oh i love her and am so grateful for her good reminder. It was a good reminder for me too. I am here to just invite others and to share what I know. I know that Jesus Christ is our Saviour. That he has made it possible to find true peace and happiness in this life and that through him we find rest. Im so grateful for her and for that good reminder. I am also so grateful that I get to serve in England where at times it can be so difficult to find someone who will listen because when you find those who are willing to listen it makes it TEN TIMES SWEETER. I really have seen how with opposition it makes those good times even better. I know that is what it will be like when our family is all back together as well! :) So im really grateful. And with that we have seen some sweet miracles this week. 

First off, our church headquarters referral Jessica! We contacted her last week - I can't remember if I told you about her or not... but OH she is amazing. We were able to see her three times this week and it is just the sweetest experience. She is from Korea (her real name is enjung choi! how fun is that? ) and has NO background with religion but wants to know that god is there and that he loves her SO badly. Oh she is so sincere and so wonderful. It is so neat to teach people like her and help them understand the basic but incredible truths of just the fact that there is a god who loves her and her family. And then to see her eyes just light up as she understands and the hope that comes to her as she does. We have been able to talk about prayer and God and a little about Jesus Christ. It is so good for me too because I really have to focus on teaching simple. But that is something I love about this gospel. It is so simple. So she is so great. She has the cutest little boy as well. The saddest thing though is that her husband is very sceptical about us and just religion in general so we are needing to get him on board before she can really progress towards baptism. Please pray for her and that his heart will be softened. 

Another HUGE miracle is that JACK from aldershot was BAPTISED!!! Oh my goodness. I just found out this last week. I don't know if you remember me telling you - or if I did - about the kid who I met while on exchange with Sister Fleuren. We stopped him on the street and he was just a PUNK and gave us all these smart comments and just silliness but then took a book of mormon and showed up at church the next week. Well yeah, that crazy, punk kid I wanted to just punch in the face after talking to him the first time GOT BAPTISED ON FRIDAY! How amazing is that? I love that the gospel is for EVERYONE! And that we really do need to talk to everyone and invite everyone becuase even the people who seem the least likely to accept will be the ones who have been looking for it. Oh it is just so neat. 

This last week was a little rough with the people but also the fact that I think i might have had strep... hah probably just being dramatic but I did NOT feel well! BUT there is no time on a mission to be sick. So another sweet miracle was the blessing of still being able to work hard and get through it and now I feel great! so thats nice! :) 

And as of today it is only 1 week and 1 day away from ELDER OAKS!!! Oh my goodness IM so excited. And even better! We got our travel plans and I get to go to the London Victoria station and then WALK to hyde park. Do you realize what that means? That means i get to WALK THROUGH LONDON!!!!!!! Im so excited. Ah mom. Ill be thinking of you and how we would be FREAKING OUT when we walk past buckinham palace! ;) Im so excited though! Can not wait to be in london but mostly to get to shake the hand of an apostle. can't wait to tell you all about it!

Kind of a funny story of this week too - last monday all throughout preparation day it was nice and sunny! We went out to work and within 30 minutes of being out it started to rain - I was wearing a coat and thought that would be find but being smart sister gwilliam didn't bring and umbrella. and neither did sister couper. Bad call. it started to POUR. Probably the hardest I have ever seen while being here. and I was out STUCK IN IT. Oh it was crazy. We got back to the flat just SOAKED. all the way through my coat and my clothes to my garments were even wet. OH it was awful but so funny. Just one of those funny missionary stories that I will forever laugh about. It was even better too becuase we made it back to the flat around 8:55 but we don't go in until 9 and we still had to be obedient so we went and knocked on a couple doors. THe couple that opened probably thought we were crazy standing at their door just soaking wet. But it was great. I will never just sit and watch a thunder storm or rainstorm without thinking of the missionaries that are out stuck in it now! :)

But yes! thats pretty much been my week! We had exchange as well which was the best and also had stake conference which was so wonderful! Things here in Sutton are going really well! Its really hard but SO WONDERFUL and Im having a blast getting to share my testimony and have crazy adventures with the best comp Sister Couper. 

Hope you have the best week and so much fun for memorial day!! Sounds like the BBQ was so fun! But have the best time today spending it as a family! Wish i was there to be with you all but so grateful for the ones we will have in the future. Opposition in all things will just make it sweeter! :) 


Sister Gwilliam  

Monday, May 23, 2016

> Sister couper!! OH I LOVE HER.
> Elder herbertson! He is Scottish like sister couper. It was awesome!
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Subject: Hey family!

My wonderful family!!


It has been a wonderful week here in London. It's been a busy one with
lots of crazy things going on... I feel like serving in London just
the strangest things happen! I love it!:) this week was busy with DLC
- with sister couper and I being new as well as the zone leaders and
half of the district leaders we decided it was best to have a little
get together and all get on the same page. It was great and fun to see
and meet people in the zone! On Thursday we had zone conference with
elder Herbertson - on he area presidency. It was AWESOME! He is one of
those people that is just so funny and has the best stories that link
into gospel principles. I love it. I could have listened to him all
day. He talked a lot about finding which was awesome! I'm always
looking for ways to improve that!:) something else that I loved though
too was he talked about just being our best selves - not comparing
ourself to others. I feel like we can all use that reminder. So much
of e time we struggle by comparing ourselves or our families or traits
we have to others and their performance. It's a slippery slope as
well. I know that all Heavenly Father expects of us is to do OUR
PERSONAL best. And that that is okay! I was grateful for the reminder
to be the best sister gwilliam I can be and if I do that I will be
happy at the end of the day!:) it's so wonderful that Heavenly Father
is so aware of us and so understanding.

This week was really neat in that I feel like it was really centred
around the atonement... There have been a couple experiences that I
have just been dying to tell you about!

We got a call Tuesday night from a member ( we had no idea who she was
- still trying to get to know everyone here:) ) asking us to bring her
some milk. She couldn't leave he house with her two little kids. We
ran to the store and over to her house to find that her husband had
been put into prison 2 days earlier. She obviously was a complete mess
about things. She had 2 little kids - a 1.5 year old and a 3 month
old. We didn't pry about the situation but after talking for a while
we found out that her husband, who has always been a member of the
church, had some mistakes of the past and eventually went in and
talked to bishop about them - after confessing the bishop then drove
him to the police station where he turned himself in. This brother if
convicted could face 5 to 12 years in prison. The member went about
how hard that would be as her little kids would be grown up by the
time he got out. As I reflected over the situation I thought about how
hard it was, he would miss seeing his kids grow up, miss being with
his family, his poor wife is having to deal with all at home while he
just sits and waits out time, as well as how his life will forever be
different with having prison on his record. But I was also just amazed
at the situation and had so much respect and love for this brother.
The fact that I am sure he knew all of these consequences but realised
that as important as they all were, repentance was more important. He
was willing to make things right and suffer the consequences so that
he could be right with his Heavenly Father. I just thought so much
about how grateful I am for the atonement. That because of it we can
be forgiven. We can be clean- and it won't be easy. There will be
consequences but it is worth ALL the pain and heart ache in this life
for an ETERNITY of endless happiness with our families. I just love he
hope and peace the atonement Brings.

One of our zone leaders is this awesome elder who is just great! It
has been fun to get to spend time and really get to know the elders a
little better - through car rides and meetings this week we found out
that this elder had originally come on his mission almost 2 years ago
- went to the MTC but then for some reason went home for a year but
worked to come back on his mission and now has been out for nine
months. The coolest thing is is that almost all of the district
leaders and elders in our zone are either from his first MTC group or
his second. As we walked into DLC I was really touched by how much all
of the elders LOVED this elder. They fought over him. Always laughing
about experiences they had had and fighting over whose MTC group he
was really apart of - just all of it. They loved him. I remember my
first zone conference too an elder got up and just cried and cried
telling the story how an elder in his MTC group had had to go home
(I'm sure it was our zone leader) but how he was brought to tears as
he had just found out that this elder was entering back into the
mission that next transfer. I remember being so touched watching him
just cry and then seeing all the elders in the same group crying and
hugging over it too. They were just SO HAPPY that he was back. It
didn't matter he had left - it just matter that he was coming back.
Even our zone leader himself isn't embarrassed by it. I'm sure it was
not an easy experience and could be some,thing that others could be
ashamed of but he isn't. He has applied the atonement and has been
healed. He is clean. The past is in the past and because of that there
is nothing to be asha,ed about. He has been able to move on and serve
his mission and now is able to help inspire others with leading the

I have just been so mindful and so aware of how grateful I am for the
atonement. I have had so many personal experiences with it as well and
I know that it is real. Its power heals us and makes us clean but also
helps us everyday. I am just so grateful for my saviour. I love him.

Another experience I had last week was one of the nights - it was
around 8:30 so almost time to had back - I was just so tired. I don't
know what hit but I was just struggling. We were walking towards the
flat and I stopped this woman and started talking to her. She looked
at me for a second and said, "wow. You seem really apologetic about it
all." And then kept talking about how she wasn't interested and walked
away. Talk about GETTING STABBED IN THE HEART. oh her comment killed
me. But I am so grateful for it because I never NEVER EVER EVER want
to give off the impression that I am apologetic about what I am doing
and the message I am sharing. I am not apologetic about my saviour and
getting the blessing of sharing his name each day. It was a big wake
up call - I feel like I normally don't give off that impression:) but
I have resolved to never ever let it get close to that again. I love
this gospel and am passionate about the peace and help our saviour
brings. It was just a crazy experience. So grateful for the reminder
and learning experience it was though!

Another crazy thing is that 4 months from today I turn 21 isn't that
MAD? Oh my heck. I don't know where time goes. And 21 just seems
sickly old. Ew. Yeah. Just weird. And also weird that I turned 20 out
here. Just crazy.

But yes! I just LOVE YOU ALL and I love this gospel. I truly love my
saviour and a, so grateful to be here getting to serve him. I love
that I know what he has done is real and I know that it is real and
can help us all - we just have to let him help us! That's a big thing
I've learned. E saviour is her to comfort and help but in the end it
is our decision if we allow him to. So LET HIM HEAL YOU. it's just the
very best ever.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! So much. Have the most wonderful week!!

Sister Gwilliam

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Thursday, May 19, 2016


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Had a great day at zone conference!
So much.

Talk to you Monday!

Monday, May 16, 2016

FwdHappy are we!:)

> Dearest family!!
> So sad day, we got to the library and the room with the computers is
> closed on Mondays - what the heck right? So I'm stuck on this lovely
> iPad and it takes me so much longer so hopefully we will figure out
> things better for next week but this week I'll try and use my little
> fingers and type as fast as possible so I can update you on
> everything! Sorry if this is shorter though...
> But just things that I want ALL of you to know is that THINGS ARE SO
> GREAT! Oh I am so happy here! It has been a crazy crazy week. Full of
> getting lost and accidentally going out of our area lots of times...
> Whoops:)... But it's just so wonderful!
> I think the biggest thing I have learned with all of this is that
> Heavenly Father really does know best. I was so nervous to move. I was
> comfortable in Aldershot with sister England and the idea of leaving
> just made me sick BUT I love it here. Things are so good. I know there
> are so many times in our lives when changing or situations are
> difficult and you feel like it is the worst thing but Heavenly Father
> is truly the best and knows what is good for us. I'm so grateful
> things are so great here. He has been so merciful.
> First off, my new sweet companion, sister couper is AMAZING. I love
> her. She is the companion I have always prayed and dreamed I would
> have. She is SO hardworking. So diligent. I have never seen a
> missionary that talks to more people, is more bold, and more diligent
> and just loves being a missionary. She has been out for 5 months now
> and is just a rockstar. Plus has the cutest Scottish accent - I can
> understand her pretty well. I didn't tell her originally but when we
> first met I struggled understanding what she said... Haha but things
> are better now!:) and on top of all of her amazing qualities she is SO
> funny and so sweet. We have become best friends already. We just work
> really well together and are working so hard and having fun doing it.
> Oh I'm just so grateful. I have struggled a lot in the past with
> trying to work with companions to help them overcome struggles but
> then not really feel like I am doing my part of doing all I could do.
> Not that in anyway I have incredible strengths and am the best - far
> from it. I just didn't feel like I was living up to what I could do.
> So it has been the biggest blessing this week to be able to go to bed
> and just feel like I have done my part. We are talking to EVERYONE and
> inviting everyone to learn about Jesus Christ and just testifying all
> day long of his love and the peace that comes through him. I just
> really love it. I am enjoying the work more than I ever have. It's
> weird how much fun I find it now.... Haha! Just goes to show that the
> promise the more you work the more you will love it. Loose yourself in
> the work! So Ky! Just work hard and it's wonderful!! Promise!:)
> The area is great as well! It's in London and OH I LOVE IT! I think it
> was because I loved my time in Peckham so much and this reminds me a
> lot of it. I love that ere are just so many people from so many
> places. You meet people from everywhere with all sorts of backgrounds.
> I have missed the double deckers so much and just everything about the
> busy city life! So I'm really enjoying it. It has been a little
> overwhelming with trying to figure out everything and not knowing
> anyone. And it's been funny too with the zone leaders white washing as
> well they don't have a clue of anything either so we have just tried
> our best to figure it all out. The sisters had a decent teaching pool
> so we have been trying to get in contact with all of them and then be
> able to find them... :) we have spent a lot of time getting lost but
> it's been exciting!:) he ward seems really great too! It's a smaller
> ward and 3 of the families are moving out this summer which is so sad.
> They were so kind though and seem really missionary minded which is
> the BEST! Our ward mission leader is super intense too... At 3 today
> we are having a 2 hour correlation and going trough the ward list
> together. Oh goodness. Not to mention that it is our preparation day
> as well. So today I will be spending it with the zone leaders and our
> ward mission leader going through the ward. Ha I guess it is good he
> is excited right? Who needs a preparation day anyways.... Pray for me.
> ;)
> Another crazy thing is that we are over 8 sisters in this zone! It's
> been crazy trying to know hem and set up exchanges especially when we
> have to have all the exchanges in 5 weeks and one of those weeks will
> be busy with elder oaks and all of the things going on with that! It's
> just crazy. So still working on being patient and realising that with
> time it will all come together and work out. Just keeping the come
> what may and love it attitude and just trying my best! I'm excited
> though! It's good to be busy!
> A funny story from this week was we were waiting for a teach - and we
> had no idea what he person looked so we were just awkwardly standing
> there hoping the person would recognise us - when this old African
> lady came up to us and said "oh you are the sisters! I've seen the BOM
> before..." As she was talking I thought that it was a miracle! That
> this lady had met missionaries before and was now ready to be taught
> and it was just he biggest miracle that we were standing there for the
> teach that it all came together. Until she said that she had read the
> Book of Mormon and finally come to the conclusion that... (I was ready
> for her to say that it was true) but she said that she had finally
> realised we were a cult! And then went on for like 20 minutes and
> wouldn't let us talk or get away and we were both panicked she would
> start going off on the person we were teaching as well. Oh my. It was
> so funny. Just one of those good missionary experiences!
> I really do know that this GOSPEL is true. That Jesus Christ lives and
> that he loves us and will help us. I know we find true peace and
> happiness when we decided that our Heavenly Father knows best and just
> do all we can to best follow him.
> I'm so glad that you all had such a wonderful week!! Oh I JUST LOVE
> YOU! And am still on a high from getting to talk to you last week. I
> just love you so much. And miss you!! But so excited for how wonderful
> it will be to see you again soon!
> I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
> Sister gwilliam
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Monday, May 2, 2016

> Us at the Bollywood night! Sorry the quality is so bad... The lighting was weird and made all of the pictures come out strange!
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> The Aldershot chapel! People have to drive almost an hour to get here.... We are so blessed in Utah to have our chapels so close!
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> The lovely Aldershot high street. Spent a lot of time talking to
> people up and down this street!!
> The road leading up to the chapel!


> Hello wonderful family!!
> OH i am just SO EXCITED TO TALK TO YOU!! I can't believe it is so soon! I feel like this one has snuck up on me... time seems to go by quick sometimes. I feel like we just had skyped at christmas and now BOOM its mothers day! OH I LOVE IT! Im just SO EXCITED to get to talk to you. OH it is just the BEST!
> So with skype! I just checked and I am still logged in and I have a new friend of Bruce Gwilliam! :) YAY!! So it looks like everything should be set to go!!!! And for times I will plan on calling around 7 pm here! So around 1 for you! :) With all of the things going on and the time difference that seems to work best for me if that is okay with you! OH I JUST CANT WAIT! So yes!! Be on ready to go before 1 and I will give you a call! AHH the more I think about it i just get so excited! Its a good thing this week is busy one so I will be distracted... :)
> But yes! It is back to that week of meetings galore which I am so excited for! I LOVE MLC!! I love just being with all of the other leaders and president and how the spirit is SO STRONG! I love it! :) This week Elder Herbertson - I think he is an area 70 will be there as well for a mission tour. And guess what? Remember how I sang at a couple MLCs ago... WELL they have asked that I sing again at this one! The APs asked with him being there if I could do a special number.., If the Saviour stood beside me :) since Elder Herbertson will be there and it is presidents favorite song! So how neat is that! No pressure right? But i love it! Im really excited! :)
> Another crazy thing is that it is moves coming up again! On Friday we get moves calls - so I wont have Pday until tuesday next week BUT with getting to call you on Sunday I will be able to let you know what happened! How fun is that? OH i can't wait. So yeah! Ill let you know if i end up staying or moving. Any guesses?:) BUT this moves is going to be a CRAZY one! I think in this group there are 9 sisters that will be leaving... NINE SISTERS!!!!! And almost all of those sisters are STLs. Soo.... yeah. it will be interesting. Lots of new people will be called and areas that are being whitewashed. Its super intense! Im excited to see what happends. I know Ive been here for almost 7 months now... but i LOVE ALDERSHOT! I mostly just love this ward so much. So I have been here for a while but honestly I would be so happy to stay! we will see what happends!!! Cant wait to tell ya! :)
> This week was really great though! I was able to go on Exchange with the SWEETEST sister, Sister Flueren from Germany. Ive been with her before and I just LOVE her! We get along so well and she is such a good example. So we are able to have 24 hours of working hard but just laughing and having a blast! Its so fun how you are able to meet so many amazing people and just instantly become best friends with them. A mission just bonds people together i think! But something that I LOVED about her and that I have loved was she was CONSTANTLY testifying of Jesus Christ. Anytime we would have a lesson or approach someone on the street or on their door it all centered in Jesus Christ. I think a lot of the time I work really hard on sharing about the restoration topics - the idea of a living prophet, the BOM, all those fun things and I forget to testify about what is most important. The BOM, the prophet, the restored church is ALL there just to bring us closer to our Saviour. He is the center of this message, the center of the church, and the center of our lives! And so I loved the reminder for me to just focus it all on him. And helping others know that I am here representing him becuase of how often I talk about him. We had a missionary broadcast by the church a coupel months back and something they said that I loved was that we should always have christs name on our lips! That if there is ever a time where we dont know what to say - KY this is important since this happends a lot as a new missionary :) - just to testify of jesus christ and his atonement. I just loved that! And will be better about always testifying of him while I am here and then also when I go back home. Helping others see that I have faith in him!
> Another crazy story from this week was while I was on exchange with Sister Fleuren we were walking to a potential and noticed this kid - he looked about 17 - who looked like a mess. He was figity and looked just really nervous and just off I guess. He was sitting on a bench and we decided to go talk to him. And OH MY GOODNESS. He was a punk. Everything we said he would just throw down and give some ridiculous comment back like "Oh god is real? How do you know? Did he talk to you? what does he voice sound like? is it deep or what?" Just silliness. BUT we werent going to let him have the satisfaction of annoying us so we just kept talking and testifing that christ was there and that he could help him. In the end he said "well why dont you just give me one of those books and I can decide for myself" We happily did and then left him with our testimonies and him still saying silly things. We walked away and I honestly thought that he was just messing around and was just a punk kid BUT then miracle! HE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!! We had left a chapel card in the BOM of mormon we gave him and he had ended up showing up for youth on wednesday - he must have just seen the chapel open and gone in - and then came to church. His name is Jack, he is actually 22, and he has read all of 1 nephi and Moroni in the BOM, and wants to know more. WHAT THE HECK? It was the crazinest thing!! Never ever did I think he was actually serious. But thats just something that I love about being a missionary - Gods plans are so much better and he is preparing even the LEAST likely of all people! It was crazy! And on sunday he was a lot nicer to me... so that was great! :) Im excited to see where it goes!
> On Saturday we had a ward party - it was a Bollywood night! It was SO FUN! We had indian food and dancing and it all. It was awesome. I will send over pictures! Rob came and brought 5 friends with him and wants us to start teaching one of them. Rob is SO COOL!! Oh I just love him. It is AMAZING and so humbling to see how Jesus Christ and his gospel changes people. OH its just so cool. Im so grateful to be here and for the blessing of Rob. He is a miracle and I definitely understand the scripture that talks about even just bringing one soul to him how great our joy is. I have definitely seen that. He is different and converted and it brings happiness like nothing else.
> OH and is David Covey Josh Coveys brother? We had a relief society lesson and David Covey was the missionary that Baptised a family in our ward! THey said they went over to american to go to his sons wedding and the house was huge... made me wonder if it is the coveys we know! :) You'll have to let me know! THey are the greatest family!
> But i hope you have the MOST WONDERFUL WEEK AND GET READY TO TALK TO ME!! OH IM SO SOOOSOSOSOSOOOSOOO EXCITED!! I just love you all so much! And am so grateful to get to talk!! Its been TOO LONG! ;) Oh sunday will be the greatest day! Can't wait to see you soon!!!
> Sister Gwilliam