Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, June 27, 2016


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Dearest Family!

Oh i have been DYING this whole week waiting for the updates today! It is so crazy. Oh it sounds like it was the greatest week. Im so glad that the temple and the farewell at went so well. I loved seeing the pictures. Can not wait until we can all go do temple sessions together!! And then going out to eat after for sure... it will be the best! And ky! Everyone has said that you did so well. And even thought I wasn't there to hear it I JUST KNOW YOU DID! it makes me so proud. oh Ky you are going to be the BEST missionary ever. Im so excited! Its crazy that it all starts this week! BE SO EXCITED! Just love it ky. It will be the best. But even better is that I get to see you in 2 years. 1 year down - 2 to go. Piece of CAKE! 

Ive laughed a little bit with the scripture of the week last week that you sent dad because OH goodness it applied this week. So it was so inspired - thank you. But it was just one of those weeks where it seemed like everything was falling apart a little bit. Just craziness with everything going on and friends loosing contact and appointments falling through and then the worst is that NO ONE wanted to hear about it. Serving in England there are a lot of people that don't really care about religion but this week it was almost funny how just no one was interested. As soon as we said the words 'Jesus Christ' people immediately shut down and would just walk away. It was a little frustrating and a lot of the week I spent too much of the time just trying to figure out what I could improve on, what I could do more effectively, how I could be better so they would listen. We had accounting on Sunday night and I went off a little bit to my District leader asking what I could improve or what I could do better to help the situation. ANd this lovely inspired Elder thought for a minute and then asked where our faith was/if i felt my faith was strong. It hit me as I realized that this whole week had been so hard becuase I was so focused on myself - that If only i could improve or do something differently that people would listen. That I would be convincing enough or powerful enough that they would listen when in reality NOTHING I DO WILL EVER DO ANY OF THIS WORK. I can always be obedient and dilligent and do my very best but in all reality I am nothing and this work is in the Lords Hands. He is the one that will prepare people who will listen even with my inadequacies, He is the one who will lead me to those who are ready, He is the one who has promised I will find people to help, HE is at the head of this and It has nothing to do with me. Ky another thing of advice is just to always remember that. too much of the time on my mission I have been weighed down with feeling like I am not doing enough or being enough and that I need to change - all for righteous desires of just furthering the work and serving my saviour to the best of my ability.  But as I do that I shift my focus from Him and trusting Him, to myself. and all that that brings is a really rough week. SO just trust him. understand that things take time and that we cant do it. We can't do a mission, we can't lead a family, we cant go to work, we can't do any of it by ourselves - and when we forget that it is all hi that is when we really struggle. It was a great and humbling reminder this week that I just have to trust him. We all just have to trust him and recognize that we are weak. He has made us that way so that we can continue to lean on him. And being weak is okay! So ky, as you go to the MTC this week just remember that for the next 2 years you just need his help. Its not about you at all - even with how wonderful and amazing you are :) - if you try to do it you will fail and you wont be happy. Trust him and you will see miracles and enjoy everyday in his service. 

But yeah! It was a harder week but such a good one. It is always the harder weeks that we learn the most! :) I was reminded to trust the lord and to be grateful! even in the craziest and hardest times when we remember him and recognize what he has done it all gets better! 

But im so glad that it all was such a good week! I was thinking about it all week long and especially all of yesterday. ky i hope you know just how much I LOVE YOU! And how grateful I am to have the blessing of getting to serve a mission with my best friend. It is going to be the BEST! And I know that if anything It will just bring us and all of our family closer. It is the greatest adventure and most incredible blessing getting to be a representative of Jesus Christ - who has given us EVERYTHING! The least we can do is go out for a couple years to show him how grateful we are. Im so grateful for your incredible example! I LOVE YOU ELDER GWILLIAM! Will be thinking about you all week! 

I LOVE YOU FAMILY!!!! So grateful that we are sealed FOREVER! I know this gospel is true and that Jesus Christ has made it all possible. 

Talk to you next week! 

Sister Gwilliam 

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