Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, October 26, 2015


Hey Family!!

I hope you have had the GREATEST WEEK!! I just love you all so much and it is the greatest to get to hear from you!!! 

This week was a lot better!! Sorry for the little panic attack/mental breakdown I had last week. I was just being a little dramatic. Which totally happens on this rollercoaster ride some people call a mission but this week was a lot better! :) Thanks for all of your prayers and helpful advice!! It helped SO MUCH! So thank you! I just LOVE YOU! 

I feel like I am finally starting to get used to things here which is so nice. There still is a lot that im trying to work on but its getting better! Dad you asked about people we are teaching and OH MY GOODNESS we are teaching MIRACLES! These people are so prepared! Some of the top progressing are Holly (16) Jack (14)  and Fern (8). They are just the greatest kids and should be baptized this weekend! Something that I have learned while being here is that as a missionary I really am just here to find those people that are prepared. I am not here to try and talk people into the gospel or any of that - Heavenly Father is preparing people!! He is doing that part! It is just my job to find them and then teach them. But these kids are just so great! Holly stopped smoking cold turkey. Jack doesn't question anything. It just makes sense to him and he has already started asking about what he has to do to serve a mission - he wants to join the army too but has decided he'll just serve a mission first and then join. WHAT? freak out moment. And then Fern is just the sweetest little 8 year old who tells us everyday the number of days until the 31st! (the date they should be baptized!) It is just so great and so fun to teach them! Their mom is GREAT too! She hasn't sat in on the lessons yet mostly because she is a single mom and constantly working or out doing things but she supports them 100% and i know it is just a matter of time before she joins her family as well! So that is the biggest blessing! I'm just so excited and so grateful to realize that heavenly father really is at the head of this work! ITs so great!

I saw sister Hiatt at Zone Training this week! It was so crazy. We just laughed at how both of our moms and grandmas have been emailing us info about the other person! She seems so fun though and it the next couple of weeks we will be going on exchange so that will be the greatest! We will send pictures home! Maybe of us reinacting us in the bathtub with shaving cream... ;) 

So I got a little slap in the Face from Heavenly Father this week which was great to get me focused again! :) After zone training (which went really well! All the elders and sisters seemed to love it and hopefully they were able to take something out of it!) But leading up to the training i had been thinking a lot about how I feel like i had been slacking. I was in a new area and trying to figure everything out but with that it seemed like I had slowed down a little bit - just not talking to as many people and more observing. Which is great to an extent but it is no excuse to not be talking to people - I just kept coming up with excuses. So on the train ride home I was fighting myself to try and talk to people. Talking to people on the bus and trains is not something that Sister Stephenson ever did before. I guess they just sat there? I don't understand. BUT anyways... we got on the train and we sat next to this lady and her 2 boys. they seemed great! and i instantly thought! YES! Its a family! So i sat down and then all the sudden I got all of those excuses again. Just saying Maybe this isn't effective in this area? or Sister Stephenson is sitting right next to her. It would be weird for me to reach over her. NONSENSE thoughts. Finally our stop was up next and at the last minute I just reached over and asked if I could share a pass along card with her with a website on it. The sweet mom looked at me and said...

 "Oh! Ive actually been wondering! My family is Christian as well but we aren't mormons. Ive heard of your though. What is it you believe?"  

Slap. In. The. Face.

OH! I was SO angry with myself! Here I was sitting on this train with this lady who was TOTALLY prepared to listen to me and I sat there questioning everything. I just felt so silly. That time I was doubting I could have been testifying and helping this lady and her family come to know about TRUTH and how they could be together FOREVER!!! So yeah. It was the worst. I was just grateful we had given her a card. We had to run off the train but we left her with a breif testimony and told her to look at the website and then call us with any questions. But yeah. I felt like the worst but was so grateful for the chance to have a good little reminder to talk to everyone and not let satan put any kind of doubt in my head! So ive been better about that this week! :) 

OH and dad - remember when I sent you that fufu was of the devil. WELL ive found something else here that is even worse. SO many families here have these awful SATANIC little stickers on their doors that say we can't cold cold. (just knock on their door to talk to them) and they are EVERYWHERE around here. Obviously you]re initial thought would be that we should still just knock them right? well we can't. The sisters called President Gubler and I guess with the situation people are really serious about it and so we have to respect them. Oh they are the worse. So instead of knocking a lot this week we just put a lot of cards through their doors. If we can't knock we will still leave something for them to look at! :) 

But yes! this week was a lot better! Things here in England are great! The members in this ward are amazing too! i sent pictures of Joy and Martin. They truly are ANGELS and tender mercies everyday. They feed us multiple times a week and just those people that are always there if you need anything. Including warm hot chocolate and bathroom breaks! She is taking us to lunch and shopping today too - they SPOIL the missionaries. So I am just so grateful for them and for their love. Including all  of those in the ward! 

DId you have the time chance there yet? We did here and its getting dark around 5. THE WORST since we are out until 9. haha! It should be a fun winter! :) 

Well i just  LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! and miss you! But am keeping you in ALL of my prayers and am so grateful that we will get to be able to spend eternity together! Thank you for all of your support and love and prayers! I miss you but will keep working hard so you can be blessed at home! :) Keep me updated on EVERYTHING!!!! 


Sister Gwilliam 

Joy and Martyn!! I'll tell you about them next week! They are
AMAZING!! And my adopted family here! I love them so much!! 

I thought Linds would like this! :) 

Monday, October 19, 2015

I love you!!

Hey Family!!

OH MY GOODNESS I just love you all! I LOVE MONDAYS because I can e-mail you and get updated on everything! In my prayers this morning I really just said thank you a million times OH i just love you and LOVE getting to hear from you!

BUT this week was craziness. I feel like all of Peckham was just a dream and I just left the MTC to come here. Lots to adjust to but its so good!

First off, there are SO MANY WHITE PEOPLE. I almost don't even know how to handle myself. Haha. That was one of the first things I noticed being here. In Aldershot there are a lot of nepalese people - but they don't speak english so we rarely get the change to talk to them. BUT everywhere else in our area is just full of english people. Its taking me some getting used to. I feel like I am finally in England - based on the people actually being english and the fact that everyone here is atheist and don't want anything to do with us! :) Which is just SO different than Peckham. If I said Jesus Christ all the africans LOVED me. Even if they didn't want to join the church they respected what we were doing and loved to talk about him! I felt like most of my time there wasn't defending Christ but was defending Joseph Smith. Im learning very quickly though that isn't the case here... So its been a good week of evaluating and trying to figure out the best way to approach people on the street and with knocking. WE KNOCKED FOR YEARS THIS WEEK! So lots different but a good learning experience!:)

Another crazy thing about this area is that it is so big! The ward we serve in only has us in it - where Peckham has 1 set of sisters and 2 elders! But without having other missionaries we have to cover a lot of area - Ive struggled feeling like most of my time is traveling rather than talking to people. A lot of places we have to take a 30 minute bus ride to get to the train station and then take an hour train ride from there. And then with that we walk. Forever. and ever. I thought I walked a lot before but I truly had no idea. This week we got up to 30,000 steps one day! IT WAS CRAZINESS!! Its probably for the best since I can hopefully start walking off the pounds of fufu and rice that I was fed the past three months but it is a lot! Im thinking my shoes might not last as long as I hoped! :) 
BUT the area is beautiful! It is fun to actually see trees and grass! :) Aldershot itself isn't the prettiest but when we get out into the other areas it is just amazing! So many trees and its just so green! It reminds me SO MUCH of Lafayette CA! and I LOVE LAFAYETTE so its another tender mercy heavenly Father has given! I'll send a picture I snapped while we were walking the other day! Its not the best but I wasn't very good at taking pictures this week... so forgive me and I'll be better next week! :)

Another fun thing is that is FREEZING! Its so cold. It hasn't been too rainy which is nice (probably just jinxed myself) But its just so cold. Ive started wearing tights and then leggings and then a jacket under my rain coat. And apparently it is only Fall here - the real winter hasn't even set in yet. umm.. what? Im pretty sure i'll freeze this winter. Next week Sister Stephenson and I are going to go shopping and I'll hopefully find the thickest tights and some good boots that I can wear when its not raining. we'll see. Pray for sunshine here is lovely old Aldershot!

Sister Stephenson is great! She really is super sweet and wants to work hard so we have gotten along really well. I hope that we can become the best of friends! It seems like her trainer - this is her first transfer without her - was very controlling with things. So she was trained but wasn't really able to teach anything or anyone. A lot of the door approaches and such she tells me how she just doesn't feel confident because she's never been the one talking for the 4.5 months together!! So I just realized even more how grateful I am for the worlds greatest trainer. Sister Barnes was the best and hopefully I can help Sister Stephenson feel more confident in herself.
But besides that it is great! We are getting along well and excited to get to know her better! And Granny Annie is the spunkiest most random old lady. She is so funny! I meant to get a picture of her before so I could send it but she is just this little old english lady. Her husband passed away about 10 years ago so she has had missionaries living with her since! She seems to LOVE to company. I feel like I'm a little on my toes still because she has a lot of rules to keep the house clean and such so I'm just hoping Im doing everything right! She is sweet though and it is fun to have a grandma here!

BUT this next week will be super busy! With being STL Me and Sister Stephenson and the Zone Leaders are in charge of the Zone training on Wednesday - it will be from like 10 - 4 of us teaching and carrying out things taught by President Gubler and the Mission Training plan. We have a lot of calls including a sisters call where we help the sisters at nights and then on Saturday we are going to do splits with the Guildford Sisters - they seem to be really struggling so we are going to their area to help them find as well as split them up and hopefully be able to offer some advice and encouragement! Hopefully we can help them! Then exchanges will start next week so that will be exciting! I feel like I'm not really sure what is going on still but it is great! :) I have also been asked to sing which will be so fun and KY - I play the piano ALL THE TIME here! So keep practicing! The ward needs a pianist a lot as well as people will ask you all the time in District meetings/ Zone trainings and conferences! SO keep practicing! :) 

Something that I loved this week while reading the Book of Mormon was in Alma 12:14. its talking about how we will be judged according to our works on this earth. Ive been studying the BOM with the BOM study guide in the Gospel LIbrary and there was a quote from Elder Oaks that talked about how he doesn't believe we will be judged according to our works but what we have BECOME because of what we chose to do. So our good deeds definitely help us but also our bad decision but then how we took those - applied the atonement - and then BECAME better! I loved that so much! I am so grateful for this gospel and a Saviour who cares so little about where we've been or what we done or who we currently are but is only concerned with who we will BECOME! This gospel is about becoming and I am doing my best everyday to become the greatest person I can be. And that is only possible through our Saviour. I need him everyday. So grateful for the sacrifice he made that makes it possible for me to change and to become better!!

I hope you all have the greatest week! I LOVE YOU! And miss you lots and lots! looks like it was a fun week with goblin valley and everything! Thank you for the pictures! I LOVE THEM! 

Thanks for all of your love and support!! Talk to soon! :) 

Sister Gwilliam

Tuesday, October 13, 2015



Oh my goodness! So much to tell you! It's been a great and crazy week!

So once upon a time it was a great week! It was sister Barnes last
week so we were working hard and enjoying being together! We finally
had a solid.... and I mean SOLID... teaching pool which was the
biggest blessing! We have 4 on track for baptism by the end of
October!!! And these people are just SO PREPARED! Just the people who
say they have been waiting for his message, they've wanted to change
their lives, they want to be baptized (even before we bring it up!!)
just all of these amazing things that you hear people say to
missionaries but you don't believe it is true! But it is true. And
sister Barnes and I were blessed enough to have 4 of them! So it was
just the BEST! We got to Friday morning where we were doing weekly
planning - idk if you did this dad? But we plan for our entire week!
Put all of our plans down. Talk about what lessons we will teach Our
investigators. Less actives and recent converts, who can fellowship
who, how to use members and the wArd council.... All those good
things! It takes about 3 hours to do each Friday but then is the
biggest blessing throughout the week!:) SO anyways, we are doing
weekly planning and I remember just feeling so great and so ready to
take on all the things we were talking about. Even with sister Barnes
leaving I felt confident to be able to help my new companion and I
teach these people, I could show her around the are without getting
lost.... For the most part:), I felt like I had a good relationship
with the ward and member so member work would stay up, and I LOVED
these people! I loved the ward, and Peckham, and our investigators (so
much!!!) and even the fufu and rice was becoming bearable -kay maybe not that part - but 
everything was great! I was happy and even though I was sad to have
sister Barnes I just knew me and my new companion would be able to
carry things out. WHEN ALL OF THE SUDDEN... The phone starts ringing.
And who was it? President Gubler!! Sister Barnes and I literally start
screaming and then finally answer it. We all talk for a minute and
joke around when he asks if I am there. Umm... Moment of panic. But he
goes on to say that he has been praying a lot and even with the
situation with sister Barnes leaving I will be moving too because I
have been called to be a Sister Training Leader!!! AHHH!!!! Oh my good
heavens. First off moving was a shock - It wasn't even on my radAr to
think I would move since Sister Barnes was leaving and we had pink
washed the area when we moved in. I thought no way they would do that
again! And then sister training leader!!! COMPLETE SHOCK! President
said that usually he wouldn't pink wash twice - not the ideal thing to
do but he really felt like I needed to be a sister training leader -
and since sister Cunha and sister ramsayers (my flat mates:) ) - had
just been called to be the STLs for the Wandsworth zone, I was going
to move and be an STL in the stains zone! So holy smokes! I've been
DYING TO TELL YOU EVER SINCE I FOUND OUT!!! I'm so excited but also so
nervous and just can't believe it still. I feel like I'm starting all
over with this whole missionary thing with moving but it will be
great! I know the Lord will help me and I'll just have a whole new
area and zone full of friends!:)

SO with all of the news. I am moving to Aldershot! It is in the stains
zone. (I don't know if you have a map of the zones- I think there is
one in my call packet? Idk?:) but anyways! I am going to Aldershot!
It's about 3 hours south west of London! And Me and my new companion
(her name is Sister Stevenson - and she is ENGLISH!!! Accent here I
come!:) ) will be the Sister Training Leaders (STLs) for the stains
zone. As STLs I will be responsible for all of the sisters in the
stains zone- it's basically the responsibility of a zone leader but
only over the sisters!:) Me and sister Stevenson will go on exchanges
with the sisters once or twice a week depending on how many their are in our area and then our job is to help train them to be better missionaries! We are supposed to be a good example of working hard,contacting people on the street, being focused on helping them
accomplish their goals, go on teaches with them, help them be more
converted to the mission training plan and to the Lord and mostLy
support and love them!:) oh my goodness. I will also attend the
missionary leadership council each month (president gubler, the APs,
zone leaders, and then sister training leaders attend) and then we
also will go to the district leadership council with the zone leaders
and district leaders to pass the information from MLC to the district leaders and zone. So a lot more responsibility on my part.Im really excited but also a little overhwlemed with all of it! I feel like I am completely new and still am trying to figure things out - I am the one who needs a good sister training leader to help me but now I am the one who needs to be good enough to be the support the other sisters need. So its exciting but Im nervous. AH I was really excited to tell you though! Did you get an email about it from president?? Ive heard Zone Leaders parents get them so maybe STLs parents do too and you already know all of this! 

So... I wrote that out yesterday while sister barnes was getting all of her pictures off her Ipad and such! BUT right now I am officially in Aldershot. This morning we traveled to the Crawley chapel and then zone leaders drove me here! Its been crazy, I feel like it hasn't really hit yet, I feel like im just going on exchange and I will be back in Peckham with Sister Barnes tomorrow but I already like it a lot here. But oh my goodness. It is SO DIFFERENT! There are NOT as many people. A lot more english. And instead of being in Africa I'm now in Nepal. Those people are everywhere. As Sister Stevenson and I walked to get groceries almost everyone we passed she would put her hands together and do a little bow to them saying "NAMASTE!" I laughed when she started saying it just because of all of the crap ky and dad gave me with Namaste and volleyball - its all coming back around! ;) But yeah. So thats definitely going to be different. It really is super weird for me to not have thousands of people passing me every minute. Street contacting will be a lot different for sure. 

AND another fun thing! WHen I was telling people where I was moving everyone kept telling me about this "granny annie" I was a little confused by it all but it turns out they were telling me about her becuase we live with her!! Me and my companion live with this old sweet spunky old english lady! LIke we share the kitchen and bathroom and house with her! How fun is that? Sister Stevenson said it is great for the most part but she does like to talk a lot - which I can see already, I guess she is just lonely and so when we are home she has to catch us up on everything - but she does seem sweet and it will be fun to have a grandma like person here! She likes things very neat and tidy which will be good for me too.... Sister Barnes and I probably could have been better about that! :) So yeah, I'll keep you updated on how all of that is! Hopefully Its just the greatest! 

Sister Stevenson seems great already! We have only been together now for only a couple hours but it seems like we are going to get along really well! Her last companion was a health nut - didn't eat sweets very often and was vegetarian - so the fact that I love meet and chocolate already made me a winner in her mind!:) She is from Northern England and came the transfer before I did! So she has only been out for about 4.5 months! She has been a sister Training leader for 2 transfers though so she will be able to catch me up on everything with that! She seems so sweet though and im excited to be able to learn and grow with her!! 

But yeah, I feel like that is the big news of the week! I feel like everything else is a little bit of a blur. The last weekend in Peckham was crazy! We RAN from different appointments and everyone decided they wanted to feed us! I have lots of pictures that I'll send right after this!! Im excited for this new transfer! Super anxious as well! I truly feel like im starting completely over. jUst without knowing my companion or the area or the people and having it be with granny annie and labanese people everywhere! Haha its just completely different! BUT i'll just keep relying on my Saviour and know that with his help I'll be able to adjust and love it here just like I did in Peckham! :) 

I love you all SO MUCH!! You all are always in my prayers! THank you for the emails and your love and prayers and support! I miss you so much but am so grateful to be here!! 

LOVE YOU!! Excited to email you next week and tell you all the crazy adventures that will happen in this new area! :) 

Sister Gwilliam 

This is Sister Hill. I have to send you an email telling all about how amazing she is!! This sweet lady was mistreated for some medical problem she had about 20 years ago and because of that she has gone completely blind and is confined to her home. It truly is the saddest thing but it is amazing because she has the STRONGEST faith and testimony! OH I could just go off on all I think of her. Some of the most spiritual experiences I have had so far have been In her flat just being with her and learning from her example!! I'll miss her for sure! 

Sister Aidoo! I LOVE HER!!!

This is Andy our investigor!! He was the greatest and can't wait to hear about when he gets baptized!

Sister Quaye and her cute girls! She is a returning member/LA. She was always so kind to us though and always good to feed us!:)

Painting on Saturday for Sister Cambell!

You mean we won't be together?

Monday, October 5, 2015


Cutest family! 

OH MY GOODNESS! This week was the most amazing because general conference!   OH MY. I just can not even believe how powerful it was. I haven't even seen the last session yet.... In England it's funny. We watched both the morning sessions live - its at 5 here!:) so Saturday I watched the woman's before and the the live session and then Sunday morning we watched the Saturday afternoon and then the live session. But that was one of the first things that I loved. I felt SO CLOSE TO HOME! When I walked in and heard the Mormon tab singing I literally was fighting back tears. Just seeing the conference centre, all of those amazing LDS people gathered together, hearing the sweet American accent ;), and mostly that I was doing the EXACT thing as you!! I was watching the same talks, raising my hand to sustain them at the same time, and singing at the same time! I just felt so close to home and to you! Oh it was so great! And then the rest of the conference I was just BLOWN away. I have never had a more spiritual meeting. It was better than Christmas - and I LOVE Christmas. Oh just all the the talks, and then getting to see and hear from the new apostles and the songs were perfect and I just felt like all of the questions I had were answered and all the talks were just exactly what I needed. I beat myself up for not taking advantage of conference before. I have always loved it but mostly because I was at home with my family and all the fun girls night and such but I see the power behind actually being prepared to listen to a PROPHET OF GOD. I know without a doubt that what the prophet and apostles said is what we need to know NOW and TODAY! I encourage all of you to read and re read and mark and ponder and then APPLY what was spoken over this weekend. I know by following what they said it will lead us so much closer to our savior, we will be protected from the craziness in this world, and we will be HAPPIER! Oh this gospel is just so great. 

There were SO MANY things that I loved but there were some that I loved and stood out to me. First of, President Gubler is called of God. I can't even tell you. EVERYTHING he has been telling us and the mission plan he set out for all of us was exactly what was talked about all throughout conference. One of the things he has talked about recently was asking us "what lack I?" Asking the Lord what we can fix and then turning to PMG to find the answer. He tells us personal conversion is key, we have been reading the Book of Mormon to see who we are and en what we can apply, he has stressed fearing no one and opening our mouths and continues to remind us we NEED the spirit! Just EVERYTHING!! As I sat listening to conference I was just in awe. President gubler is called of God and is SO CLOSE TO THE SPIRIT. I am SO grateful to get to learn from him each day and be under his leadership. I love him and sweet sister Gubler so much! 

Something else I loved was the testimonies of the 3 new apostles. Something that I have really struggled with at times while being a missionary is just feeling adequate to have this calling. I feel the weight of it and at times think about how imperfect I have been and how imperfect I am and it's overwhelming - I truly am just full of faults. And it was just an answer to my prayers to see these humble men get up and testify that they felt the exact same way. And yes- their calling is significantly bigger and it is of much greater importance but last night I felt that we were very similar and with how we feel. I truly agreed with Elder Rasband as he quoted how he stood all amazed at the Love Jesus offers him. I am full of awe continually of my Saviors love for me. For his mercy and patience and understanding and continual encouragement as I continually fail but try my best. I wanted to shout amen when elder Runland spoke about how how I have not been called because of what I have done in my life but because of what the Savior needs to do through me. This is HIS work. I have never felt the reality of that more than I have lately. These 18 months are his and I plan to do everything in my part so that whatever he needs done I am there worthy and ready that he can do it through me. And then I fought back tears when Elder Stevenson talked about hard nights of questioning his ability and self examining himself but then realising he needed to focusing on what He could do instead of what he couldn't. There is so much that I can not do. There are days that I feel like I can't contact properly, or I need to tech more to needs, or I'm not focusing on the work like I should - so many things I can't do. But I CAN and forever will testify of the reality of Jesus Christ. I love him. I know that he live. And I love him with all that I am. Even with all of my shortcomings I can continue to open my mouth and try my best everyday to help others know of the reality of a saviour who is always ALWAYS there for them too. Everything is possible through him. Ahh everyone just needs this! 

Another talk I LOVED was President Russell M. Nelsons. Oh my goodness I think I'll just read that talk every morning for the rest of my life. I have never felt so grateful to be serving a mission. As he talked about the importance of woman In the church - my heart was just full of gratitude for my Heavenly Father and helping me get to the point of being a missionary. As he talked about the attributes of the woman the church needed I saw that all of those things were something that I am learning by serving a mission. The thought of not being here and learning the things I am truly scares me. The lessons I have learned even just these 3 months will make me not only a better person but a better mom who will raise my children anchored on the doctrines and principles of this church, I will be a better wife, a better daughter, friend and mostly a better disciple for the REST OF MY LIFE! OH my dearest family this gospel is true and I am so thankful for it. I am so grateful to be a missionary and have the chance to share this message everyday and become the woman that this church and my Heavenly Father needs me to be. 

The other thing that stood out was that It's okay to miss you!:) One of the questions I had going into conference was finding the balance of still feeling close to you but keeping my focus on being a missionary. And almost all of the speakers spoke of how dearly they missed Elder Perry, Scott, and Packer The spirit reminded me that it was okay to miss you! It's okay to feel that way but not okay to have it interfere. Just acknowledge it and move forward. Oh it's just so great! AND I haven't even SEEN the last session. I bet it was the greatest! After emailing we are downloading all of them so we can watch them later! It's just the BEST! Super excited! 

Oh and I almost cried again with president monsons talks. I love him so much and he just seemed so old and weak. OH I love him! Praying hard for him to have the strength he needs. AND elder cooks talk about Bristol!! That is TOTALLY IN MY MISSION! Sister Barnes last area!:) all the missionaries were freaking out! It was so great! So basically it's just the greatest mission.... ;) 

Sorry for that conference rant... I kinda just LOVED it. But the rest of this week was great too!:) 

This week sister barnes and I went on exchange with the kennington sisters who are the spanish speaking sisters! So I went on exchange in ESPANOL! Dad. I could have used ya! Haha it was a crazy 24 hours. I also just realized how merciful heavely father is for sending me where i could speak ENGLISH! I have no idea how people adjust to everything in missionary life and then on top of that have no idea what anyone is saying. Dad. youre amazing. But it was lots of fun for only 24 hours. I pretty much just stood there and smilied and tried to catch onto words that i learned in middle school that I could pick out! it was lots of fun!

We also went to grandmas again and I ate enough rice for all of us! Sister barnes sneaked short videos of her. just so you can get the idea of what the people and my life is like here. THeyre short but pretty funny! I'll send them over! 

And with moves next week I won't be emailing until later on in the week! So just send me even more and be excited for me to email later!:) But I hope you have the BEST WEEK!! 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Thank you for the emails! Can't even tell you how much they make my entire week! Love you all and miss you but so grateful to be serving a mission!

Talk to you soon!
Sister Gwilliam