Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, February 29, 2016

Hello wonderful family!

 HEY my favorite people!!

 It sounds like it has been a wonderful week! SO fun that you have grandma and grandpa there! Oh i love it when they come. I hope you have the greatest time all together and KY! Keep winning so that you can take state and so they stay longer! :)

 But family. I am just so happy! Just to echo what I said last week but OH heavenly Father is SO MERCIFUL in letting me be with Sister England. We just get on so well and it just helps EVERYTHING! Haha i have thought about it and the last couple of months were good! Don't get me wrong, I loved being with Sister Steve and learned lots from her, but now just seeing how wonderufl and easy we get along and how the work is just FUN when you get to be out with someone who you enjoy, OH things are just so much better. So i am just SO HAPPY! Things are so great!! She is wonderful and we are working hard and having SO much fun together too! Its the perfect balance. Plus grannie annie loves us - there was a lot of tension in the house before... so that is even better too! So things here in England are just WONDERFUL!!

 This week was busy! We have really been working on building up our teaching pool with having our investigators get baptised. (best problem ever! :) ) So we have been doing a lot of finding and knocking and talking with people everywhere we go and we have seen SO MANY MIRACLES! This week really has just been a week where there have been days I am just blown away with how kind Heavenly Father is. We just seem to be running into people who are willing to listen and a lot of them are actually looking for something. Its crazy. I have seen it to that a lot of times the people we find are on busses or while walking to the place we are wanting to go - Its just helped me realize how important it is to talk to everyone around me! We may feel prompted to go somewhere not necessarily because of the destination but who we will run into while we are traveling there! Its just so fun! So yeah, we have been spending a lot of time talking with people and following up on potentials. We have some SUPER solid potentials that we have scheduled appointments with this next week so im SUPER excited! Get ready to hear all about how great they are next week! :) But right now we are working with a lot of great people as well! We are working with our friend Steven who has been investigating for 3 years... flipping heck steve. Just get baptised. He finally opened up and said that he just cant connect with the Book of mormon So we are really trying to help him with that! He has a baptisimal date scheduled for March 26th and it has been so neat to see how much he has progressed since we have worked with him! I have SO MUCH FAITh that he will make it! We also have a friend Steve (yeah... it gets confusing sometimes :) ) But he is doing really well too! Then we have the sweetest single mom named Shelly. She had a near death accident that made it so she is sure that there is someone out there watching over her and helping her. OH its just so fun to let her know that THERE IS! We are also working with one of Joy's school friends from a couple years ago so that is really great too! Every friday night we get to go there and eat yummy food and then teach him! It is great! :)#

This last week I got your sweet letters and Tyse's cute picture and the Valentines heart you sent! THANK YOU!! Oh it is so fun to get letters! It brightened up my day so much! So thank you! I LOVE YOU ALL!! And tyse's picture was the cutest thing. It seems like he is just loving school which makes me so happy! :) I was showing Sister England some of the videos I had that you had sent over of him and oh that boy just melts my heart! I love him! We also watch Ky's wisdom teeth videos all the time still.. OH they are so funny!! So glad that you sent them!

The work is going so well though! I love how everyday I feel like my testimony just get strengthened even more! Something I have thought a lot about this week is how much I have changed. I feel like before my mission I was converted to the church. I loved going to church, the culture of it, and I liked what was being taught and believed in it. But since being here i am truly converted to the GOSPEL and my Saviour. I KNOW that this church is true and I LOVE IT! Im so grateful to be a missionary and learning so much. I don't know how I got on with life before now so im just really grateful to be here! LIfe is so good!

 How is your book of mormon reading going by the way? As of tomorrow it is MARCH so that means you only have about a month left. (can you believe it is almost conference again? WHere the HECK did time go? ) BUT keep it up! Keep reading!! I know we can do it and the book of mormon blesses our lives SO MUCH!

 AND OH MY GOODNESS!!! KY'S PAPERS ARE IN!??? AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness. I am SO EXCITED! Oh i remember when mine went in. I feel like i was pretty patient with everything until they were actually submitted and then I just wanted to know! The whole waiting 2 weeks was so hard!! OH MY GOODNESS! Oh i just dont even know if i will be able to focus! KY!? WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU WILL GO??? I'm hoping and praying for ENGLAND LONDON SOUTH! Oh could you imagine? I would FREAK OUT! But oh man. Ill think about it but my real guess is Mexico City or Spain. Thats what I am saying now. But i will ponder and fast over it and get back to ya! ;) OH i am jsut so excited for you ky! It is the greatest thing! and I can't wait to be out at the same time as my best friend! WATCH OUT WORLD! SISTER AND ELDER GWILLIAM ARE COMING FOR YA!

 But i hope you have the most wonderful week! We have exchange this week which will be fun and then a busy week of finding SO many new people! :)

 Thank you so much for being the most amazing family in the entire world! I love you all SO MUCh and am just so grateful for you! Having your help and support makes ALL The difference here and I just feel so blessed to have you! Keep being happy and safe and remember how much I LOVE YOU!!

 Sister Gwilliam

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


 Thank you kris and Eric and fam!! I love you!!!

I love my Family!!

> Hello my most amazing family!
> It was SUCH a great week! So many good things going on and I am just so happy! Being a missionary is the BEST! Really the biggest blessing! KY I JUST AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!
> This week was so great though. First off I realize that I was the worst last week. I was so nervous with Sister England coming in and some comments she made about contacting and I just JUMPED THE GUN on just deciding it was going to be hard like it was with Sister Stephenson and the whole pitty party of why me and honestly was just prideful. So im sorry for being the worst. Sister England is WONDERFUL! I LOVE being with her. We have had such a great week and there are things that are hard for her - like contacting - but what I LOVE and admire about her so much is that she doesn't let it stop her one bit. She just does it! Its difficult and awkward for her but she just does it! How good of an example is she? And she asks the BEST questions! Anytime we are knocking or contacting on the street she always asks this inspired questions that just keep the conversation going and oh its just great. So im really sorry for being the worst last week. It really is so good. She also is super organized which is good. Her strength can balance out my weakness! :) So im learning a lot and things are great! It has been so fun too to get to reflect on how much she has grown as a missionary but with that how much I have grown as well since we were together in the MTC. Its so neat. We laugh all the time when we think back to the MTC days when we were SO SCARED to go in and teach lessons and had no idea what we were supposed to do and then that day they took us into manchester to talk to actual people and we both walked around for like 15 minutes before we got the guts to actually talk to someone and now we just do it! We plan lessons and know the scriptures/PMG and talking to people is just a normal everyday thing! So its fun to be together and get to see how much we both have come. Still a LONG way to go and lots to improve in but we are better than we were 8 months ago. And thats all this gospel is really about right? Just being better today than we were yesterday! Oh i just love it.
> This week we found a couple flats that we sent into the office! We were in charge of looking them up and viewing them and then we send a couple of them into the office so they can negotiate it all and get presidents approval. So we havent heard anything back if we actually got any of them but hopefully we will know soon. We have to give grannie annie at least 4 weeks notice so I will still be with her for a while but we may be moving before the next transfer! We havent told grannie annie yet either... whoops! :) Ha the office suggested it was best becuase Im not sure it will go over well. I feel bad. She loves having us there and the company and I think it helps her keep her house having the income come in but it just doesn't work for exchanges. So its something we have to do. Im scared to tell her though. Ha we will see how it all goes. Hopefully she takes it well.... especially since we still have to live with her for 4 weeks after! :)
> But with that we also had a SPIRIT filled week with having Elder Johnson from the 70 come to our mission! It was SO GREAT. Oh my goodness. It was just like getting slapped back and forth with revelation and ways to improve myself so I can be better for my Heavenly Father and Saviour! Zone conference was so great! Something President GUbler talked a lot about was enjoying the Journey. I loved it. He talked about not focusing so much on the destination of things but enjoying the view as we go - taking it all in and enjoying the ride versus just getting to where we need to go. I applied that SO much to my mission. Im on this little journey, and even though there are incredibly hard times and really long days and everything, the fact is that it is going to end. That once 18 months is over my time to be a full time missionary is done. There is an end to it all. And so with that I want to do EVERYTHING I can to make the most of the time I have here. To really soak it all up and learn as much as I can as possible to that I can really grow while getting to the end point BUT along with that - and I would say equally as important - I want to ENJOY this journey. Missionary work is something that brings greater happiness than ANYTHING else. I honestly thought people were crazy when they would say that before - I didn't understnad how leaving my family and going to a weird place with different people to go aorund all day long talking to people would actually make anyone happy. But OH i know it for myself now. I love it. And I know thats what Our heavenly father wants of us too. It is like what you shared the other week dad. he just wants us to be happy! And so thats what I am going to do. This transfer is my 6th transfer on the mission and guess how many transfers sisters have? 12! WHAT THE HECK? I have no idea where the time has gone that I am almost half way. So yeah. Sorry for this whole rant but I jsut loved presdient gublers comments on it all and am going to apply it! :)
> Something else he said that stood out to me so much as well was a quote from Francis Webster. He was a man who traveled with the first handcart company across the plains to Utah. THe group that had so many unbelivable hard things happen to them and so many trials. After all of it he said that someone told him that it was wrong of them to go so late in the season. THat they shouldn't have done it. And that if he could go back would he not go? And he said ( i loved this :) ) That he still would have gone. Gone through all the hard times all over becuase "The price to pay to become aquained with God was a privledge to pay" And OH how I feel like that relates to a mission as well. It truly is so hard at times. It takes everything out of you and there are moments of the highest highs but also the lowest of the lows and its difficult. But i just say amen to my friend Francis Webster. It is a privledge to go through all these things and I would do it again because becuase of it I KNOW my Heavenly Father and Saviour. They are so real to me and I love them. So i just loved that quote.
> We also had MLC with Elder Johnson yesterday and It was the best MLC i have ever been to! Oh i loved it!! He talked a lot about Faith and how a lot of times we think that we can "bind" the lord. THat as we are obedient and following the commandments and doing everything right that think we can make deals with the lord and tell him that becuase we are doing this he has to do something we want - make us healthy, take away a problem, help us with school or work, help us find a new investigator:) whatever it is! But how that is not how it is! He said how with faith is trusting in his will, not praying for our own. That as we are obedient and follow the commandments and have faith that that changes our hearts and makes it so that his will is always better. I think that is a trap I fall into too often and a lot of people do as well - we can not bind the lord. His ways are ALWAYS better and that we need to have FAITH not in him so we get what we want but FAITH that his way isbetter and whatever his plan is for us is for the best. Oh i just loved it!
> We also had Jake and Lukes baptism this week! YAY!! IT went so well. Tarryn (their LA mom who has started coming back) spoke and just testified of how much the gospel has blessed her and her family as they have come back. I really do know that the gospel blessed families because i have seen it with my family! Thank you mom and dad for being so incredible and raising us in the gospel. I just love you and am so grateful!! And so grateful to be able to see how it blesses families again with Jake and Lukes sweet family! It was a great day! :) We are workig with a lot of other people as well right now that we are really excited about! So i'll keep you updated on them as well! :)
> OH something else that was really cool! After Zone Conference president came up to me and said that Elder JOhnson wanted to talk to me so he asked if I could stick around. how neat is that? I got to have an interview with Elder Johnson. It was so great. He just asked me about all of you and I just told him how amazing you were and how much I loved you (and I didn't even cry! haha it usually happends... :) I just LOVE you all so much! ) and then asked about the work and the mission and my take on all of it and then gave me some advice and counsel as well. Oh it was so neat! Loved it!
> So it has been an incredible week! THings here in England are wonderful and its getting warmer too!! WHOO!! So thats a blessing im really grateful for!
> OH and i got Kris and ERics CUTEST PACKAGE!! I LOVED IT! I dont have their emails but please tell them thank you SO SO SO MUCH!! It brightened mine and sisters englands day so much and was just the cutest. So tell them thank you! I have a picture I will send over too! :) But i love them and am truly so grateful!
> I hope you have the MOST wonderful week!! Thank you for being my biggest blessings! I am so grateful for you love and support and the emails and pictures and just being an anchor for me out here. I love you all so much! SO MUCH! Never ever forget it! Talk to you soon!
> Sister Gwilliam

Sunday, February 21, 2016

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Last picture as a companionship!



Oh my goodness! I love you all so much! There is so much to update you on too! So excited about it!

FIRST OFF! With transfers... drum roll please.. ;) Sister Stephenson is training and moved to welling and I am staying here as a Sister Training Leader with Sister England. Does that sounds familiar to you? Thats right. My MTC companion!! Isn't that crazy?? So yes! me and sister england are compnaions again here in Aldershot! Its so funny. MTC life is COMPLETELY different than being out in the field so Im hoping that we work just as well and get along just as well as we did in the MTC! I am sure we will though and we will just see miracles here! :) Crazy though right? Its been a crazy morning picking her up! With transfers they have changed it back to the old days - like when you were a misisonary dad ;) - to where instead of having the ZL drive the missionaries everywhere they just tell us where we are going and then we get on a train by ourselves and go to the new area. So this morning I had to travel - ALL BY MYSELF - to stains to pick up Sister England. It was the craziest thing. I havent been all by myself in 7 months. I honestly just felt so weird and uncomfortable. I kept laughing at myself too becuase I was going around the train and trying to talk to people on the way and would start of being like " Hello, We are sharing... i mean I, I am sharing a message..." and then Im pretty sure I said to everyone after " well WE hope you have a great day." Even though It was just me talking... haha! Oh man. It was funny. I just kept cracking up. 7 months of always being We never just me. So it was funny. It will be weird going home. I'll need someone with me all the time for a little bit i think. Being by myself just made me uncomfortable...

But its been a crazy couple of days becuase of moves today! We had an exchange with Kingston on Thursday and then Friday we went on another exchange with Guildford - this one was one that the sisters there just wanted as a follow up - i guess to see if they had applied the goals they had set for themselves - so I ended up going to guildford with one of the sisters and Saturday morning I got a call from Sister Stephenson that president had just called and that she was leaving and training. Even with all the craziness that we have been through I will miss her a lot. We had finally just gotten on the same page and were working really well together so I will miss her. She has helped me through some crazy and long days as well so it will be sad being without her but she was so ready to go. She just had said how she felt she had given everything she could to this area - she has almost hit her 9 month mark and this is her first area so she probably has! So she was just ready! And even with missing her, I am really excited to kindof get to try some new things with the area and really set a standard of how we work here! Im just COMMITTED to be exactly obedient and work well with the members and really work hard on finding new people! Just all of it! And it will be nice to have Sister Englands new perspective on things and ideas that I am sure will just get the ball rolling and we will see SO many miracles! Im so excited! A little nervous too - transfers always make it so you have to kinda adjust all over again. I remember i struggled SO much coming here just becuase it was all new again. THis is sister englands first time moving so Im sure it will be a little hard for her and just hard in having to get used to each other as well but she is sweet and wants to work hard so we will be great! haha! Im hoping we just adjust to each other and it all really quickly! :) Pray for us please!! We always need it!

But becuase of sister steve leaving this weekend we went around to a lot of members houses - we did like NO work. I was dying and a little frustrated at times. I know, i need to be better. I just felt like we spent too much time there. BUT with that we were with so many members and that also meant we got SO MUCH FOOD. oh my goodness. I felt like I was back in Peckham. Yesterday we have 4 people feed us. Most of it back to back as well. And of course with Siter steve leaving they went all out with it and so Oh my goodness.. i still just feel ill and bloated and just not right in my tummy. Its just painful. Mom and Dad, you were saying that you are on diet 657 again ;) What are you doing? I feel like I just NEED to have some ideas and be accountable to you all back home. It will keep me motivated to be better. I just feel nasty and sick and oh. Eating food should be a fun experience. Not painful.

This week we also went to Alton. It is a town in our area that I had never been to before and guess who lived their!? JANE AUSTIN! AHH mom! Are you freaking out? Her house is there and you can go tour it so one of these Pdays we are going to- we have members who have offered to take us! I will take lots of pictures for you all! But how fun is that!? When we were there the town crier (idk how you spell it... cry-er :) ) came out! It was AWESOME! THis man with all of this like medieval royalty looking clothing came out and rang his bell and just started shouting things. I turned to sister steve and told her that I ddin't think they actually still did that. So apparently they still are a thing and these guys go out and just yell news - like when kate had her baby all of them went out and yelled it in the streets! How funny! Oh England...

OH and I was going to ask you all! Do you still look at Joys FB? you should. She updates it ALL THE TIME with pictures of us! :) We were with her a lot this last week!

This next week is really exciting too becuase we have Elder Johnson (the first counselor in the Area Presidency) Coming on a mission tour! So on Friday we have a specialized Zone Conference where he is coming to instruct us which will be so cool and then next monday we have having a special MLC where he will just be talking to us leaders! with that I WILL BE HAVING PDAY ON TUESDAY AGAIN NEXT WEEK!!!!! Becuase I will be in a meeting all of monday! So I wont be emailing again until then! But i love it when you email me on sunday and then I can see them on monday still! :) But yes! Just heads up with that! :) It should be really neat though! i am super excited and can't wait to soak up everything he says! Definitely going to be prepared so that I can recieve BUCKETS FULL of revelation!!

We also have Jake and Luke getting baptised this next week! Im so excited. They are the CUTEST boys and it will be so fun to get to be with them and their family! It was a miracle as well - last night we went around ( one of the millions of DAs we had ) to teach and to eat and their step dad has been really weird about us teaching them and hasnt wanted to be apart of the lessons but dinner went so well. We were all just talking and having fun and in the end he ended up sittin gin on the lesson! BOOYA! So maybe after jake and luke their step dad is next... :)

But I hope you all are doing so well and have the greatest week! KY! I flippin CANT BELIEVE YOUR PAPERS ARE ALMOST DONE!!! AHHHHH!!!!! Oh im freaking out! And im so glad that you got my package. Haha sorry if its a little overwhleming... i wrote a lot in it! but if anything read the talk miracle of a mission and hopefully something else I have written will help in someway! :) But oh i am SO EXCITED and just cant wait to find out where you will be going! Youre so great ky!! I love you! It will be the best serving together! And funny with packages too! Guess what came just yesterday? THe christmas cards from the ward party you sent over! Haha! So i loved opening those last night! I got our family christmas card earlier this week too! I LOVE IT! Its so funny it took so long... im glad it doesnt take as long to get stuff to you! Im thinking it was just backed up with all of christmas craziness so hopefully now it iwll be normal but yeah! I loved the cards and hope you loved the packages! So grateful they got to you!!

BUT I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I miss you like crazy. But i love this work and I love bieng a missionary! It will be a crazy week with everything being new and my new sweet companion so i'll definitely fill you in on everything next week!! Im keepin gyou all in my prayers ALL THE TIME!! Have the BEST week and I will talk to you next tuesday!


Sister Gwilliam

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fwd: I love my family.

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Subject: I love my family.

Happy Valentine's Day!:)

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Monday, February 8, 2016

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Hey family!!

This week was fantastic!! Missionary work is the best  and I really
love being here!!!

This week was those long meetings weeks again. It was good though!:) I
sent the picture from MLC which was fun! We talked a lot about more
effective studies and how to extend commitment invitations... I know.
It's intense stuff huh!?;) but it really was so fun! So great to just
be with the other missionaries and president! On Wednesday we had DLC
which was so great too! Something I love is how good of friends I am
with the missionaries here. I love the elders and sisters. We just
have fun together which is so great and so needed to keep everyone
sane!:) what makes it even better is SO many of them go to BYU or want
to....:) so it will be the best to see the, and get together after the
missions too! Sister Stephenson and I get along SO well with the ZLs
especially. Oh they are just the funniest elders. So it's so great! We
have a blast and work really well together! So that was really fun!

We are still working with Jake and Luke - we are going around tonight
for dinner and to teach them. They are just the cutest. And yesterday,
taryn, their mom who has just started coming back got up and bore her
testimony of how the gospel has blessed her and how grateful she is
that her family has come back and just the difference it has made and
it was just so great. It's SO NEAT to be able to have a front row seat
to the change that comes through Christ and his atonement and
following he gospel. It's amazing. I love it. Rob is still rock solid.
He is so happy to be. A member and has started going to institute. Our
next plan is setting him up on the LDS dating website. We are pretty
excited!;). And then holly jack and fern are on fire. Everytime I am
with them I am just amazed at how much faith they have and how they
just have learned everything so quick. I feel like they have just been
members forever. I just love them. We are really working with their
younger brother Alfie... He is being stubborn but we will get him!
Their mum to! It's just a matter of time!;) So things are just SO good
over here in England. I love the people and the ward takes amazing
care of us. Especially this week we have just been really blessed with
people just randomly having over to eat, giving us rides, sending
great texts, dropping off food! And after this we are going to lunch
and then bowling with joy and our district. It's just such a blessing
to be serving here!

I told KY about this a little bit... But on Saturday we went over to
holly jack and ferns and they played "the Quan" for us? It's this new
song and dance? I don't know if it is a thing over in the states but
oh my goodness. I felt SO UNCOMFORTABLE the whole time. Like what the
heck do people listen to? I had never really thought that it would be
weird for me when I went home oh my. If that's what's on the radio I'm
really going to struggle. But I love it!! I love that I'm so used to
church music and good uplifting things that it is weird for me. I want
it to be weird and hard for me when home. And i got a little glimpse
of what it will be like on Saturday and it is just weird... I don't
like it. So prepare yourself now for Mormon tab in the car and the
restoration for movie nights!:)

This week we also took Ben out with us to knock for a little! Ben is
the member who baptised jack and fern and holly- I think he might have
been in the pictures? But he should get his call this week which is SO
EXCITING!! He has taught with us a lot but we realised that he should
probably come out with us for knocking and contacting... So he can
really see hat missionary life is like! Poor guy is a little big of a
nervous wreck. KY! I hope you are just excited! Don't be worried about
it!:) but he was super nervous and just had a million questions so it
was just so great to get to be there and try and calm his nerves and
help him realise that he can do it! And tell him over and over how it
really is the greatest thing that anyone could do and how he will love
it. That it will be hard but he will love it!:)

This week it also POURED LIKE CRAZY! And guess who was out in it? All
day. Haha it was crazy how just soaking wet we were. BUT with that I
have never appreciated a warm bed and warm pjs like I have after this
week! :) it's so good! But yeah. Apparently it isn't supposed to
lighten up at all this next week either... So it will be a fun one! :)
Pray for sunshine!!!

But besides that it has been a good week! Just lots of meetings and
talking to everyone we can! So things here are good! I'm so excited to
find our about moves too... Any predictions? We make them all week
long! But I will be dying to let you know what happens! So be

Hope you all have the BEST WEEK!! Stay happy and healthy and remember
how much I love you! 7 months ago today you dropped me off at the
airport... Crazy!! I love you all so much though and miss you but am
grateful to be here!! You all are in my prayers ALL DAY LONG!

I love you so much! Talk to you on Tuesday!!!

Sister gwilliam :)

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


> I love you!! It was a great day at MLC! Talk to you on Monday!:)
> I love you!
> Sister G

Monday, February 1, 2016


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"I don't understand why I am gaining weight...."
We couldn't get the doors open to the font.. So sister Steve had to jump over. It was hilarious! :)


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such a good day! :)

Hello family!

> Hello my dearest family!
> I LOVE YOU ALL! And am so excited to tell you all about the wonderful
> week it has been.
> First off, thank you so much for all of your emails and support. This
> week has been OODLES better! Thanks to all of your help! President
> Gubler is the greatest. Getting to talk to him on Thursday was exactly
> what I needed. I was able to meet with Sister Gubler before while
> sister Stephenson was in wi president and I just told her everything
> that had been going on with me and sister Steve. How she was just so
> stressed and how the mornings were and how it was just a stress house
> which was making kings really hard on me. I told her everything and oh
> it just feels good to have hem aware. She was able to just listen
> which was nice and commented on how I was developing a lot of
> Christlike attributes!:) so she was so much help! I'm just grateful
> that she and president are involved now and are aware of what is going
> on so life is good. After I was able to meet with president and oh my.
> I just walked in and he just started going off on things that I needed
> to hear. He probably had notes from the letters I had written him but
> he just went off telling me how I needed to stop feeling like I needed
> to be perfect - that I was a good missionary and that all I need to
> worry about is just trying and becoming better each day! He gave me
> just this huge pep talk and then finally stopped and said, "okay, so
> what else can I do to help you." And I just laughed and told him how
> he had nailed it all on the head! Haha! He just knew exactly what to
> say. He talked about not letting myself get discouraged, to trust the
> Lord, understand I am here to just help people have an opportunity to
> accept the gospel - if they choose not to it is on them - just all of
> these things that I needed reminders of and was just so grateful! So
> yes! With all of that I feel so much better and am so much happier!
> I'm still trying to help sister Steve not be so stressed but things
> Are looking better and we are doing great! Oh man. Talking to
> president was the greatest blessing! And then tomorrow we have MLC so
> I will get to see him and learn from him again. OH I'm so grateful!
> Thank you all again for your help though. Mom and dad your emails were
> so perfect! Thank you. It helped me so much and got me through all the
> craziness! And sister Steve and I are working really well together. I
> finally feel like we Are on the same page with everything - just
> obedience and working and just all of that good stuff. So life is
> great! Missionary life is the craziest but greatest!
> This last week we went on exchange which was fun! I love having them
> both come to us now! So much better. I never really loved having to go
> to the other persons place. It was kinda fun to have it be different
> but at the same time I feel like it got me out of the little groove
> I'm in here and when I came back I had to start all over so it's great
> to just get to stay here all the time! So that was great! And the
> greatest ever was to end the week with ROB GETTING BAPTISED!!!!!! oh
> it was the greatest day! Truly just makes all the craziness And hard
> days worth it. He was so happy. And just kept going on and on how
> great it was and how much he appreciated everything. I just felt
> really blessed. There were also so many wArd members who showed up who
> h was the greatest! The Aldershot ward is amazing. I love them all so
> much!! But yeah! Rob is just the greatest! It's truly amazing to see
> what the gospel can do in a persons life - how knowing about Jesus
> Christ truly changes us. I am so grateful for the testimony I have and
> for amazing parents who have helped me have this happiness all my
> life! It's the neatest thing to get to pass on the happieness I have
> to others!
> Speaking of that... Yesterday I was asked to speak in sacrament
> meeting. I decided to speak on the happiness of the gospel and focused
> my talk on elder worthlins - come whAt may and love it- if you haven't
> read it recently DO IT!!! It's so good and brings everything back into
> perspective!:) but anyways, so here I am giving this talk about
> happiness and i share the experience of the first couple of weeks on
> my mission where I was so overwhelmed and just confused and missed all
> of you like no ones business and it was just really hard but then how
> I came to the versus in like Luke 22 where it talks about how it was
> hard for the savior - how he was scared and overwhelmed and confused a
> little too but how he did what his father had Asked him too - I think
> I sent that whole experience over in an email. Well anyways, I shared
> that story and just like all persoNal experiences it brought back all
> the emotions of it and I just started to cry! And through the rest of
> the talk I was fighting it back with a wobbly voice and having to
> break to stop the tears. So here I am, giving a talk on happiness, and
> couldn't control myself. Haha oh man... It was greAt.
> But I'm so glad you are all reading the Book of Mormon with me! I KNOW
> we can do it and it will bless our family so much! I LOVE THE BOOK OF
> MORMON!! It has changed everything for me. I'm so glad we are all
> doing it together! Oh I just love you all!!
> Oh and another thing that has been fun about this week is that I keep
> having these stinkin dreams where I am at home with all of you or that
> o have finished my mission. OH MY. haha I feel like you had
> experiences with that too dad but goodness. Like I hAd one the other
> night where it was Christmas and we were all together in Cali and we
> were About to eat together. It's fun to wake up to the alarm and
> reAlize that I'm still in England. Haha I just laugh about it now but
> I'd appreciate it if the silly dreams would stop!
> And with moving - we should have more info about it all tomorrow at
> MLC but from what president has said we will for sure be moving out of
> grannie Annie's. It's kinda sad but there just isn't enough room for 4
> sisters With the room we have. So that will happen for sure. But
> transfers are in 2 weeks. It's like 16th so who knows what will
> happen!? I'll give you more details next week!:)
> But I hope you all have the greatest week!! This one will be a busy
> meeting one with MLC and then DLC and then district meeting and then
> we have exchanges again. But I love it busy so I'm super excited!! I
> hope you all are just as happy as can be and that you can feel all my
> love from England. I love you all SO MUCH! Truly I couldn't do this
> without you help. Thank you for always being there for me and your
> support. I'm so grateful and miss you BUT will see you soon!:)
> I Love you! Talk to you next week!
> Sister gwilliam
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