Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello England

First off to answer you question about fufu (I asked a member how to spell it! You should   google it and see what comes up!) BUT fufu is of the devil! LITERALLY the worst thing. After this week rice is up there with satanic things as well but I'll get to that later....
Fufu is this traditional African dish that I am convinced Africans don't even like but they think it is "fun" for the missionaries to try it! And don't get me wrong, it was! The first time. Not after everyone has that idea! You should google it and see if it shows a picture but the best way I can explain it is it's like super super dense mashed potatoes - almost like dough- you eat it by putting a massive plop of it on a plate and then they pick it up with their hands (good thing I got over that whole germ freak stage) and then dip it in soup! They have all kinds of soup - pepper, casava, peanut - basically fire hot soup (pepper and temp wise) that burns your lips going in, hurts your stomach, and then bum!:) the worst is it is so dense when you eat it you feel like you just have this ROCK sitting in your stomach! I found out the other day that it feels like that becuase that is what happens! I guess the reason Africans eat it so much is that it takes 3 days for your tummy to digest it - which in Africa is great when food is scarce and you don't really know when you'll eat next- but for little sister missionaries who get fed it in back to back DAs it's not the greatest. We had back to back fufu DAs this week. When the 2nd one told us it was fufu I wanted to cry. Sister BARNES and I have decided it is of Satan because 1. It sits in your stomach making you feel so heavy that you are tempted to slow down a little bit - not pick up our pace like we should. And 2. At times it takes away 20 minutes of study time away in the morning becuase it is spent sitting in the "Lou" as they call it here. 20 minutes of valuable, revelation guided, study time gone! See. It's of satan. 

Rice is up there with fufu too! On Wednesday we had an appointment with grandma. (Idk her real name... Everyone here calls her grandma!) but she is an older African woman who just moved here and is living with her daughter. We went over to teach her right after lunch. We had had a lot of lunch that day too so I was not hungry at all! We get there and start teaching and she stops us us and says in her Broken English, " first eat then teach". She goes to her kitchen while we are munching on snacks and comes out with this HUGE plate of rice. I'm pretty sure it was the amount of rice we make for our entire family piled on this plate. And then we had to sit there and finish it before she would let us teach her! OH it was the worst. I have never experienced eating as being painful. I've always loved it!! Until serving here. And then the next day we had a lunch and dinner appointment and both were rice again. OH MY HEAVENS. I don't think I'll ever eat rice willingly or even be hungry for that matter ever again. And to make it even better sweet sister Barnes is a constipated mess. Haha! The foods just causing a little bit of a struggle here over in good old London! 

This week has been so great! I've struggled with missing you all and such and with sister Barnes leaving it was a little hard but this week it hasn't been at all! I've really worked and prayed to stay focused and it has been great! Even when she talks about going home it hasn't phased me and getting emails from Hannah and Mace isn't a problem either - I feel like they are the ones missing out now and would be so sad to leave In a couple weeks! I just am so grateful to be here! So don't worry! I'm figuring things out slowly but surely!:) Thank you for all of your prayers as well! I know they are helping so much!! 

I'm so sorry you have been sick! Oh it really is the worst and then makes everything else harder too! I'm so sorry! I hope you are feeling better! I actually came down with something this week too! We're just still so connected even though we are far away!:) it doesn't sound like mine was as bad and I feel almost completely better so life is great! 

And OH MY GOODNESS!! Other birthday package was the greatest thing and the FLOWERS!!! Oh my heavens. It was the greatest surprise! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Oh it was so fun!! Thank you thank you thank you!  And we had a little party with all of the fun surprises in the box and then the CD is perfect! Oh I just love it! It was a great day all thanks to you guys and then sister Barnes and the cute sisters in our flat! I'll send an email with pictures! Can you believe I'm 20?? I can't. 

Thank you for the cutest video of tyse too! I just keep watching it over and over! Oh it just makes me smile! Thank you! I miss him!  I know he can be a handful and it is stressful but he really is the cutest thing! Oh I love him! I know I've only been gone for a little but I've actually thought of majoring in special ed. or something to do with working with sweet kids like tyse. I just love them! Even here in London whenever I see one my heart just melts! So idk, it would be a completely different field than I originally was planning but I've just thought about it lately! We'll see in a year!;) 

And how was women’s conference! We don't get to watch it here until next week but I was thinking yesterday of 6 months ago when we went to the spaghetti factory and then I came home for the weekend! I cherish those memories and being able to be with you and Linds! Just a girls night which is so fun! :) 6months ago I had just opened my call! Isn't it crazy how time flies! 

And I got a letter from the workmans this week!! Wit the sweetest letter and $$ in it! Whoa!! I don't have an email for them but tell them THANK YOU! It was such a fun surprise and I am so grateful for it!! 


Sister Gwill 

Happy Birthday!

Birthday Treat

Birthday treat!:)

Sister Barnes is so funny!:)

Sister Barnes is so funny!:) 

More Happy Birthday!

Banner from Grandma Warner

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Zone Training

President gave us permission to send this picture to you! Zone
training was the BEST!!! I love these missionaries, President and
Sister Gubler, being a missionary, and mostly my Saviour!
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Have the best week! You're all in my prayers!:)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Thanks for the banner mom!:)

They made us close our eyes while they were getting the cake ready!
They put out 42 candles on the cake for both of us! The sweetest!

 Where we ate lunch for sister Barnes birthday! London is so cool!!

Birthday Party Video


Hey family! 

I hope you all have had the BEST week!!! 

This week was a party week with it being sister Barnes birthday!! It was so fun! She's the big old 22 now! It was great! I'll send an email with all the pictures from it and captions of what we did!:) it was such a fun day though! And now today we are celebrating that it is the 21st- the day the angel Moroni appeared to JS about the plates:) and then Tuesday is zone conference and Wednesday is my birthday! So this next week will be so fun too! PLUS we are going to find people to get baptized!:) 

Tomorrow is zone training which I am SO excited for! I need it. President gubler is amazing and after going to these I'm just so fired up and refocused. I'm Trying really hard to stay focused. Cute sister Barnes has less than a month left and she is doing great at still working hard but I can see it being hard for me to stay focused as I can tell she is getting more and more excited! I just can see it being extra hard for me with her packing and then there are ward activities and things we have going on next month that don't apply to her anymore because she won't be here. It's just weird. PLUS it hurts my heart a little bit she gets to see her family so soon! I realize that she has been gone from her family for 17 months now... So I guess it's fair she sees them sooner than I get to but it still stings a little bit! So zone conference is exactly what I need!:) AND sister Barnes and I are singing at it!:) mom- thank you so much for the sheet music! Everyone here is so jealous of it and I love it SO much! Thank you!:) hopefully it goes well! 

This week we had another miracle of finding this Chinese man named dongmin. OH HE WAS PERFECT! The sweetest most genuine man who contacted us and wanted to know about God and how to be a better man - BINGO!! Our hearts were just so happy! We met with him a couple times and it wAa such an amazing experience. He has NO religious background so it was so cool for me to see how this man grasped and understood there was a God who had all power who loved him and was concerned about him and wanted to hear about him! Dongmins English isn't the greatest either so he would just "oo and ahh" at everything we said. He said a prayer after too and it just melted my heart. It was such a good learning experience for me because I had to learn how to teach simply - and it was hard for me! But I think it helped me become a much better teacher!:) so we had a couple incredible lessons, he came to church,it was pretty much the GREATEST until we found out he lives on the other side of the river!! AHH! Stinkin river (the Thames separates the London mission and the London South mission) so we had to refer him :( it was the saddest BUT as long as he gets baptized there life is still great! The other missionaries better be ready for the greatest miracle! 

Another near thing about this week was we got another church headquarters referral - every time we get one I he a little anxiety attack because of my naked friend a couple weeks ago. Sister Barnes always laughs about it because most missionaries are ECSTATIC about receiving one but after that first experience I think I'm ruined for the rest of my mission! They scare me more. But this was GREAT! We called the number to this girl named Olivia who works in central London as a costume designer/staff for the I love Mormon musical. She said she didn't want to be naive about what our religion was really about so she wanted the real Book of Mormon. How amazing is that!? I thought it was so great of her! So that silly play might make fun of us but it also is bringing some to the church! HA TAKE THAT SATAN! It was so fun to meet with her! Hopefully we will be able to stop by this week or contact her and see how she is doing! 

Not to make any of you nervous... But guess what happened!? Tuesday morning we walked out of our flat to have police caution tape all around the front of our building and a lot of policeman! That morning a boy had been stabbed and died LITERALLY 50 steps from our front door. How crazy is that?? Good thing I'm a missionary who has angels surrounding me to protect me! This crazy Peckham area! So sad though! 

And guess what!? People have been thinking I'm English! More last week than this week but people have assumed I am English! And that sister Barnes is English.... Hah it makes her so mad since she has been here so much longer! We've started talking in an accent around our flat to try and get her to have an accent for when she goes home. But yeah! I was super proud of myself!:)

In a members home the other night I saw this quote and LOVED it!! It said, He who was lifted up will never let me down. I LOVED that quote and can testify with all of my heart that is true. I KNOW it is true more than I ever have. He is always there. ALWAYS. To love, lift, encourage, try, listen. He is there to give comfort, ease burdens, and lean on. His arms of mercy and also arms of love are always outstretched. I know he lives. And I love him so much. 

Yesterday the Kamara family threw me and sister Barnes a birthday party! It was the cutest thing. They are such an incredible family! We had family home evening with them and it made me so grateful for our family and how we are just so great! Mom and dad thank you for making Fhe a priority! And just being the most incredible parents! I have seen how important families are as so many here don't have one. It just makes all the difference. I am just so grateful for my family!! I love you all so much! But I'll attach pictures and send them over of our party! 

But with my birthday on Wednesday I've decided even though I'm not there you all should still celebrate! I would choose cafe rio for dinner and then a good movie after!:)

But I love you all so much!!! So much! And am so grateful for your emails and just being the greatest family! 

Talk to you all again next week! LOVE YOU!

Sister Gwilliam

Guess what else! On you can request ancestors patriarchal blessing! I went online yesterday and requested Dondas!! I am super excited! you just put in their information and it will send it to your email! How cool is that?? I'll send it over to you when I get it if you want!:) I requested dads grandmas too! I'm super excited about getting them!!!! I'll send hers over too!:) Dagmars... I think that is her name!:) 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hello Family!

Hey everyone!!

I hope you have had the best week! It sounds like you had a blast Last monday! I loved the pictures! Looked so fun! Thanks so much for sending them over!

This week there were no naked men! THANK HEAVENS! Im glad you all got a good laugh out of that becuase it literally was the WORST! Sister Barnes and I laugh about it all the time now so its all great! One of the keys to being a successful missionary Ive decided is having a good sense of humor. Grateful that things as AWFUL as last tuesday are just hilarious now!:) Sister Barnes and I have about 20+ sticky notes above our study table of just all the awful but hilarious things that happen to us each week! But yeah, no naked men so life is good! :)

THis week our investigators thought they would be funny though if they decided to not talk to us. Dad - you asked about our teaching pool. How it sounds like he was have one one week and then the next we don't.Well that pretty much summs it up perfectly! :) Its something i still find so crazy is how we really do have weeks of SOLID solid investigators that are progressing and everything seems great and then the next week they just dont talk to us or do and tell us they don't want anything to do with the church anymore. This week was one of those. we spent DAYS knocking and street contacting. People weren't really feeling it either... until MIRACLE DAY thursday! Our whole week had been full of people not wanting to talk to us but thursday morning we went out and it was amazing! In a matter of 2 hours we had 10 lessons with people. Either sitting down or sharing on the street! We even had people stopping us! oh Heavenly Father is so kind! :) It was the greatest morning! Sister Barnes and I are teaching an older English man right now! I talked about the other week how I had needed to work on patience and honestly he is one of the reasons why. He talks SO MUCH! Like I can't even get a word out without him sharing another story (ususally compeltely off topic:) ) Or going off about something else. BUT another miracle of the week is that Micheal got laryngitits!!! making it so he couldn't talk! haha, i know this is the worst but it was AMAZING! We were able to get full lessons out in 30 minutes and keep him on track. We just kept reminding him when he would try and talk to not strain himself... ;) So overall a much better week! Grateful for miracles and laryngitis! :)

BUt i got your package this week!! THANK YOU!!! I loved it! the Birthday stuff is the CUTEST thing! I can't wait to use it! It is actually sister barnes birthday on the 18th! So we are just having a PARTY week! There are cute members in the ward who foud out about our birthdays too so on Sunday we are going over and they are making a cake and feeding us dinner so we can celebrate! I LOVE the ward here. The people here are so genuine and want to give and help! I love it so much. I';ll start taking pictures at DA so I can let you know who some of the poepl are! Last night we went to a DA with this couple the Hegawalds. THey are from Texas nd he came here for 6 months for his work. I guess they are opening up a new office or something and he is over it. BUT we got their address and went to their flat and it is RIGHT NEXT to westinister brdige. How neat is that? He told us durrring dinner that the company pays 6,000 pounds a month for it! A MONTH!! And it is this small 1 bedroom flat. OH CRAZY! But fun to be there! :)

And the camera is AMAZING! So fancy! Thank you so much! Im so grateful for the adapter too! Ill start using that so I hopefully don't fry anying! :) THANK YOU!!!

Mom - would you find some good easy recipes that I could make over here and send them to me? The past couple of weeks sister barnes and I have been ling off of yogurt and eggs. Haha as much as I love them... its getting a little old. We would love some variety and actual meals to eat but we don't have a lot of time either. Lunch and Dinner are both an hour. So if you have any quick delivious ideas please send them over! :) We also have to be pretty cheep too.... haha! THis whole actually having to cook for yourself on a budget thing.....

And I can't believe that Ben Hooker is home!! Time seriously flew for him and bryce I feel! Dad - I loved what you shared about the atonement! I guess what Ben shared - but thank you for sending it over. As have been reading the book of Mormon something that I have LOVED is the parts about the atonement. I was reading in 2 Nephi 9 today which talks a lot about it and something that stood out to be was all of the times he says the words happiness, joy, ect. I marked them all! I feel like so much in peoples minds and mine as well we look at repentance as this dark and scary and painful thing. And while it is hard to realize that we have made mistakes the atonement is AMAZING and is something that only brings SO MUCH HAPPINESS! I have loved while reading to see the phrase "unless they repent" or "but if they repent" all over as christ is talking about those who have sined. Even the wicked lamanites who were doing horrible things he would talk about thei destrcution UNLESS they repented. I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH! I am so grateful to know that repentance is ALWAYS and option and is one that brings somuch joy and happiness!

BUT i hope you have the greatest week!! Thank you forall of your love and support! I MISS YOU ALL LIKE CRAZY!! But know that what I am doing is right and that I'll be back with you soon! Before I left Janell gave me a knecklace in the shape of an infinity withthe quote that missionaries leave their families for a time  help others be with theirs forever! I put it on everymorning becuase it is the hardest thing for me to be away from you BUT i know i have you FOREVER so it will all be great! :)

I love you all so much! Talk to you next week! :)

Sister Gwilliam

(From Kyle's letter):
We went to a Nasty DA this week where this man fed us foo foo. I hate
foo foo. OH and I was going to tell dad too - share this with him!:)
But after all of the African food I have been eating, I feel like when
I'll get home I'll be able to join in the awful mission potty talk with dad. I can 
just see mom thinking we all are gross but KY! It's the
WORST! Haha my body is all in a mess because of the food here. And
let's just say pepper soup with cow eye balls - not even kidding I was
fed that this week - tastes disgusting going in but the pain after was
much worse. The mission president told us to pray as a mission to open
the gates of heaven to have miracles pour down. Well let's just say
the gates definitely opened up Thursday morning... I should be careful
what I pray for!;)

(potty talk edited by Mom :)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tuesday of Death!

I hope you have had the BEST week!! Thank you for the e-mails. Pdays are literally the best because I get to hear from all of you and write back! I am going to try and be fast and send pictures over today! We went to the chapel so I have wifi! I’m hoping I figured it out and that they will go through this time! I think I might have just sent to many last time in one email last time so hopefully this works! Let me know if it does!!

Dad thanks for figuring things out with the credit card! We went shopping today and I got some thick tights. It is getting cold here FAST! So the thicker tights will hopefully help me not freeze as much! :)

But this week was craziness. It was a hard one. It just started off kinda rough with Tuesday being the Tuesday of death. This last Tuesday was literally the worst day of my entire life. On Monday night Sister Barnes and I got a message that we had a church headquarters referral - so this person had gone to and requested missionaries to come visit them. Yippee right!?? WRONG. We went to go visit them on Tuesday and we got to this SUPER SKETCHY apartment complex. I remember walking up the stairs and the Saratov Approach scene went through my head. Probably should have paid more attention to that...BUT we got to the door and knocked. This man opened the door a little bit and I was standing at the angel where I could see in - sister Barnes couldn’t see anything but his face from where she was standing. Anyways, this man opens the door and not only were his pants down but his underwear. This sick man had everything. And I mean EVERTYHING just out in the open. WHY THE FREAK DID HE ANSWER HIS DOOR!? But oh my goodness. I Died. I was panicking and had no idea what the heck to do and what made it even better is that Sweet Sister Barnes didn't see it because of where she was standing so being the incredible missionary she is just went on talking about the restoration and if he wanted to meet us another time and oh my goodness. We were there for probably 20 minutes. 20 minutes of the man standing there in all his glory, me literally SCREAMING IN MY HEAD, and Sister Barnes trying to convince him to let us pray with him. OH it was the worst. After we left I told her everything that had happened. She freaked and apologized for not realizing what was going on. She said she could tell something was weird when I didn't shake his hand to leave. But anyway, how nasty right??? I just felt icky the rest of the day. And after that we were supposed to go to another town for a doctors appointment for sister Sarnes which by car is only about 30 minutes away but, of course, we took bus which ended up taking 3 hours to get there, to have the doctor tell us that the ultrasound was too blurry so we would have to come back, and then we had to go strait back. OH IT WAS THE WORST DAY.

So it started off on a rough note! Things definitely got better but I just needed to work on staying focused. After Tuesday's craziness we had a lot of things fall through on Wednesday as well. Both Sister Barnes and I just seemed a little stressed and then I got an e-mail from sweet Mace and later on from Jess and Hannah as well saying how great BYU was. How much they loved their classes and about all the fun things and there was a moment where I just really missed it. I really missed being there but mostly that my family was only 30 minutes away from there and I could be with them at anytime! BUT DON'T WORRY. I snapped out of it real quick as the rest of the week I realized that as great as BYU was and as much as I missed my family I didn't want to be there. There were so many miracles this week with finding people SO Prepared, getting another church headquarter referral of a lady who is SO SO PREPARED - I literally am so excited. Plus she is married and also has 2 children above the age of 8 as well :), having so many ward members just be so loving, meeting with LA that I immediately bonded with, just so many things! Mostly getting to remember why I came out here. Why I am doing this and then have myself feel SO SILLY for ever thinking that I would want to be anywhere else. I have never in my entire life felt so close to my Savior and Heavenly Father. And it is only because of the hard times that I have been able to feel that way. Each and everyday there is at least one moment where I just feel completely lost and realize that I need their help. Not only in the work but for myself! Just to stay positive and stay working hard and there has not been one time where they have failed me. There is that mormon message about the gardener - I can't remember the real whole title - but the one about the current bush and how the gardener keeps cutting him down and he doesn't like it until in the end he sees that he needed to be cut down so that he could grow the right way. Hah that was an awful description - you all should just watch it! But that is how I feel! I am so grateful for a Loving Heavenly Father who cuts me down everyday but because of that I get to lead on him and my Savior and they build me back up again - the second time so much stronger than before. So life is just great! I am so happy and just loving the process of being able to be built up everyday as I realize that leaning on them is truly all I can and need to do!

Something that was fun this week as well was we had a chapel open house on Saturday. It was SUPER slow at the beginning so all 6 missionaries were outside the chapel stopping EVERYONE! There was a moment where I stopped and looked around and it was the coolest thing to just see all 6 of us literally running after people, stopping people on their bikes, waving down cars ANTYHING to get these people to listen to us, come into the chapel, and with that come closer to their savior! It was just the coolest! No one got past us on that corner. It was just so fun and felt so cool to be apart of something so incredible. I love being a missionary and being with my amazing district! They are incredible and I learn so much from their examples everyday!

And this week Sister Barnes and I were sitting with this 15 year old girl in the chapel who was waiting for the bishop to come to get an interview. She asked us if we were going to serve only for a year and a half. She said that she wanted to serve for 2 years because it would like a 2 year vacation. OH MY! I just looked at sister Barnes. Later Sister Barnes said that she didn't say anything because she didn't want to scare her. I guess she'll find out for herself.... :)

Oh and mom! Tell Greg and Jess thank you!! I got their sweet letter and LOVED IT!!  Tell them thank you for the letter and that I love them!! Letters really are the greatest! Tell Aunt Kari and Aunt Erin and Steph that they are the best as well! I’ll try and write them all back soon but I did receive them and LOVE THEM ALL! The emails and letters are so great to read! :)

Have the Best week though! LOVE you so much!!! And will talk to you soon! :)

Sister Gwilliam  

Tuesday, September 1, 2015



Moved got moved to Tuesday instead of Wednesday so I actually am e-mailing today! SURPRISE!!!! Thank you all for your letters this week! I LOVED THEM and love hearing from you so much! Hope you had the very best week and that everyone is happy and healthy! Im keeping you all in my prayers!

This week was great!! So busy and working our very hardest! Fun adventures this week was I went on exchanges! It was a good learning experience but the best is that it made me appreciate Sister Barnes EVEN MORE after! I just love her! Dad - it made me nervous for next transfer when it wont even be an option to stay with her! AH PANIC! But its okay! i know i'll love other missionaries as well I am just so grateful for her and that we have another transfer together!

Besides that this week has been pretty normal - not too much to report. Just a lot of contacting - we are working on finding people that are genuinely wanting to hear about the gospel. Something that we run into a lot are people that will meet with us but it seems like they are trying to convert me to what they believe. Ha silly people... its the other way around! :) Another thing that I got to practice a lot this week was patience. HOLY SMOKES ENGLISH AND AFRICANS TALK SO MUCH! We will be sitting in a teach and I swear they just never stop talking. Oh I know i need to work on being more patient and I realize that it is important to listen but they just dont stop. and then once they finally do I'll say something that will remind them of something else and then it starts all over again... haha oh my. I know its a problem because when I let them keep talking then I get frustrated then the spirit is NOT there and no one benefits so Im working on it! Patience is always a good thing to learn, right?

Something that I have LOVED and have noticed especially the past couple of weeks is the blessing of feeling the Saviors love for others SO STRONGLY. It has been with very specific people as well. Last week Sister Barnes and I went a visited a member of the ward who is in the hospital - for being mentally unstable - we walked in and there was one of the other patients walking around the halls. She was this sweet old lady who I immediately felt this INCREDIBLE amount of love for. Even though she had so many struggles in this life and truly was not all the way there I loved her so much. I could feel how much the savior loved her and felt it was important that I reminded her of that. I talked to her for a minute and it really was just so great. Another time was Last week when Sister Barnes and I were checking out of the grocery store there was lady who was behind us in line. The lady was obviously on some serious drugs. She was very dirty, hair all matted and clothes needed to be washed, she had sores all over her body and she couldn't stop moving. Just pacing back and forth and all jittery. She was in line buyin this tiny thing of food which I am sure was all that she could afford. I feel like just a couple months I would have seen that and wanted to move away but as I saw that sweet lady I just wanted to go and give her a hug. I just felt SO MUCH LOVE FOR HER and knew that if the Savior were there all of her hard times and challenges she had wouldn't have made any difference to him. He would love her and I have no doubt heal her. It has just been incredible for me and I am so grateful Heavenly Father has blessed me with these glimpses of his love. I am so grateful to be a missionary and have the power to be able to step in his place for a little bit and help people realize his love for them. His love is SO REAL and so powerful. 

So that has probably been the highlight of the week!! I love being a missionary. It is SO HARD. Really so hard and so many long days but I love it. Just becuase of moments like that, I have never been happier and never felt closer to my Savior than I have these past couple of weeks and I am just so grateful to be here. 

I also want you all to know i am a GREEN BEAN AND SALMON EATING MACHINE. A lady this week set a nice big peice of salmon in front of me and I actually LIKED IT!! Oh the miracle of a mission! :)

Dad, I am a push up master! You would be So proud of me!! this morning I did 60! Are you impressed or what?? And update on walking... Sister Barnes and I walked over 20,000!! Oh my goodness it was the worst. We were supposed to be taking a bus that day so we werent supposed to walk very far and it got all messed up - I wore my sparkly flats. The ones with NO SUPPORT WHATSOEVER! Haha! It was great.But yeah! Doing my best to stay healthy and be strong! :)

You asked about transfers! In the mission we all move on the same day - so like for example today all the sisters and elders moving travel and meet at a specific chapel. It is usually The staines chapel. Lunch is served and usually there is a little talk with everyone and then people grab their new companions and leave! We definitely don't ever travel alone! Sister barnes and I thought it was crazy when you said you had to do that!! People who are training actually do a session with President Gubler so trainers and their new missionaries stay over night at the temple accommodations. This is a new thing that President Gubler just started this transfer - sister Barnes was pretty bummed she missed it! How cool would it be to do a session with President Gubler! Hopefully someday I'll train and be able to! :) 

I love you all!! Hope you have the BEST WEEK! Keeping you all in my prayers!! 

Love yoU!

Sister Gwilliam 

I was also going to tell you I have found this week some awesome bruises on my knees! HOW GREAT IS THAT!? Bruises from praying so much! Oh i love being a missionary! :)