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Called To Serve

Monday, July 18, 2016


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Mondays are the BEST because I get to email you. I don't think i have told you this yet... but for the past 3 months I have only been reading your emails on mondays. OH it has been SO HARD! We had a zone training on being willing to consecrate ourselves or give up even more to be able to see more blessings. God blesses us when we are willing to sacrifice. And I felt like I needed to stop reading emails throughout the week... it was something that i LOVED so much. I just love all of you and loved getting to get updates. and so after fighting the spirit and putting it off I decided I needed to do it to become better. I have seen so many blessings as well - even with how hard it has been. At the beginning of my mission i would worry about missing you or what was going on back home but as soon as I gave up reading emails I have just felt so much peace and been fine. So i know god blesses us when we are willing to sacrifice for him - I have been more focused as well and become a better missionary because of it. It has been the HARDEST ever. But mondays are DEFINTIELY the greatest when I finally get to read them all! :) 

But oh my goodness. Family I don't even KNOW what the heck is going on here but there are miracles EVERYWHERE!!!! This week has been MENTAL! Just crazy with all of the blessings we have been seeing. Almost every night I have just sat down after the day and been completely amazed at what has been going on. I feel serving here for a year Ive grown used to a lot of rejection - I feel blessed that it has never really phased me. I thrive on the oppostition ;) The meaner a person is the better because I have learned that the worst comes right before something INCREDIBLE! BUT this week it seems like EVERYONE and their dog is actually interested. And not just interested but they have been looking for answers, thinking about the purpose of life, wanting to learn more, willing to find out if god is there, just CRAZY THINGS! I have sat there and just stood there with my mouth open as it seems like almost everyone we talk to has been wanting to know. For the first time in my mission we have been struggling fitting in all the appointments that we need and are begging members to come out with us more than once a week becuase we have so many friends that need fellowshipping. Its just insane. I dont understand it. Just miracle after miracle. And like i said before its so humbling becuase you see the hand of the lord in all of this becuase the people are SO sincere about it all. THey are wanting help and answers and peace and are willing to do somthing about it. Oh. I just don't know how to handle it. Sister Couper and I had a GREAT week finding and are struggling to fit everything and everyone in this next week. Oh it is SO GOOD. I feel like im just in a lot of shock still. Heavenly father has been SO kind. The field truly is so white. THere are people out there who need this and who WANT it! Its incredible. We have been so blessed. 

With that our friend Lee was baptised on Saturday! IT was great. He got all emotional and his sister came - who isn't a member... YET :), it was just a great day. It was fun too because originally we started off teaching lee for the first half of his process and then decided that it would be better for him if the Elders started working with him so they finished it off. So it was a team effort. I love that as well with remembering it is not about the numbers or the recognition EVER. We are all just here trying to find and help people everywhere - whether they are getting baptised in Sutton England or Argentina :) As long as people are finding the truth and are coming to know of their saviour is all that matters. So it was wonderful! 

Ive had a really humbling experience the last couple of weeks as well... For the past couple of weeks sister Couper and I have ran into a man named steve on the street multiple times. Steve is a SEVERE alcoholic. He has always been completely drunk when we meet him to the point where he is unstable - the first time we stopped him we were making sure he was okay. Everytime we have met with him he has begged us to help him. He hates how his life is and that he has to drink all the time in order for his body to even work anymore. We ran into him this last week as well - it was the most sober I have ever seen him and we actually got to properly speak to him. It was so humbling as this 50 year old man just cried to us. Telling how he wanted to change and wanted help. He wanted SO badly to come to church becuase he knew it would help him but cried as he said he knew he couldn't show up drunk and that he would have to drink again before sunday. He called us saturday morning distraught and struggling as he desperately wanted to come to church. Sister couper and I bore powerful testimonies to him of the saviour. Of his power to heal us NO MATTER WHAT and that he could find relief and strength but he needed Christ. He commented over and over how weak he was - how he couldn't do it but I was so grateful to realise how weak we ALL are. I am different from steve in the fact I do not have problems with drinking. I am so grateful that I don't. But i have my own struggles. My own weaknesses that cause me to fall - they aren't as visible to everyone else like steves - but i have them. And i am so grateful that I have experienced the atonement in my life and can say without any doubt that christ is there for all of it. To help us becuase we are ALL weak and all need his strength. It also made me realise how grateful I am for the commandments of god becuase of the protection and safety they bring to me. As I see Steve who has completely lost his ability to choose anything becuase most of his life he doesn't remember being drunk - satan has completely robbed his agency from him. And oh it is just so sad. I love getting to be a missionary and get to testify of the hope of the atonement. That we all can recieve help and strength no matter what. 

I just love the blessing of being a missionary. 

BUT another fun thing! Guess what we found in our flat. A PIANO! well a keyboard... BUT HOW AMAZING? We have been playing! :) Keep up my piano skills to play for grandpa G when I get home! :) 

AND transfers are next week so I wont be emailing until next tuesday! Just to warn you! Can you believe it has already been a transfer?? Ah like you said ky. On a mission you are just so busy that time just FLIES! You never have time to think. Its just crazy! BUT I JUST LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! 

I have pictures I'll send over!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!! 

Sister Gwilliam 

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