Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


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Dearest family,

So sorry for the late emails... CRAZIEST NEWS EVER!! I don't have any
time to email today either... I have like 10 minutes to get this off
to you. So I'm sorry it's going to be a short one.

I'm emailing so late though because this morning I have been in the
temple! I'll send pictures!:) but I was lucky enough to be in the
temple because on Friday sister Couper and I got a call from president
and I have been called to TRAIN! (All trainers get to go through the
temple before the new missionaries come... Makes me a Little
nervous.... No other calling has to go to the temple but apparently to
train we need extra help and strength. Yikes.) and you are not going
to believe where.... PECKHAM!!!! I am going BACK to where I was
trained! Isn't that crazy? I'm not going to lie my stomach has hurt
since I got the news... Get ready for all of the horror fufu stories
again. BUT so yes... Not only am I training but I am whitewashing the
area... Yikes again... AND have been called to be the only STL in
Wandsworth zone. Because so many sisters are coming in half of the
zones have gone down to one STL because president needs trainers too.
Oh my goodness. So yeah! I'm whitewashing, training a new missionary,
and also the only STL at will have to go on exchanges with all of the

Ahh... I'm so grateful but honestly family I'm a little overwhelmed.
I'm really nervous. I'm trying to stay positive and remember that it's
all going to be great!

Sorry president is telling us we have to go. We are doing a lot of
training us to train them. ANYWAYS! KY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'm so sorry
this is so lame. I had a whole plan and great email to send you but
have been given no time. But I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND WILL MAKE IT UP TO

Please send me emails telling me I can do it. Haha I need your help!
All of you mom, dad, Ky, Linds! Please. And Ky!!! ZONE LEADER!?????
That's what I'm talking about. Ahh you're the BEST.


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