Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, February 29, 2016

Hello wonderful family!

 HEY my favorite people!!

 It sounds like it has been a wonderful week! SO fun that you have grandma and grandpa there! Oh i love it when they come. I hope you have the greatest time all together and KY! Keep winning so that you can take state and so they stay longer! :)

 But family. I am just so happy! Just to echo what I said last week but OH heavenly Father is SO MERCIFUL in letting me be with Sister England. We just get on so well and it just helps EVERYTHING! Haha i have thought about it and the last couple of months were good! Don't get me wrong, I loved being with Sister Steve and learned lots from her, but now just seeing how wonderufl and easy we get along and how the work is just FUN when you get to be out with someone who you enjoy, OH things are just so much better. So i am just SO HAPPY! Things are so great!! She is wonderful and we are working hard and having SO much fun together too! Its the perfect balance. Plus grannie annie loves us - there was a lot of tension in the house before... so that is even better too! So things here in England are just WONDERFUL!!

 This week was busy! We have really been working on building up our teaching pool with having our investigators get baptised. (best problem ever! :) ) So we have been doing a lot of finding and knocking and talking with people everywhere we go and we have seen SO MANY MIRACLES! This week really has just been a week where there have been days I am just blown away with how kind Heavenly Father is. We just seem to be running into people who are willing to listen and a lot of them are actually looking for something. Its crazy. I have seen it to that a lot of times the people we find are on busses or while walking to the place we are wanting to go - Its just helped me realize how important it is to talk to everyone around me! We may feel prompted to go somewhere not necessarily because of the destination but who we will run into while we are traveling there! Its just so fun! So yeah, we have been spending a lot of time talking with people and following up on potentials. We have some SUPER solid potentials that we have scheduled appointments with this next week so im SUPER excited! Get ready to hear all about how great they are next week! :) But right now we are working with a lot of great people as well! We are working with our friend Steven who has been investigating for 3 years... flipping heck steve. Just get baptised. He finally opened up and said that he just cant connect with the Book of mormon So we are really trying to help him with that! He has a baptisimal date scheduled for March 26th and it has been so neat to see how much he has progressed since we have worked with him! I have SO MUCH FAITh that he will make it! We also have a friend Steve (yeah... it gets confusing sometimes :) ) But he is doing really well too! Then we have the sweetest single mom named Shelly. She had a near death accident that made it so she is sure that there is someone out there watching over her and helping her. OH its just so fun to let her know that THERE IS! We are also working with one of Joy's school friends from a couple years ago so that is really great too! Every friday night we get to go there and eat yummy food and then teach him! It is great! :)#

This last week I got your sweet letters and Tyse's cute picture and the Valentines heart you sent! THANK YOU!! Oh it is so fun to get letters! It brightened up my day so much! So thank you! I LOVE YOU ALL!! And tyse's picture was the cutest thing. It seems like he is just loving school which makes me so happy! :) I was showing Sister England some of the videos I had that you had sent over of him and oh that boy just melts my heart! I love him! We also watch Ky's wisdom teeth videos all the time still.. OH they are so funny!! So glad that you sent them!

The work is going so well though! I love how everyday I feel like my testimony just get strengthened even more! Something I have thought a lot about this week is how much I have changed. I feel like before my mission I was converted to the church. I loved going to church, the culture of it, and I liked what was being taught and believed in it. But since being here i am truly converted to the GOSPEL and my Saviour. I KNOW that this church is true and I LOVE IT! Im so grateful to be a missionary and learning so much. I don't know how I got on with life before now so im just really grateful to be here! LIfe is so good!

 How is your book of mormon reading going by the way? As of tomorrow it is MARCH so that means you only have about a month left. (can you believe it is almost conference again? WHere the HECK did time go? ) BUT keep it up! Keep reading!! I know we can do it and the book of mormon blesses our lives SO MUCH!

 AND OH MY GOODNESS!!! KY'S PAPERS ARE IN!??? AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness. I am SO EXCITED! Oh i remember when mine went in. I feel like i was pretty patient with everything until they were actually submitted and then I just wanted to know! The whole waiting 2 weeks was so hard!! OH MY GOODNESS! Oh i just dont even know if i will be able to focus! KY!? WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU WILL GO??? I'm hoping and praying for ENGLAND LONDON SOUTH! Oh could you imagine? I would FREAK OUT! But oh man. Ill think about it but my real guess is Mexico City or Spain. Thats what I am saying now. But i will ponder and fast over it and get back to ya! ;) OH i am jsut so excited for you ky! It is the greatest thing! and I can't wait to be out at the same time as my best friend! WATCH OUT WORLD! SISTER AND ELDER GWILLIAM ARE COMING FOR YA!

 But i hope you have the most wonderful week! We have exchange this week which will be fun and then a busy week of finding SO many new people! :)

 Thank you so much for being the most amazing family in the entire world! I love you all SO MUCh and am just so grateful for you! Having your help and support makes ALL The difference here and I just feel so blessed to have you! Keep being happy and safe and remember how much I LOVE YOU!!

 Sister Gwilliam

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