Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello family!

> Hello my dearest family!
> I LOVE YOU ALL! And am so excited to tell you all about the wonderful
> week it has been.
> First off, thank you so much for all of your emails and support. This
> week has been OODLES better! Thanks to all of your help! President
> Gubler is the greatest. Getting to talk to him on Thursday was exactly
> what I needed. I was able to meet with Sister Gubler before while
> sister Stephenson was in wi president and I just told her everything
> that had been going on with me and sister Steve. How she was just so
> stressed and how the mornings were and how it was just a stress house
> which was making kings really hard on me. I told her everything and oh
> it just feels good to have hem aware. She was able to just listen
> which was nice and commented on how I was developing a lot of
> Christlike attributes!:) so she was so much help! I'm just grateful
> that she and president are involved now and are aware of what is going
> on so life is good. After I was able to meet with president and oh my.
> I just walked in and he just started going off on things that I needed
> to hear. He probably had notes from the letters I had written him but
> he just went off telling me how I needed to stop feeling like I needed
> to be perfect - that I was a good missionary and that all I need to
> worry about is just trying and becoming better each day! He gave me
> just this huge pep talk and then finally stopped and said, "okay, so
> what else can I do to help you." And I just laughed and told him how
> he had nailed it all on the head! Haha! He just knew exactly what to
> say. He talked about not letting myself get discouraged, to trust the
> Lord, understand I am here to just help people have an opportunity to
> accept the gospel - if they choose not to it is on them - just all of
> these things that I needed reminders of and was just so grateful! So
> yes! With all of that I feel so much better and am so much happier!
> I'm still trying to help sister Steve not be so stressed but things
> Are looking better and we are doing great! Oh man. Talking to
> president was the greatest blessing! And then tomorrow we have MLC so
> I will get to see him and learn from him again. OH I'm so grateful!
> Thank you all again for your help though. Mom and dad your emails were
> so perfect! Thank you. It helped me so much and got me through all the
> craziness! And sister Steve and I are working really well together. I
> finally feel like we Are on the same page with everything - just
> obedience and working and just all of that good stuff. So life is
> great! Missionary life is the craziest but greatest!
> This last week we went on exchange which was fun! I love having them
> both come to us now! So much better. I never really loved having to go
> to the other persons place. It was kinda fun to have it be different
> but at the same time I feel like it got me out of the little groove
> I'm in here and when I came back I had to start all over so it's great
> to just get to stay here all the time! So that was great! And the
> greatest ever was to end the week with ROB GETTING BAPTISED!!!!!! oh
> it was the greatest day! Truly just makes all the craziness And hard
> days worth it. He was so happy. And just kept going on and on how
> great it was and how much he appreciated everything. I just felt
> really blessed. There were also so many wArd members who showed up who
> h was the greatest! The Aldershot ward is amazing. I love them all so
> much!! But yeah! Rob is just the greatest! It's truly amazing to see
> what the gospel can do in a persons life - how knowing about Jesus
> Christ truly changes us. I am so grateful for the testimony I have and
> for amazing parents who have helped me have this happiness all my
> life! It's the neatest thing to get to pass on the happieness I have
> to others!
> Speaking of that... Yesterday I was asked to speak in sacrament
> meeting. I decided to speak on the happiness of the gospel and focused
> my talk on elder worthlins - come whAt may and love it- if you haven't
> read it recently DO IT!!! It's so good and brings everything back into
> perspective!:) but anyways, so here I am giving this talk about
> happiness and i share the experience of the first couple of weeks on
> my mission where I was so overwhelmed and just confused and missed all
> of you like no ones business and it was just really hard but then how
> I came to the versus in like Luke 22 where it talks about how it was
> hard for the savior - how he was scared and overwhelmed and confused a
> little too but how he did what his father had Asked him too - I think
> I sent that whole experience over in an email. Well anyways, I shared
> that story and just like all persoNal experiences it brought back all
> the emotions of it and I just started to cry! And through the rest of
> the talk I was fighting it back with a wobbly voice and having to
> break to stop the tears. So here I am, giving a talk on happiness, and
> couldn't control myself. Haha oh man... It was greAt.
> But I'm so glad you are all reading the Book of Mormon with me! I KNOW
> we can do it and it will bless our family so much! I LOVE THE BOOK OF
> MORMON!! It has changed everything for me. I'm so glad we are all
> doing it together! Oh I just love you all!!
> Oh and another thing that has been fun about this week is that I keep
> having these stinkin dreams where I am at home with all of you or that
> o have finished my mission. OH MY. haha I feel like you had
> experiences with that too dad but goodness. Like I hAd one the other
> night where it was Christmas and we were all together in Cali and we
> were About to eat together. It's fun to wake up to the alarm and
> reAlize that I'm still in England. Haha I just laugh about it now but
> I'd appreciate it if the silly dreams would stop!
> And with moving - we should have more info about it all tomorrow at
> MLC but from what president has said we will for sure be moving out of
> grannie Annie's. It's kinda sad but there just isn't enough room for 4
> sisters With the room we have. So that will happen for sure. But
> transfers are in 2 weeks. It's like 16th so who knows what will
> happen!? I'll give you more details next week!:)
> But I hope you all have the greatest week!! This one will be a busy
> meeting one with MLC and then DLC and then district meeting and then
> we have exchanges again. But I love it busy so I'm super excited!! I
> hope you all are just as happy as can be and that you can feel all my
> love from England. I love you all SO MUCH! Truly I couldn't do this
> without you help. Thank you for always being there for me and your
> support. I'm so grateful and miss you BUT will see you soon!:)
> I Love you! Talk to you next week!
> Sister gwilliam
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