Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Sunday, February 21, 2016



Oh my goodness! I love you all so much! There is so much to update you on too! So excited about it!

FIRST OFF! With transfers... drum roll please.. ;) Sister Stephenson is training and moved to welling and I am staying here as a Sister Training Leader with Sister England. Does that sounds familiar to you? Thats right. My MTC companion!! Isn't that crazy?? So yes! me and sister england are compnaions again here in Aldershot! Its so funny. MTC life is COMPLETELY different than being out in the field so Im hoping that we work just as well and get along just as well as we did in the MTC! I am sure we will though and we will just see miracles here! :) Crazy though right? Its been a crazy morning picking her up! With transfers they have changed it back to the old days - like when you were a misisonary dad ;) - to where instead of having the ZL drive the missionaries everywhere they just tell us where we are going and then we get on a train by ourselves and go to the new area. So this morning I had to travel - ALL BY MYSELF - to stains to pick up Sister England. It was the craziest thing. I havent been all by myself in 7 months. I honestly just felt so weird and uncomfortable. I kept laughing at myself too becuase I was going around the train and trying to talk to people on the way and would start of being like " Hello, We are sharing... i mean I, I am sharing a message..." and then Im pretty sure I said to everyone after " well WE hope you have a great day." Even though It was just me talking... haha! Oh man. It was funny. I just kept cracking up. 7 months of always being We never just me. So it was funny. It will be weird going home. I'll need someone with me all the time for a little bit i think. Being by myself just made me uncomfortable...

But its been a crazy couple of days becuase of moves today! We had an exchange with Kingston on Thursday and then Friday we went on another exchange with Guildford - this one was one that the sisters there just wanted as a follow up - i guess to see if they had applied the goals they had set for themselves - so I ended up going to guildford with one of the sisters and Saturday morning I got a call from Sister Stephenson that president had just called and that she was leaving and training. Even with all the craziness that we have been through I will miss her a lot. We had finally just gotten on the same page and were working really well together so I will miss her. She has helped me through some crazy and long days as well so it will be sad being without her but she was so ready to go. She just had said how she felt she had given everything she could to this area - she has almost hit her 9 month mark and this is her first area so she probably has! So she was just ready! And even with missing her, I am really excited to kindof get to try some new things with the area and really set a standard of how we work here! Im just COMMITTED to be exactly obedient and work well with the members and really work hard on finding new people! Just all of it! And it will be nice to have Sister Englands new perspective on things and ideas that I am sure will just get the ball rolling and we will see SO many miracles! Im so excited! A little nervous too - transfers always make it so you have to kinda adjust all over again. I remember i struggled SO much coming here just becuase it was all new again. THis is sister englands first time moving so Im sure it will be a little hard for her and just hard in having to get used to each other as well but she is sweet and wants to work hard so we will be great! haha! Im hoping we just adjust to each other and it all really quickly! :) Pray for us please!! We always need it!

But becuase of sister steve leaving this weekend we went around to a lot of members houses - we did like NO work. I was dying and a little frustrated at times. I know, i need to be better. I just felt like we spent too much time there. BUT with that we were with so many members and that also meant we got SO MUCH FOOD. oh my goodness. I felt like I was back in Peckham. Yesterday we have 4 people feed us. Most of it back to back as well. And of course with Siter steve leaving they went all out with it and so Oh my goodness.. i still just feel ill and bloated and just not right in my tummy. Its just painful. Mom and Dad, you were saying that you are on diet 657 again ;) What are you doing? I feel like I just NEED to have some ideas and be accountable to you all back home. It will keep me motivated to be better. I just feel nasty and sick and oh. Eating food should be a fun experience. Not painful.

This week we also went to Alton. It is a town in our area that I had never been to before and guess who lived their!? JANE AUSTIN! AHH mom! Are you freaking out? Her house is there and you can go tour it so one of these Pdays we are going to- we have members who have offered to take us! I will take lots of pictures for you all! But how fun is that!? When we were there the town crier (idk how you spell it... cry-er :) ) came out! It was AWESOME! THis man with all of this like medieval royalty looking clothing came out and rang his bell and just started shouting things. I turned to sister steve and told her that I ddin't think they actually still did that. So apparently they still are a thing and these guys go out and just yell news - like when kate had her baby all of them went out and yelled it in the streets! How funny! Oh England...

OH and I was going to ask you all! Do you still look at Joys FB? you should. She updates it ALL THE TIME with pictures of us! :) We were with her a lot this last week!

This next week is really exciting too becuase we have Elder Johnson (the first counselor in the Area Presidency) Coming on a mission tour! So on Friday we have a specialized Zone Conference where he is coming to instruct us which will be so cool and then next monday we have having a special MLC where he will just be talking to us leaders! with that I WILL BE HAVING PDAY ON TUESDAY AGAIN NEXT WEEK!!!!! Becuase I will be in a meeting all of monday! So I wont be emailing again until then! But i love it when you email me on sunday and then I can see them on monday still! :) But yes! Just heads up with that! :) It should be really neat though! i am super excited and can't wait to soak up everything he says! Definitely going to be prepared so that I can recieve BUCKETS FULL of revelation!!

We also have Jake and Luke getting baptised this next week! Im so excited. They are the CUTEST boys and it will be so fun to get to be with them and their family! It was a miracle as well - last night we went around ( one of the millions of DAs we had ) to teach and to eat and their step dad has been really weird about us teaching them and hasnt wanted to be apart of the lessons but dinner went so well. We were all just talking and having fun and in the end he ended up sittin gin on the lesson! BOOYA! So maybe after jake and luke their step dad is next... :)

But I hope you all are doing so well and have the greatest week! KY! I flippin CANT BELIEVE YOUR PAPERS ARE ALMOST DONE!!! AHHHHH!!!!! Oh im freaking out! And im so glad that you got my package. Haha sorry if its a little overwhleming... i wrote a lot in it! but if anything read the talk miracle of a mission and hopefully something else I have written will help in someway! :) But oh i am SO EXCITED and just cant wait to find out where you will be going! Youre so great ky!! I love you! It will be the best serving together! And funny with packages too! Guess what came just yesterday? THe christmas cards from the ward party you sent over! Haha! So i loved opening those last night! I got our family christmas card earlier this week too! I LOVE IT! Its so funny it took so long... im glad it doesnt take as long to get stuff to you! Im thinking it was just backed up with all of christmas craziness so hopefully now it iwll be normal but yeah! I loved the cards and hope you loved the packages! So grateful they got to you!!

BUT I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I miss you like crazy. But i love this work and I love bieng a missionary! It will be a crazy week with everything being new and my new sweet companion so i'll definitely fill you in on everything next week!! Im keepin gyou all in my prayers ALL THE TIME!! Have the BEST week and I will talk to you next tuesday!


Sister Gwilliam

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