Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, February 8, 2016

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Hey family!!

This week was fantastic!! Missionary work is the best  and I really
love being here!!!

This week was those long meetings weeks again. It was good though!:) I
sent the picture from MLC which was fun! We talked a lot about more
effective studies and how to extend commitment invitations... I know.
It's intense stuff huh!?;) but it really was so fun! So great to just
be with the other missionaries and president! On Wednesday we had DLC
which was so great too! Something I love is how good of friends I am
with the missionaries here. I love the elders and sisters. We just
have fun together which is so great and so needed to keep everyone
sane!:) what makes it even better is SO many of them go to BYU or want
to....:) so it will be the best to see the, and get together after the
missions too! Sister Stephenson and I get along SO well with the ZLs
especially. Oh they are just the funniest elders. So it's so great! We
have a blast and work really well together! So that was really fun!

We are still working with Jake and Luke - we are going around tonight
for dinner and to teach them. They are just the cutest. And yesterday,
taryn, their mom who has just started coming back got up and bore her
testimony of how the gospel has blessed her and how grateful she is
that her family has come back and just the difference it has made and
it was just so great. It's SO NEAT to be able to have a front row seat
to the change that comes through Christ and his atonement and
following he gospel. It's amazing. I love it. Rob is still rock solid.
He is so happy to be. A member and has started going to institute. Our
next plan is setting him up on the LDS dating website. We are pretty
excited!;). And then holly jack and fern are on fire. Everytime I am
with them I am just amazed at how much faith they have and how they
just have learned everything so quick. I feel like they have just been
members forever. I just love them. We are really working with their
younger brother Alfie... He is being stubborn but we will get him!
Their mum to! It's just a matter of time!;) So things are just SO good
over here in England. I love the people and the ward takes amazing
care of us. Especially this week we have just been really blessed with
people just randomly having over to eat, giving us rides, sending
great texts, dropping off food! And after this we are going to lunch
and then bowling with joy and our district. It's just such a blessing
to be serving here!

I told KY about this a little bit... But on Saturday we went over to
holly jack and ferns and they played "the Quan" for us? It's this new
song and dance? I don't know if it is a thing over in the states but
oh my goodness. I felt SO UNCOMFORTABLE the whole time. Like what the
heck do people listen to? I had never really thought that it would be
weird for me when I went home oh my. If that's what's on the radio I'm
really going to struggle. But I love it!! I love that I'm so used to
church music and good uplifting things that it is weird for me. I want
it to be weird and hard for me when home. And i got a little glimpse
of what it will be like on Saturday and it is just weird... I don't
like it. So prepare yourself now for Mormon tab in the car and the
restoration for movie nights!:)

This week we also took Ben out with us to knock for a little! Ben is
the member who baptised jack and fern and holly- I think he might have
been in the pictures? But he should get his call this week which is SO
EXCITING!! He has taught with us a lot but we realised that he should
probably come out with us for knocking and contacting... So he can
really see hat missionary life is like! Poor guy is a little big of a
nervous wreck. KY! I hope you are just excited! Don't be worried about
it!:) but he was super nervous and just had a million questions so it
was just so great to get to be there and try and calm his nerves and
help him realise that he can do it! And tell him over and over how it
really is the greatest thing that anyone could do and how he will love
it. That it will be hard but he will love it!:)

This week it also POURED LIKE CRAZY! And guess who was out in it? All
day. Haha it was crazy how just soaking wet we were. BUT with that I
have never appreciated a warm bed and warm pjs like I have after this
week! :) it's so good! But yeah. Apparently it isn't supposed to
lighten up at all this next week either... So it will be a fun one! :)
Pray for sunshine!!!

But besides that it has been a good week! Just lots of meetings and
talking to everyone we can! So things here are good! I'm so excited to
find our about moves too... Any predictions? We make them all week
long! But I will be dying to let you know what happens! So be

Hope you all have the BEST WEEK!! Stay happy and healthy and remember
how much I love you! 7 months ago today you dropped me off at the
airport... Crazy!! I love you all so much though and miss you but am
grateful to be here!! You all are in my prayers ALL DAY LONG!

I love you so much! Talk to you on Tuesday!!!

Sister gwilliam :)

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