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Called To Serve

Monday, June 6, 2016

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Subject: praying gwilliams

Hello my most wonderful family!!

I LOVE YOU!!! So so much.

Oh my goodness! It sounds like it was the craziest week! KY CONGRATS
ON GRADUATING!!! Oh I loved the pictures! It sounds like it was a good
day... Long one (like any good graduation:) ) but so good! You looked
awesome and everyone looked so happy! AH KY I CANT BELIEVE YOUVE
GRADUATED! So crazy. You're so old. Wish I could have been there!!

But this week is so exciting!! TOMORROW I GET TO LISTEN TO ELDER OAKS!
I get to be taught at the feet of an apostle - LITERALLY at his
feet... Because guess what?? I got an email from president yesterday
that I have been asked to say the opening prayer in the meeting
tomorrow! AHHH!!!! I will be praying in the meeting with all of the
London mission and the London south AND elder oaks. Isn't that crazy?
But what makes it even better is that because I am apart of the
program Sister Couper and I have assigned seats on the front row.
BOOYA!!! So oh man. I'm so excited. We get a train tomorrow at 8 to
travel ACROSS THE RIVER and then will get to walk through London to
then go get taught by a member of the 12! How incredible is that? Oh
I'm just so excited. I can't even wait. And I get to be right there
with him! It's crazy. I feel really blessed. We called the assistants
and they said they don't know who choose the program as well.... So
I'm not sure how I was lucky enough to be chosen but I'm so grateful.
So do you know what else this means? That Gwilliams are OBVIOUSLY
incredible at praying considering Ky gave the prayer in stake
conference. That's right Ky. We are no big deal or anything. ;) haha
just kidding! But I am super excited! And not even nervous! I have
been talking to my Heavenly Father for almost 21 years now - it will
be a blessing to get to talk to him tomorrow too! AND I will get to
shake elder oaks hand. He will be there to greet all of us. So it's
just a really neat day. Sister Couper and I are going out after this
to do a little shopping.... Such an important day means needing an
important outfit!:) haha! We also have some sisters who I LOVE
traveling up and staying with us tonight and tomorrow so they don't
have to travel so far in the morning to get into London. So it's a fun
week! Can't wait to tell you ALL about it next week!:)

With that- next week is the end of the transfer- isn't that MAD?? It's
so crazy. I don't know how this happens. So I won't be emailing until
Tuesday next week. So sorry to make you wait a little longer!:) but
oh. I am PRAYING I STAY! I just love it here and LOVE sister Couper
.we have 10 sisters coming info the mission so a lot of changes have
to take place but I'm hoping and praying we stay. Isn't it funny how
much I didn't want to leave Aldershot and now how much I want to stay
here. Missions are always a good reminder that heavenly fathers plan
is SO MUCH better than ours. We just have to trust him. But yeah. I'll
let you know what happens next week when I, hopefully still in Sutton!

And mom - our address is but might want to hold off sending anything
just with transfers... Or just send it to the temple that is always
But here it is because I have FAITH I will be here for a while -
3 kingfisher court
37 Grove Road

But this week has been incredible. Seriously so many miracles. We have
2 of our friends progressing towards baptism now! We had a teach with
one of our friends Adam this week and it was one of the best lessons I
have ever had. We really focused on his needs and going by the spirit.
he opened so much and told us that he believed this was true. He
talked about how he had felt things were missing in his life and that
he wanted to be BAPTISED! Ahh... Music to missionaries ears! It was
incredible. We are still teaching our cute Korean friend Jessica who I
just love. We have to get her husband on bored though... He isn't too
keen on religion and because of hat no matter how great she is and how
strong her desires are she is put off from progressing until we get
his permission. Please pray for his heart to be softened!! We ended up
having 5 of our friends we had invited/are investigating at church
yesterday and 3 of the less actives at church. It was madness. I feel
like we see running around trying to make sure everyone was okay  and
taken care of and oh man. It's exhausting. Church can be he craziest
time of the whole week! It was such a Miracle though! 5 PEOPLE! The
work is really progressing. I love being a missionary!

I can't really think of anything else that happened... Haha it all
blurs and I feel like I blink and all the sudden the week is over! But
it really is such a blessing to be here! I am happy. Sister Couper is
one of my BEST FRIENDS and pushes me to be better everyday. The ward
is awesome - I am constantly in awe of the good members of our church.
Just always there to reach out and help. And I grow closer to my
saviour everyday. I really know that he lives and that he loves us.
I'm grateful to know that as long as we put the gospel first in our
lives that everything else falls into place. Ky. Just be SO EXCITED
FOR YOUR MISSION! It's hard work but that just makes it all even

But I love you all so much! Hope you have the BEST WEEK! Have so much
fun having grandma and grandpa there and just everything going on. It
sounds busy! Just make sure with everything going on to just spend
time together! It is honestly the best thing to do and what will mean
the most/ what you remember.


Love you,
sister Gwilliam

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