Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, May 30, 2016

I love my family.

Hello Family!!

It has been a crazy week like always. Missionary life is the greatest.

This week has been good but a little hard as well. SOmetimes I am reminded that I am serving in a place where almost everyone thinks I am crazy for believing in God and Jesus Christ. Serving here, a lot of my mission has been full of people not interested but normally It doesn't phase me at all - we still find those who are willing to talk or are interested - its great! :) BUT THIS WEEK. Good heavens. it seemed like NO ONE wanted to talk or let alone even give us a time the time of day. We would spend our time stopping and trying to talk to those people around us but once the words Jesus Christ got out they would immediately shut down and just walk away. Goodness, it can be mentally a little tough sometimes. It was especially like that on Friday night. We had an hour before going to teach a recent convert and went to go walk down the high street to find someone that needed some happiness and hope. WELL it was almost to the point I almost just started laughing (better than crying) because we just went from person to person of them saying no. It was crazy. I am still so blessed to have the worlds best companion though who this morning as we were talking about it got emotional as she shared how blessed she feels to be able to be here and share her testimony of Jesus Christ - how she doesn't care whether or not we find new investigators or our friends get baptised or any of that. She is here to just share her testimony to everyone and as long as she does her best at that she knows it is okay. Oh i love her and am so grateful for her good reminder. It was a good reminder for me too. I am here to just invite others and to share what I know. I know that Jesus Christ is our Saviour. That he has made it possible to find true peace and happiness in this life and that through him we find rest. Im so grateful for her and for that good reminder. I am also so grateful that I get to serve in England where at times it can be so difficult to find someone who will listen because when you find those who are willing to listen it makes it TEN TIMES SWEETER. I really have seen how with opposition it makes those good times even better. I know that is what it will be like when our family is all back together as well! :) So im really grateful. And with that we have seen some sweet miracles this week. 

First off, our church headquarters referral Jessica! We contacted her last week - I can't remember if I told you about her or not... but OH she is amazing. We were able to see her three times this week and it is just the sweetest experience. She is from Korea (her real name is enjung choi! how fun is that? ) and has NO background with religion but wants to know that god is there and that he loves her SO badly. Oh she is so sincere and so wonderful. It is so neat to teach people like her and help them understand the basic but incredible truths of just the fact that there is a god who loves her and her family. And then to see her eyes just light up as she understands and the hope that comes to her as she does. We have been able to talk about prayer and God and a little about Jesus Christ. It is so good for me too because I really have to focus on teaching simple. But that is something I love about this gospel. It is so simple. So she is so great. She has the cutest little boy as well. The saddest thing though is that her husband is very sceptical about us and just religion in general so we are needing to get him on board before she can really progress towards baptism. Please pray for her and that his heart will be softened. 

Another HUGE miracle is that JACK from aldershot was BAPTISED!!! Oh my goodness. I just found out this last week. I don't know if you remember me telling you - or if I did - about the kid who I met while on exchange with Sister Fleuren. We stopped him on the street and he was just a PUNK and gave us all these smart comments and just silliness but then took a book of mormon and showed up at church the next week. Well yeah, that crazy, punk kid I wanted to just punch in the face after talking to him the first time GOT BAPTISED ON FRIDAY! How amazing is that? I love that the gospel is for EVERYONE! And that we really do need to talk to everyone and invite everyone becuase even the people who seem the least likely to accept will be the ones who have been looking for it. Oh it is just so neat. 

This last week was a little rough with the people but also the fact that I think i might have had strep... hah probably just being dramatic but I did NOT feel well! BUT there is no time on a mission to be sick. So another sweet miracle was the blessing of still being able to work hard and get through it and now I feel great! so thats nice! :) 

And as of today it is only 1 week and 1 day away from ELDER OAKS!!! Oh my goodness IM so excited. And even better! We got our travel plans and I get to go to the London Victoria station and then WALK to hyde park. Do you realize what that means? That means i get to WALK THROUGH LONDON!!!!!!! Im so excited. Ah mom. Ill be thinking of you and how we would be FREAKING OUT when we walk past buckinham palace! ;) Im so excited though! Can not wait to be in london but mostly to get to shake the hand of an apostle. can't wait to tell you all about it!

Kind of a funny story of this week too - last monday all throughout preparation day it was nice and sunny! We went out to work and within 30 minutes of being out it started to rain - I was wearing a coat and thought that would be find but being smart sister gwilliam didn't bring and umbrella. and neither did sister couper. Bad call. it started to POUR. Probably the hardest I have ever seen while being here. and I was out STUCK IN IT. Oh it was crazy. We got back to the flat just SOAKED. all the way through my coat and my clothes to my garments were even wet. OH it was awful but so funny. Just one of those funny missionary stories that I will forever laugh about. It was even better too becuase we made it back to the flat around 8:55 but we don't go in until 9 and we still had to be obedient so we went and knocked on a couple doors. THe couple that opened probably thought we were crazy standing at their door just soaking wet. But it was great. I will never just sit and watch a thunder storm or rainstorm without thinking of the missionaries that are out stuck in it now! :)

But yes! thats pretty much been my week! We had exchange as well which was the best and also had stake conference which was so wonderful! Things here in Sutton are going really well! Its really hard but SO WONDERFUL and Im having a blast getting to share my testimony and have crazy adventures with the best comp Sister Couper. 

Hope you have the best week and so much fun for memorial day!! Sounds like the BBQ was so fun! But have the best time today spending it as a family! Wish i was there to be with you all but so grateful for the ones we will have in the future. Opposition in all things will just make it sweeter! :) 


Sister Gwilliam  

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