Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, May 16, 2016

FwdHappy are we!:)

> Dearest family!!
> So sad day, we got to the library and the room with the computers is
> closed on Mondays - what the heck right? So I'm stuck on this lovely
> iPad and it takes me so much longer so hopefully we will figure out
> things better for next week but this week I'll try and use my little
> fingers and type as fast as possible so I can update you on
> everything! Sorry if this is shorter though...
> But just things that I want ALL of you to know is that THINGS ARE SO
> GREAT! Oh I am so happy here! It has been a crazy crazy week. Full of
> getting lost and accidentally going out of our area lots of times...
> Whoops:)... But it's just so wonderful!
> I think the biggest thing I have learned with all of this is that
> Heavenly Father really does know best. I was so nervous to move. I was
> comfortable in Aldershot with sister England and the idea of leaving
> just made me sick BUT I love it here. Things are so good. I know there
> are so many times in our lives when changing or situations are
> difficult and you feel like it is the worst thing but Heavenly Father
> is truly the best and knows what is good for us. I'm so grateful
> things are so great here. He has been so merciful.
> First off, my new sweet companion, sister couper is AMAZING. I love
> her. She is the companion I have always prayed and dreamed I would
> have. She is SO hardworking. So diligent. I have never seen a
> missionary that talks to more people, is more bold, and more diligent
> and just loves being a missionary. She has been out for 5 months now
> and is just a rockstar. Plus has the cutest Scottish accent - I can
> understand her pretty well. I didn't tell her originally but when we
> first met I struggled understanding what she said... Haha but things
> are better now!:) and on top of all of her amazing qualities she is SO
> funny and so sweet. We have become best friends already. We just work
> really well together and are working so hard and having fun doing it.
> Oh I'm just so grateful. I have struggled a lot in the past with
> trying to work with companions to help them overcome struggles but
> then not really feel like I am doing my part of doing all I could do.
> Not that in anyway I have incredible strengths and am the best - far
> from it. I just didn't feel like I was living up to what I could do.
> So it has been the biggest blessing this week to be able to go to bed
> and just feel like I have done my part. We are talking to EVERYONE and
> inviting everyone to learn about Jesus Christ and just testifying all
> day long of his love and the peace that comes through him. I just
> really love it. I am enjoying the work more than I ever have. It's
> weird how much fun I find it now.... Haha! Just goes to show that the
> promise the more you work the more you will love it. Loose yourself in
> the work! So Ky! Just work hard and it's wonderful!! Promise!:)
> The area is great as well! It's in London and OH I LOVE IT! I think it
> was because I loved my time in Peckham so much and this reminds me a
> lot of it. I love that ere are just so many people from so many
> places. You meet people from everywhere with all sorts of backgrounds.
> I have missed the double deckers so much and just everything about the
> busy city life! So I'm really enjoying it. It has been a little
> overwhelming with trying to figure out everything and not knowing
> anyone. And it's been funny too with the zone leaders white washing as
> well they don't have a clue of anything either so we have just tried
> our best to figure it all out. The sisters had a decent teaching pool
> so we have been trying to get in contact with all of them and then be
> able to find them... :) we have spent a lot of time getting lost but
> it's been exciting!:) he ward seems really great too! It's a smaller
> ward and 3 of the families are moving out this summer which is so sad.
> They were so kind though and seem really missionary minded which is
> the BEST! Our ward mission leader is super intense too... At 3 today
> we are having a 2 hour correlation and going trough the ward list
> together. Oh goodness. Not to mention that it is our preparation day
> as well. So today I will be spending it with the zone leaders and our
> ward mission leader going through the ward. Ha I guess it is good he
> is excited right? Who needs a preparation day anyways.... Pray for me.
> ;)
> Another crazy thing is that we are over 8 sisters in this zone! It's
> been crazy trying to know hem and set up exchanges especially when we
> have to have all the exchanges in 5 weeks and one of those weeks will
> be busy with elder oaks and all of the things going on with that! It's
> just crazy. So still working on being patient and realising that with
> time it will all come together and work out. Just keeping the come
> what may and love it attitude and just trying my best! I'm excited
> though! It's good to be busy!
> A funny story from this week was we were waiting for a teach - and we
> had no idea what he person looked so we were just awkwardly standing
> there hoping the person would recognise us - when this old African
> lady came up to us and said "oh you are the sisters! I've seen the BOM
> before..." As she was talking I thought that it was a miracle! That
> this lady had met missionaries before and was now ready to be taught
> and it was just he biggest miracle that we were standing there for the
> teach that it all came together. Until she said that she had read the
> Book of Mormon and finally come to the conclusion that... (I was ready
> for her to say that it was true) but she said that she had finally
> realised we were a cult! And then went on for like 20 minutes and
> wouldn't let us talk or get away and we were both panicked she would
> start going off on the person we were teaching as well. Oh my. It was
> so funny. Just one of those good missionary experiences!
> I really do know that this GOSPEL is true. That Jesus Christ lives and
> that he loves us and will help us. I know we find true peace and
> happiness when we decided that our Heavenly Father knows best and just
> do all we can to best follow him.
> I'm so glad that you all had such a wonderful week!! Oh I JUST LOVE
> YOU! And am still on a high from getting to talk to you last week. I
> just love you so much. And miss you!! But so excited for how wonderful
> it will be to see you again soon!
> I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
> Sister gwilliam
> Sent from my iPad

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