Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hello Family

Hello my dearest Family!

Holy Smokes! it sounds like it was the craziest week! Im so sorry that things were so crazy and that you are all still in utah instead of in the DR. Atleast it all worked out and things got refunded as well as it is rescheduled for May! That will be great. Im the type of person who loves to have things to look forwad too so now instead of your trip almost being over it is coming up still! Something exciting to look forward too! :) hopefully! Oh  man, so sorry about it all but glad you were able to have a fun easter all together! :)

Things here are great! Big news with moves... Sister England and I are staying together as STLs in Aldershot! YAY!! im so happy! I figured that would happen but all of friday I was a little anxious anytime the phone rang... but luckily nothing happened and we are staying here together for another  weeks! i am so excited and so grateful! Things are super great and she is just wonderful! So i am so grateful! 

We did end up moving though this week! Oh my goodness. It is so nice. I feel bad for saying it but I don't miss living with Grannie Annie at all. I love the sweet old woman to death but living with her is a little crazy. After almost 6 months of it i was ready to move out so things are wonderful! it was a little crazy with the moves though. We ended up getting the call wednesday night saying that we were moving Thursday morning... so we scrambled and spent the time trying to get everything ready. On thursday we got it all packed up and got up to the new flat (which is on the 4th floor without a lift... of course! :) it was the best lugging all of our luggage up those stairs! :) ) and got up there to see that all that we had were some curtains, a couple of plates and bowls they had left, and a rug. haha it was awesome! i have pictues that hopefully Ill be able to send.. the internet is being weird. But it was hilarious. All of our stuff was just EVERYWHERE. And we slept on possibly the most uncomfortable air beds BUT it was great! :) To top it off we moved all of our food as well to the new fridge and woke up in the morning to having the fridge not working and a lot of stinky food. haha so its been an adventure for sure! But the office elders came and brought beds and a couch for us yesterday and a new fridge should be delivered to us today! So bit by bit it will all come together! it is so fun though! Just all part of the adventure! :) 

But EASTER! it was wonderful! Even with all of the craziness, im glad that you were all able to spend it together! That will be the last one with ky for 2 years. pretty crazy. BUT it was great here. President Gubler sent out a list of scriptures to go through for the Savious last week and it was the greatest thing to go through them each day and get to learn a little bit more about what lead up to the resurrection. I loved being a missionary durring this easter and having the time to really just reflect on Jesus Christ and all that he has done for me. I love him and am forever in debt to him. Just the more I am here the more I get to know him and I just love it. it was a really special day to really reflect on Him and recommit all over to give everything I have to serve with all my heart might mind and strength because I LOVE HIM and I want to do my best for him! We also were able to go over to the spencers for a DA which was so wonderful! The food was incredible - especially since we have been living off of silly food since we dont have a fridge that works! and they made CRUMBLE! i've been meaning to tell you about that! Remember how I always wanted to make crisp at home because I loved the topping? WELL england is just ontop of things and Crumble is just like crisp! It has the YUMMIEST topping and they make it ALL THE TIME! No wonder I was sent here... ;) But it was really nice! It was a good easter holiday!  

We had a cool experience yesterday too where I just had another "im so grateful to be on a mission" moment! :) We were traveling to see a former and were talking to everyone we met along the way. We came to this man named steve who was super kind and had the GREATEST but good hard questions. He asked a lot about why the book of mormon was nessary and why we needed joseph smith? how it all came together to help him come closer to jesus christ. Sister England and I were able to answer all of his questions, he didn't agree :), but we were able to tesify about the reality of AUTHORITY and why we needed Joseph smith as a prophet to restore what Christ originally had here and how the Book of Mormon just testified of that! After we left I thought back to just 9 months ago how if anyone had ever asked me those questions I would have honestly had no idea what to say. I would have just stood there and probably questioned a little what I believed - he had points that could make sense. BUT I just said a prayer of gratitude to be here and to be so much more doctrinally sound. I just was able to see how much I have grown and how much solid my testimony is and how I can just answer questions and testify to anyone who wants to question it. Ha it sounds kinda silly but Im just so grateful to be here. It was a fun moment. 

But GENERAL CONFERENCE IS COMING UP!! Oh my heavens. Are you all just SO EXCITED??? I AM! not unil my mission have I truly understood how amazing conference is. A PROPHET OF THE LORD IS GOING TO SPEAK FOR HIM AND TELL US WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW TO BE HAPPY AND TO RETURN TO HIM! how amazing is that? So with that I hope you LOVE CONFERENCE! have questions and be prepared and REALLY LISTEN! Take notes, stay in your church clothes, avoid the temptation to lay on the couch... :) becuase really it is such a blessing and a privilege and we can get SO much out of it if we are ready and willing to listen! Oh im just giddy thinking about it! Cant wait to email you next week and get to talk about it! :) 

But besides that things here are pretty normal! Today we are having to spend the day in guildford with the missionaries going around we have to stay here with a sister so that she isn't alone while her companion is traveling here... so it will be fun! :) 

AND OH MY HECK! I didnt realize until just the other day that I get to talk to you on skype in like a MONTH! WHAT THE HECK? I had no idea it was so soon! What day is mothers day in america again? Oh my goodness. i am so excited. and now that I know THE COUNT DOWN BEGINS! 

Oh i just love you all! Sorry not too much to report on this week. Do you have any questions? Sometimes I feel like I just say the same things over and over... i feel like Im to the point where a lot of my weeks are the same now! Which is wondeful! I love it! And i love that weeks are just normal now, being a missionary is just normal and comfortable and WONDERFUL! So im really grateful! but yeah, if you have any specific question email them over and ill make sure to answer! :) 

BUT I LOVE YOU! so much! And miss you a lot. But so grateful that you are all happy and healthy and safe! Never forget how much I love you and keep me updated on everything!! 

Love you! Talk to you next week! :) 

Sister Gwilliam 

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