Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Easter!

Hello Wonderful Family!

I just love all of you! SO MUCH! incase you have forgotten in a week!

This week was super good in Jolly old England. Im getting to the point on my mission where weeks just seem to go by and I don't know what happened. At the begining it was definitely the opposite - they seemed ages long (sorry Ky! Just expect it! Promise it speeds up! :) ) But I guess its a good thing since being a missionary is just normal life now! I am happy and working hard and time just seems to speed by!

This last week had Zone Training and me and Sister England and the Zone Leaders got together and decided that we felt like it should all be focused on the Saviour. And oh my goodness. It was incredible. you cant go wrong with a whole day completely focused on him right!? :) It was so wonderful though, especially with easter coming up this week it was a perfect chance to really remember him before we celebrate! :) But YES! One of the coolest things is that we had everyone in the Zone prepare a 5 minute talk of their conversion to Jesus Christ - What experiences they had that really helped them to know that he was there/how they gained a testimony/why they came on a mission. It was SO neat to hear everyone's experiences and just see how different it is for everyone but we all ended up in the same place. That is something that I love about the gospel. It is so individual - It has always been about the "one" like when jesus blesses the children one by one or lets them touch the nail marks in his hands - it was all one by one. I really know that he knows us perfectly and loves us enough that he wants each of us to have that personal relationship with him! I think the neatest thing about it though was getting to write my own! I cried while writting it out - good thing I wasn't called to say it to everyone or I would have just been a mess. :) BUT with that... I had this brilliant Idea THAT YOU ALL SHOULD WRITE DOWN YOURS! Family. Im not kidding here. I know you have school and work and some of you are going to the DOMINICAN! BUT take time this week to write down a 5 minute talk about your conversion. How you have come to know that Jesus Christ really is there and that what he did is real. I have mine that I will send over! THis way too if you ever are having a hard day or a hard little stretch it really can help refocus us ad remember why we have a testimony as well as we can look back on it when things get tough in the future. So yes! WILL YOU DO IT? I will follow up! :) And would love to read them all if they aren't too personal! :) But that way we all can have them and can use them in the future to help remind each other if we ever need to! What do you think?

We also did Personal Interviews with the saviour! that was so neat too. They took us each individually to a room where there was a big picture of christ and then in front of us was a sheet of paper with questions on it that we could ponder and act as if we were actually talking to the saviour. It was so amazing. There were a lot of things that I realized I could improve to better show my Love for him but ultimately I got the strong impression too that he Loves me. And I know that that is true for everyone. With easter coming up this week PLEASE just take a minute to remember how much he loves you! He performed the atonement for YOU becuase he loves you. OH its just so great. Everyone needs to know about him!!!!

DAD! I have decided too that I don't konw enough about your mission. will you send stories or experiences? I feel like I don't know anything... and I want to! :)

BUT other exciting news is that this week is moves call. I honestly have NO IDEA how the heck it is already the end of another transfer.. but yes! It ends next week! SO I will be emailing on Tuesday next week - not monday! Im really nervous about moves. AH! i want to stay in ALdershot SO BADLY! THings are so wonderful and we have met so many FAMILIES!! Not just people but families who we have return appointments with this week! OH it just makes me giddy! So there are just so many of our investigators that I am super excited to teach, sister england is just simply wonderful, and i LOVE this ward. They have become family. So oh man. Im nervous becuase I am so happy that I will probably end up moving... no growth in the comfort zone... but we will see! Im excited to let you know what happends! :)

With that we also should be physically moving this week! It is scheduled for Thrusday but they are having problems getting a set date.. so we will see! but the new flat will be so nice - another perk of staying in Aldershot! :) So yes! That might happen this week! I am SUPER excited! I have been really getting to learn the value of Patience this week with our wonderful Grannie Annie. love the sweet old lady but she sometimes can be a bit demanding when there is a lot to do - LIKE GO OUT AND PREACH THE GOSPEL. But thats okay. I obviously just need to be more christlike so I will work on it! :) So i'll let you know about both moves next week! Ive decided if we do move on Thursday I might as well not unpack my bags until moves calls on friday. just incase! :)

AND family! Conference is less than 2 weeks away! YAYYY!! So excited! How is your book of mormon reading going?:) HOpefully really well! And if you aren't finished yet KEEP GOING! It will be so cool to finish by conference! And the book of mormon is just amazing. So double bonus! I have to read lots of pages a day to do it... but Im determined to get there! :) AND have you seen the new easter video the church has put out? Its the best! I love having Ipads becuase we just go around the streets and in peoples homes and try and share it with everyone! Its the best finding tool! Im guessing ky wont have one... right? But its great! Definitely watch it if you havent already and then share it on FB or Insta! :)

And mom! I am the WORST daughter ever! We were at coorelation on Thursday and our Ward Mission leader asked the date and only then did it hit that it was St Patricks day and we did NOTHING! I wansn't even wearing green. What kind of daughter am i? I had such good plans too but it creeped up on me as well... Next year lets have a party! :) We can make up for it! And we will send you a fun green package ky! but yeah, everyone there just laughed at me. No one celebrates it here expect for the Irish and apparently all they do is use is as an excuse to get incredibly drunk so everyone though I was crazy for being so upset about not celebrating! THey just dont understand how fun it can be! :)

The last thing that I really gained a testimony of this week was that when things seem to be falling apart they really are just falling into place. I know that God has a plan and that his plan is THE VERY BEST! There were SO many experiences this week that we saw incredible miracles - found families and new investigators - only because our original plans (teaches we had, places we had planned to go, ect) fell through. And we were so sad about them falling through because WE thought that we knew what was best but we were oh so wrong. Becuase of those things falling through it lead to better things! So i just really know that that is true! Heavenly Fathers plan is ALWAYS best! And we are so silly most of the time to think that we have things figured out, that we know what the plans are and what is best and sometimes get really upset when things aren't going our way but I know that he knows what the best way is and that when we put the gospel first that EVERYTHING falls into palce perfectly! Just continue to have faith in Him and our Saviour. It always works out in the end.

BUT I JUST LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I hope you ahve the most wonderful week and Mom and Dad! Send pictures and soak up extra sun for me! Im super jealous! But be safe and have the BEST time! you both deserve it!

I LOVE YOU ALL!! So so much! Thanks for being the very best! So grateful I get you all forever!

Sister Gwilliam

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