Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Staying in the moment

OH i just LOVE getting to write you and update you on everything. It is seriously the best. But its been another great week! Super excited to tell you about it. 

SUMAN WAS BAPTIzED THIS WEEK! Oh it was so great. It was a great week of taking him to the temple and meeting with him and getting it all worked out to Saturday! It was so neat. A good amount of members came and he just seemed happy. We were talking about gratitude last night at an activity night and we asked Suman what he was grateful for and he said he was grateful that God had changed his life. OH it just melted my heart. It is so cool to be apart of seeing how people can change and helping them know that God is there. Being a missionary is the best. So yes! I have pictures I will send over from the temple and from that night!  It was a happy day! And Suman is so great... super happy and smiles a lot even though his pictures don't show it... I don't know what it is with people over here and how they look so angry instead of smiling in pictures... 

But that was mostly the highlight besides PRESIDENT INTERVIEWS!! OH i love them so much! So it was so great! He just sat back and said, okay ask me anything! And he probably regretted it a little bit. I went and asked his advice on everything, the sisters - how to be a better STL, as well as our area and finding approaches that will work better, we talked about school, and then (and this is a little embarrasing - actually not really) but I wanted to ask his advice on how to stay focused and working hard with the time I have left and I just broke down about it all. Just the thought of it ending is so sad for me sometimes. Its so hard actually, its a constant struggle of being so excited to see you all and apply the things I have learned back home and then being so sad and not wanting it to end. I feel like its a little crazy. ALSO the fact that I still have 4 months... thats still a LONG time. 4 months. AH can you believe I have been gone for 14. Miss me yet? ;) but anyways, wasn't planning on getting emotional about it but I realized just how grateful I was for it so then he had to give me this huge pep talk about how after is even better and how I should be excited about falling in love. EW NASTY. That stopped the tears for sure and I just felt weird at that point. Definitely not ready for that but wasn't going to say anything about it or else I felt I would get a longer lecture on it. Good thing no marriage until Ky is home! :) But so yes, it was great! I just love getting their full attention. Sister Gubler is so wonderful and fun too! The only sad thing is they are so short. So yes interviews were so wonderful! Life is great and I am just really working on focusing on the day and not whats coming up. Whether it comes quickly or slowly or whatever - the quote "don't count the days but make the days count" has been my moto! 

The transfer ends this next week - no change in preparation day though since it is now on Wednesdays! BUT with that I have 3 more. Crazy crazy!

I am really trying to be good with eathing the last little bit so that I am healthy coming home. Ive done really well! I eat so much better on my mission that I did at home... BUT we might have found a bakery this last week that is INCREDIBLE and so cheap. OH its a problem. i'll send over pictures. so yeah. Have to be careful. But actually everyone in the ward has mentioned it looks like I have lost weight since I was here last year. I have NO idea how that would be possible but I am glad that it looks like that! I'll take it!

It sounds like Ky had a bit of a harder week which is kinda sad. He seems to be doing great but the language and all of it sounds like it has gotten him down a little bit. He seems patient though. I honestly CAN NOT imagine serving somewhere with a language. I know I wouldn't have been strong enough for it so grateful heavenly father sent me here! :) But he still seems to be positive so that is good! I had to laugh about how he said he had a hard day - where all of the appointments fell through and no one came to church and they only got into ONE house. Sister Steed and I just laughed because if we only got into ONE house it is the best day ever! Its just so funny how different missions can be! We have had things SO HUMID here the past week! OH i have never been so hot. So I feel like I can kind of understand how he must just be melting, poor guy! 

And that is crazy about Kegan! Goodness! I hope he is okay! I have been meaning to write him. But will dedinately keep him in my prayers. Is Kari doing okay? 

Thats exciting about Scott and Rachel's new place too! Im excited to see it! 

And Linds tried out for volleyball! GO MOM!!! Way to make her do it! I feel like she would love it and is really so naturally good for it! with her height too it is just a double bonus! I hope she just falls in love with it! I can't wait to watch her play!!!! Even after all this time in England with football... I'm still not in love with it compared to my volleyball and basketbalL!

But i hope you all have the most WONDERFUL week!  Grateful for the day and staying in the moment but also so excited to see you soon!! 


Sister Gwilliam 

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