Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Funny story!

I forgot to tell you too!! Funny story!

This last week sister steed and I have sister rehova (from the Czech
Republic) come stay the night/go on exchange with us! She has JUST
gotten into the field - only a couple days and so I was out with
sister steed who is wonderful but still new and trying to figure
things out and then sister rehova who was very new. It was a little
crazy as I tried to go and work and help both of them figure things
out. A little crazy and stressful sometimes but an adventure! But we
went to go see a potential and so we got on the bus and split up to
sit by different people so we could talk to more! I was at the front
and the 2 other sisters went to the back. I started talking to the
girl next to me and she was nice but not interested. So I was sitting
and trying to figure out what stop to get off of when I hear from the
back of the bus these loud African woman yelling about God and Jesus.
I listen and can hear that they are yelling at sister steed and sister
rahova - all about how they knew Jesus and had been saved and how the
2 sisters had been deceived and we're going to hell... YIKES! I just
started laughing as I looked back to see these two huge African, born
again, hallelujah Jesus, woman just yelling at cute sister steed and
rehova. Probably  should have been smarter than to send the, back by
themselves... But I quickly clicked the button and tried to save them
by getting off the bus! Oh the adventures of Peckham... I love it so
much! :)

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