Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, December 5, 2016

Hello! (two weeks ago)

Oh I love you!! So much. thank you for your emails. Been dying, like always, to send this! Ive decided it will be the funniest thing to actually get to talk to all of you instead of typing as fast as I can to get everything out that I hope to! 

This week has been really good! Im not sure what has really happened actually... I am totally with you on how fast weeks go. I don't know how it happens but i feel like I blink and all the sudden it is Preparation day again or all the sudden I am going to church again. Its just weird. I guess that is good though- probably means we are just busy doing good things. OH YES! I just remembered it was crazy because we had an exchange from Thursday to Friday and then 30 minutes later 2 other sisters came and we had one from Friday to Saturday. CRAZINESS. It was psycho. so yeah. we were busy thats what it was. But it was great. I love being on exchanges. it is fun to get to be with the sisters and focus on them. AND there is a new sister in the zone I got to go on exchange with and she is from UTAH! Like bountiful or something... BUT OH MY GOODNESS. it was so fun. just being with an AMERICAN! She is the only other american sister in the zone. And i forgot how much fun it is to be with someone who has the same backrorund and culture. So we had a blast together. It was great. Really grateful for it.

 On Thursday I noticed my voice was going a bit which was weird since I felt fine but throughout the weekend and exchanges I almost completely lost it - with exchanges I feel like it is just go go go though so I didn't think about it too much but after exchanges and I had a second to breathe again I realized that I actually didn't feel very well at all. My WHOLE mission I have been so proud of myself though in the fact that I have NEVER had to stay in for a cold or sickness. So I just toughed it out and tried to keep going. On Sunday we saw president and sister Gubler at stake conference and then later Sunday night sister Gubler called and said she thought it was best that I took it easy on Monday - that I sleep in a little and then rest until our teaches. SO i was obedient! For the most part... :) It was great too! I wasn't feeling well so it was amazing to just be able to rest. And I allowed myself to do it without feeling guilty. We just did a lot of area book stuff so we were still working and everything! And then yesterday we had Zone training like the emails- can't wait to tell you about it all! So yeah! Thats been my week! Busy and not feeling too great but feeling a lot better now. The elders gave me a blessing and things seemed to get better so fast after that! So grateful for the priesthood.

 Did you get the email about traveling home? I got one from the office - I will forward it over to you! Sounds like you will get my flight plans in about 2 or 3 weeks. ARE YOU GETTING EXCITED? :)

 BUT yes! So all my thoughts for you... interviews were yesterday so that is good too! OH mom and dad. I just feel like i am just up and down all the time. And i need to be patient with myself because Im still not feeling my best so this week has just been a little off and I haven't had the energy like i normally would and so i'm slightly more dramatic as well.... BUT yes. ANYWAYS, I feel like over the course of my mission I haven't changed too much. My testimony and knowledge has grown LOADS and loads but I feel like personality wise I am very much still me. Which i am so grateful for. I feel like even things like hobbies back home still are great and i don't know, just a lot of things i don't feel are very different about me, and so I always heard about it being hard for missionaries to go home but I didn't think it would be hard for me to adjust to anything. BUT THEN after getting some e-mails and pictures, i panicked a little bit because I realized how much I had changed, my focus is so different than before I left.  It just made me a little nervous. I totally understand why Holy was so lost originally.  But I've just been thinking on that. It honestly does make me a little nervous. I can just see it being weird having to go back. But as our good friend always said... why adjust?;)

 BUT with that! Interviews were so great! OH I CAN NOT WAIT for you to meet president and sister Gubler. They are so wonderful. So wonderful! So yes - right after we finish ky's homecoming (whoot whoot!) we will then have president and sister Gublers and you all can meet them. I just really believe I came to this mission because they were both going to be here. They have helped me so much. BUT interviews were great. I didn't even bring it up with him but he went off on how there is no reason to be nervous about going home. He said a lot of missionaries struggle with it but he said something like how a mission teaches you that NO matter what, as long as you rely on the lord, it will be okay! He will help you. Things will be different and at times it will be difficult but as long as we rely on the lord it is all okay. And that really hit. I KNOW that is true. That is something my mission has taught me. As long as we rely on him it is okay. So i guess he answered that perfectly but yeah. Still kinda crazy. Interviews were really great though. He just spent a lot of it talking about being ready for the future - next week I start doing Myplan. its a program the church is doing where for 30 minutes everyday i will plan things for my future. Set goals. things like education goals, future family, standards with media, sabbath day, relationships. all that good stuff. Which I am excited for! I think it will help me stay on track after the mission as well. So he talked about that and then just spent it saying how proud he was of me. How he knew the lord was proud of me. OH those words are so sweet. I rememeber coming into the mission and having my first interview with him and thinking forward to how I wanted my last to be with him as well! And that is how i want it. Just him saying he and the lord are proud   I am really just so content and happy with how my mission has been so far. I really feel like I have served hard and done my best and been obedient and If it were to be over next week I would go home with no regrets. And i just want it to be that way SO badly even 7 weeks from now. But 7 weeks is still a long time. And oh i just want to stay dilligent and working hard and being motivated, and this is where it is probably just because I have been ill. but this last week I just feel lIke i don't have as much energy and just not as motivated and i don't know, it has just scared me. And i really think is just me letting satan put doubt or fear in my heart. I shouldn't worry about it but just go out and do my best! Ha its so easy to say. But yeah. I guess i just sometimes let myself worry about whether I can endure and keep it up all the way.  I just want SO BADLY to leave with no regrets. And i know i can but I know i am going to need the lords help.

 With all of it though I just want to enjoy being a missionary. I just want to love it and not be stressed. Sometimes I go into too much sister gwilliam and getting so focused on achieving something that I dont allow myself to just enjoy and have faith- to just trust that as long as I am giving him my best he will take care of it. So i just need to be better with that this week.

 BUT YES! Next week is transfers so that means I will only have one transfer left. It is crazy. And it is CHRISTMAS! I get to skype you in a MONTH!!! AHHHHHHH i am so excited!  I have a job for all of you too! RIGHT after thanksgiving you HAVE to watch the new christmas initiative! IT IS INCREDIBLE! i just cry. Just watch it everyday and dad just embrace the christmas music. haha! OH i love it so much! All the shops here are getting everything up for christmas and lights are coming up! IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!! I just can't wait. 

 AND KY! I am so proud of him! SO PROUD! And so is sister gubler. I told her baout his silly companion issues and she said how he was awesome for standing up for it! And oh my goodness! He just let him have it? THATS RIGHT! go ky. He is so great. I really admire his attitude and his williness to be obedient. And I was so relieved as well to hear that his president and everyone are aware of the situation. That makes me feel so much better and makes a lot more sense. AH ky is so great. He will be blessed for helping this elder stay out. Shows his president has a lot of trust is ky as well.

 AND WHAT?! you were going to have PIZZA for thanksgiving... PIZZA!!? Its a good thing that has changed or I would have been recieving permission to call home. Goodness! ITS THANKSGIVING!! From someone over here in england please make sure that you just celebrate and love it! All of the cooking and craziness is just part of the fun! WE will jsut be having a normal day... we will have to go find something to make thanksgiving-y and then pop a balloon of the day - I have LOVED doing that! Thank you so much mom!! ITs the cutest. But yes. So glad you are having a more proper meal. I was thinking we should celebrate thanksgiving and christmas when I get back. I will make all the food for it! :)

And Speaking of christmas.. remember please dont send me anything! Its so expensive and I will see you 2 weeks later! So if anything just save the money and then I would love to have a girls day and go get some new clothes... SINCE APPARENTLY LINDS IS WEARING ALL OF MINE. and as much as I love the ones here I have worn them for 18 months... it will be nice to have something new. SO yes! HOw about that for a deal?:) 

But yes! Have the best week and heaven knows I will be sending you another email before we know it!


 Sister Gwilliam

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