Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


It was another great week here in London! I dont know about how you are feeling but time is FLYING! I dont know where days are going and I feel like we dont even have enough time to do everything we need to in a day. Which is so great though! Busy missionaries are happy missionaries! :) Its so good but going so quickly. Just crazy. 

But yes! I feel my week was pretty normal! Not anything super crazy. Biggest highlight was CHARLIE'S BAPTISM! I saw that I got a like from Dad so I am hoping you all saw it! Oh it is so cool. He is just so great. He is the sweetest, funniest, little Irish man who had NO intention of joining another church but the Book of Mormon is true and charlie was sincere enough so he got an answer. I have really gained a testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon on my mission and especially with charlie. This last week was crazy with all of the meetings we had - MLC and then DLC and district meetings - which a lot of the time start early enough that we dont have personal study - and as a mission 30 minutes of our study in the morning is spent only in reading the Book of Mormon. It has been really neat for me to establish that habit as I been here but it was really neat especially this last week on those mornings I didn't get to read it how different my day felt. By the end of the night I actually grabbed my book of mormon and started reading some of it becuase I just needed to read it. Its SO GREAT and so different than how I was before - reading a couple versus to check it off. I have come to LOVE the book of Mormon. Becuase of it I have come to know Jesus Christ and has helped me to repent in becoming more like him. I just love it. And am so grateful for Charlie's experience to remind me of its power! 

Dad I was just smiling SO BIG when I read your email of all of the missionary opportunities that you are seeking. OH you are INCREDIBLE!!  At the begining of my mission I would have things like letting people pass or not opening my mouth or letting a situation go and I would BEAT myself up for it! just think I was the worst and that person that just passed me probably was looking for the truth and wanted to be baptized and I just BLEW IT... all of that good stuff! :) BUT the more that I have learned about the gospel and about our Saviour and just life in general is that this is all here to help us learn! Like mom's quote she shared this week - i LOVED it mom! Thank you thank you thank you!! This life is all about BECOMING! As so I learned that EVERY SINGLE DAY we are going to fail. We are not going to talk to someone or say something mean and stupid or be disobedient in some way - all of that - but the good news about the gospel is that it is just about becoming. It is about LEARNING! And as long as we learn from it and do something better the next time then we are doing exactly what our heavenly father wants! So dad YOU ARE AMAZING! I really believe that pretty soon someone who really needs the gospel is going to come into your path and now becuase you had those experiences you will be ready to talk to them about it. And Im SURE even that lady you spoke to will have had a seed planted - knowing about 2 years of serving - someday she will hear about it again and be able to learn about it! But the fact you called back so many times... dad you are so great. THANK YOU for your example! I hope to be the missionary you are when I am home! 

But with that... I am still doing my plan! I am hoping to remember to send over what I have so far - but one of the areas is missionary work! And it is actaully one i am struggling with a little bit which sounds so funny. But life in utah and missionary work in utah is just so different than it is here but probably anywhere else. Just so many people already know about it so the things I have been used to here or seen memebers do my whole mission will be different back in utah. BUT I DONT just want to be a good member - I want to be active in doing missionary work still. So i am struggling with it a little bit. I will ask president for some counsel on it but any ideas you have too? We could set family goals and all work on it together! :) BUT with that! Want to hear the craziest thing. Next tuesday I have my departure interview - my FINAL interview - with President Gubler. Oh my heart hurts a little bit thinking about it. I just dont know how I got here. My whole mission- really from the first interview I had with him the first day I came into the field - I have always thought about how I want my final interview to go. what I want him to say to me, how I want to feel about my service, but mostly who I wanted to have become. Its just crazy that it is so close. I keep getting emails about departures and things to do to prepare and it honestly just seems surreal. which is probably good. Really just trying to stay focused on the day and focused being here. I am still having a blast and just taking the attitude of enjoying everyday that I am here. I know i will miss it.  So yes! i will email you next week and let you know how it all goes. Im sure there will be tears but a lot to look forward to as well! Its just SO WEIRD. 

AND while I am thinking of it!! SKYPE! YESS YES YES YES! Do you know how to make it all work with skyping in me and ky? becuase I want that FOR SURE!!!!! All i know how to do is click on the skype you have set up for me and then call you all. So figure out the logistics and we will get it to work! WIth that too I am pretty open all day as well. I will make whatever time work for sure! :) Whatever time ky can do I WILL MAKE WORK! So Im not even going to try and do the math for it since I totally messed it up last time... ( I know. How did i even get good grades ;) More like how I am supposed to just jump right back into school when I couldn't count back 7 - HELP!  :) ) BUT around 5 would for sure be great over here. Or any other time... just figure it out with ky and tell me a time and I have an ipad so we can do it anytime! YAY for the blessings of being in london with an Ipad! :) Oh but I am SO EXCITED!!!!! I get to talk to you in 11 days! ELEVEN DAYS! AHHH!!! And then whats even crazier is 2 weeks after that I get TO HUG YOU!!!!! AHHH!! i wont get ahead of myself. But its just exciting! I CANT WAIT. but would love to get to talk with ky so let me know! I will make it work! 

sounds like it was a fun weekend though with Stake Conference! It is so funny how a mission makes an all day meeting sound fun too - just SO much information and help! But i was DYING when I read about tyse mooning everyone. bahah! oh i bet everyone just needed to wake up a little bit and tyse was just there to help out! :) 

And im so glad that from all of our letters Ky seems to be doing so well! Oh i am SO HAPPY!!! So so grateful! His comp seems great and ky seems to be doing so well! and WHAT THE HECK? his comp left the mission boundaries in the middle of the night? Oh its just so sad. Honestly so sad that he would think that was right. especially your last night. Oh man. Hopefully he can go home and figure things out and become better from the experience. but ky is honestly the man for surviving his time with him! HE DID IT!!!! And with that im sure he has learned a ton but also will have great stories for us when he gets home too! :) I bet he will tell them super funny as well. OH i just love him. Can't wait to all be laguhing about them together! 

Kaity also emailed me this week telling me about her decision to serve. I am so excited! and going to demand that she come with grandma and grandpa so she can be there when I get home and we can talk all about it!! 

AND with your email from last week about all of the logistics of things coming home!! THANK you for the denitist as well! SO GRATEFUL! I could call it my bloody dentist appointment - make it sounds brittish but it will probably be far too accurate... :) BUT with people picking me up! I am really not too bothered... I would probably just keep it small. 

I am so grateful for you and all that you do for me! Thank you for being such great examples and best friends. I LOVE YOU! Have the best week! And... not that we are getting trunky (dont worry) but...


I love you! 

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  1. It's good to hear that you are doing well. You sound happy to be serving the Lord, and I'm happy for you. Happy new year!