Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hello Family!

Hey everyone!!

I hope you have had the best week! It sounds like you had a blast Last monday! I loved the pictures! Looked so fun! Thanks so much for sending them over!

This week there were no naked men! THANK HEAVENS! Im glad you all got a good laugh out of that becuase it literally was the WORST! Sister Barnes and I laugh about it all the time now so its all great! One of the keys to being a successful missionary Ive decided is having a good sense of humor. Grateful that things as AWFUL as last tuesday are just hilarious now!:) Sister Barnes and I have about 20+ sticky notes above our study table of just all the awful but hilarious things that happen to us each week! But yeah, no naked men so life is good! :)

THis week our investigators thought they would be funny though if they decided to not talk to us. Dad - you asked about our teaching pool. How it sounds like he was have one one week and then the next we don't.Well that pretty much summs it up perfectly! :) Its something i still find so crazy is how we really do have weeks of SOLID solid investigators that are progressing and everything seems great and then the next week they just dont talk to us or do and tell us they don't want anything to do with the church anymore. This week was one of those. we spent DAYS knocking and street contacting. People weren't really feeling it either... until MIRACLE DAY thursday! Our whole week had been full of people not wanting to talk to us but thursday morning we went out and it was amazing! In a matter of 2 hours we had 10 lessons with people. Either sitting down or sharing on the street! We even had people stopping us! oh Heavenly Father is so kind! :) It was the greatest morning! Sister Barnes and I are teaching an older English man right now! I talked about the other week how I had needed to work on patience and honestly he is one of the reasons why. He talks SO MUCH! Like I can't even get a word out without him sharing another story (ususally compeltely off topic:) ) Or going off about something else. BUT another miracle of the week is that Micheal got laryngitits!!! making it so he couldn't talk! haha, i know this is the worst but it was AMAZING! We were able to get full lessons out in 30 minutes and keep him on track. We just kept reminding him when he would try and talk to not strain himself... ;) So overall a much better week! Grateful for miracles and laryngitis! :)

BUt i got your package this week!! THANK YOU!!! I loved it! the Birthday stuff is the CUTEST thing! I can't wait to use it! It is actually sister barnes birthday on the 18th! So we are just having a PARTY week! There are cute members in the ward who foud out about our birthdays too so on Sunday we are going over and they are making a cake and feeding us dinner so we can celebrate! I LOVE the ward here. The people here are so genuine and want to give and help! I love it so much. I';ll start taking pictures at DA so I can let you know who some of the poepl are! Last night we went to a DA with this couple the Hegawalds. THey are from Texas nd he came here for 6 months for his work. I guess they are opening up a new office or something and he is over it. BUT we got their address and went to their flat and it is RIGHT NEXT to westinister brdige. How neat is that? He told us durrring dinner that the company pays 6,000 pounds a month for it! A MONTH!! And it is this small 1 bedroom flat. OH CRAZY! But fun to be there! :)

And the camera is AMAZING! So fancy! Thank you so much! Im so grateful for the adapter too! Ill start using that so I hopefully don't fry anying! :) THANK YOU!!!

Mom - would you find some good easy recipes that I could make over here and send them to me? The past couple of weeks sister barnes and I have been ling off of yogurt and eggs. Haha as much as I love them... its getting a little old. We would love some variety and actual meals to eat but we don't have a lot of time either. Lunch and Dinner are both an hour. So if you have any quick delivious ideas please send them over! :) We also have to be pretty cheep too.... haha! THis whole actually having to cook for yourself on a budget thing.....

And I can't believe that Ben Hooker is home!! Time seriously flew for him and bryce I feel! Dad - I loved what you shared about the atonement! I guess what Ben shared - but thank you for sending it over. As have been reading the book of Mormon something that I have LOVED is the parts about the atonement. I was reading in 2 Nephi 9 today which talks a lot about it and something that stood out to be was all of the times he says the words happiness, joy, ect. I marked them all! I feel like so much in peoples minds and mine as well we look at repentance as this dark and scary and painful thing. And while it is hard to realize that we have made mistakes the atonement is AMAZING and is something that only brings SO MUCH HAPPINESS! I have loved while reading to see the phrase "unless they repent" or "but if they repent" all over as christ is talking about those who have sined. Even the wicked lamanites who were doing horrible things he would talk about thei destrcution UNLESS they repented. I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH! I am so grateful to know that repentance is ALWAYS and option and is one that brings somuch joy and happiness!

BUT i hope you have the greatest week!! Thank you forall of your love and support! I MISS YOU ALL LIKE CRAZY!! But know that what I am doing is right and that I'll be back with you soon! Before I left Janell gave me a knecklace in the shape of an infinity withthe quote that missionaries leave their families for a time  help others be with theirs forever! I put it on everymorning becuase it is the hardest thing for me to be away from you BUT i know i have you FOREVER so it will all be great! :)

I love you all so much! Talk to you next week! :)

Sister Gwilliam

(From Kyle's letter):
We went to a Nasty DA this week where this man fed us foo foo. I hate
foo foo. OH and I was going to tell dad too - share this with him!:)
But after all of the African food I have been eating, I feel like when
I'll get home I'll be able to join in the awful mission potty talk with dad. I can 
just see mom thinking we all are gross but KY! It's the
WORST! Haha my body is all in a mess because of the food here. And
let's just say pepper soup with cow eye balls - not even kidding I was
fed that this week - tastes disgusting going in but the pain after was
much worse. The mission president told us to pray as a mission to open
the gates of heaven to have miracles pour down. Well let's just say
the gates definitely opened up Thursday morning... I should be careful
what I pray for!;)

(potty talk edited by Mom :)

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