Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey family! 

I hope you all have had the BEST week!!! 

This week was a party week with it being sister Barnes birthday!! It was so fun! She's the big old 22 now! It was great! I'll send an email with all the pictures from it and captions of what we did!:) it was such a fun day though! And now today we are celebrating that it is the 21st- the day the angel Moroni appeared to JS about the plates:) and then Tuesday is zone conference and Wednesday is my birthday! So this next week will be so fun too! PLUS we are going to find people to get baptized!:) 

Tomorrow is zone training which I am SO excited for! I need it. President gubler is amazing and after going to these I'm just so fired up and refocused. I'm Trying really hard to stay focused. Cute sister Barnes has less than a month left and she is doing great at still working hard but I can see it being hard for me to stay focused as I can tell she is getting more and more excited! I just can see it being extra hard for me with her packing and then there are ward activities and things we have going on next month that don't apply to her anymore because she won't be here. It's just weird. PLUS it hurts my heart a little bit she gets to see her family so soon! I realize that she has been gone from her family for 17 months now... So I guess it's fair she sees them sooner than I get to but it still stings a little bit! So zone conference is exactly what I need!:) AND sister Barnes and I are singing at it!:) mom- thank you so much for the sheet music! Everyone here is so jealous of it and I love it SO much! Thank you!:) hopefully it goes well! 

This week we had another miracle of finding this Chinese man named dongmin. OH HE WAS PERFECT! The sweetest most genuine man who contacted us and wanted to know about God and how to be a better man - BINGO!! Our hearts were just so happy! We met with him a couple times and it wAa such an amazing experience. He has NO religious background so it was so cool for me to see how this man grasped and understood there was a God who had all power who loved him and was concerned about him and wanted to hear about him! Dongmins English isn't the greatest either so he would just "oo and ahh" at everything we said. He said a prayer after too and it just melted my heart. It was such a good learning experience for me because I had to learn how to teach simply - and it was hard for me! But I think it helped me become a much better teacher!:) so we had a couple incredible lessons, he came to church,it was pretty much the GREATEST until we found out he lives on the other side of the river!! AHH! Stinkin river (the Thames separates the London mission and the London South mission) so we had to refer him :( it was the saddest BUT as long as he gets baptized there life is still great! The other missionaries better be ready for the greatest miracle! 

Another near thing about this week was we got another church headquarters referral - every time we get one I he a little anxiety attack because of my naked friend a couple weeks ago. Sister Barnes always laughs about it because most missionaries are ECSTATIC about receiving one but after that first experience I think I'm ruined for the rest of my mission! They scare me more. But this was GREAT! We called the number to this girl named Olivia who works in central London as a costume designer/staff for the I love Mormon musical. She said she didn't want to be naive about what our religion was really about so she wanted the real Book of Mormon. How amazing is that!? I thought it was so great of her! So that silly play might make fun of us but it also is bringing some to the church! HA TAKE THAT SATAN! It was so fun to meet with her! Hopefully we will be able to stop by this week or contact her and see how she is doing! 

Not to make any of you nervous... But guess what happened!? Tuesday morning we walked out of our flat to have police caution tape all around the front of our building and a lot of policeman! That morning a boy had been stabbed and died LITERALLY 50 steps from our front door. How crazy is that?? Good thing I'm a missionary who has angels surrounding me to protect me! This crazy Peckham area! So sad though! 

And guess what!? People have been thinking I'm English! More last week than this week but people have assumed I am English! And that sister Barnes is English.... Hah it makes her so mad since she has been here so much longer! We've started talking in an accent around our flat to try and get her to have an accent for when she goes home. But yeah! I was super proud of myself!:)

In a members home the other night I saw this quote and LOVED it!! It said, He who was lifted up will never let me down. I LOVED that quote and can testify with all of my heart that is true. I KNOW it is true more than I ever have. He is always there. ALWAYS. To love, lift, encourage, try, listen. He is there to give comfort, ease burdens, and lean on. His arms of mercy and also arms of love are always outstretched. I know he lives. And I love him so much. 

Yesterday the Kamara family threw me and sister Barnes a birthday party! It was the cutest thing. They are such an incredible family! We had family home evening with them and it made me so grateful for our family and how we are just so great! Mom and dad thank you for making Fhe a priority! And just being the most incredible parents! I have seen how important families are as so many here don't have one. It just makes all the difference. I am just so grateful for my family!! I love you all so much! But I'll attach pictures and send them over of our party! 

But with my birthday on Wednesday I've decided even though I'm not there you all should still celebrate! I would choose cafe rio for dinner and then a good movie after!:)

But I love you all so much!!! So much! And am so grateful for your emails and just being the greatest family! 

Talk to you all again next week! LOVE YOU!

Sister Gwilliam

Guess what else! On you can request ancestors patriarchal blessing! I went online yesterday and requested Dondas!! I am super excited! you just put in their information and it will send it to your email! How cool is that?? I'll send it over to you when I get it if you want!:) I requested dads grandmas too! I'm super excited about getting them!!!! I'll send hers over too!:) Dagmars... I think that is her name!:) 

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