Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, November 9, 2015

4 months a missionary!

Hey greatest family there ever was!!

Guess what!? Today i have officially been a missionary for 4 months! how crazy is that? Part of me feels like it has FLOWN by! LIke what I have even done in these 4 months? But then at the same time its like Ive lived in england forever and everything else before is just starting to feel like it wasn't real. Like it was a dream. BUT its exciting either way! :)

That also means I havent even seen you or talked to you in 4 months. Do you ever think how crazy that is? Sometimes I do. Just the whole idea of the fact I got on a plane to england at 19 and don't have any big contact with my family and all the other things that a mission entitles and i think about it for a minute and think about how crazy it is. But then the crazier thing is that I love it! That it doesn't feel weird to me becuase I just feel so at peace. Its crazy that with everything going on that I am just happy and content and grateful to be here!

But this week was great! The begining of this week there isn't a lot to report on. I really did just sit in meetings. We had MLC which was literally ALL of tuesday! It was great but also really long. Fun to be there though and be with all of the other leaders and president. Then on thursday we had district meeting and then saturday DLC which took most of the day as well! So lots of sitting there but it was all great because at the end of the week...

JACK AND FERN WERE BAPTISED!!! Oh it was the GREATEST night!! They are the CUTEST kids and just so prepared and so happy and the night was just perfect. The ward was so supportive. their mum even said how happy she was and how blown away she was with all of the support they recieved. So it was such a blessing! Ill send over pictures. But it is just the greatest blessing to see these people and how the gospel has blessed them. They just get it. The gospel makes sense to them and that is something that i have loved. OF COURSE IT MAKES SENSE! Becuase it is the truth. and they are just so close to the spirit that they can feel that! Oh its just the greatest blessing to be a missionary and have the privledge of being so aware of the blessing this gospel is and how it truly does change lives.

Another great thing about this week is that we saw SO MANY MIRACLES! president gubler always talks about the season of miracles that is coming to the England London South Mission. he has been talkinhg about it since he came in - pretty much since i have been here. WE have all felt it too! That just like in times before when hundreds of saints were baptised here - that it will happen again! And I can just feel it! there are SO MANY miracles all around us! WE are just finding people that are SO PREPARED and ready to be baptised. A miracle of this week is as we were counting up our key indicators at the end of the week there were a lot of days where we had more new investigators (people who we have a lesson with and then get a return appointment with) then we did actual lessons. People truly are just walking up to us and are prepared and want us to teach them. So right now we are teaching this sweet napalese family as well as this AMAZING girl named isabelle. I love her. So it is just incredible. It is such a blessing and humbling experience to be amissionary here at this time when SO MANY miracles are all around us! The season of miracles really is here and Jack and Fern were just the begining of the baptisms that will be coming! Just wait! :)

So things here in good old england are just the greatest! We have Zone conference tomorrow. another meetting.... i was telling ky I think it is a good sign that meetings are a little hard now. At the begining of my mission i LOVED meetings becuase i could be inside and not having to talk to people... I know. It was the worst. BUT now I really would rather be out talking to people or teaching, even knocking! So I think that is a good sign that Im hopefully progressing and becoming a better missionary and person! But zone conference will be great! And we are singing at it! With president and sister gubler which will be the best! Then on wednesday I am going on exchange with the Stains siters which will be fun! I think i will be going there this time so it will be fun to see a new area and work with another sister!

And fun fact! I just got a haircut! I'll send a picture. I was almost crazy and cut it short again... and then i remembered how rough it was last time and decided that it wasn't the way to go! Plus with the humidity here my hair is just a mess all the time. but it was getting a little out of control so hopefully with it being al ittle shorter it will help! A cute man in the ward cut it for us for free! Yay for members! :)

But I hope you have the GREATEST week!! Please keep me updated on everything and send more cute videos of tyse. I miss that cute boy!

You all are always in my prayers! i love and miss you so much!! Thank you for being the greatest family. Your love and support really is what keeps me going!

Talk to you soon!

Sister GWilliam

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