Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, October 5, 2015


Cutest family! 

OH MY GOODNESS! This week was the most amazing because general conference!   OH MY. I just can not even believe how powerful it was. I haven't even seen the last session yet.... In England it's funny. We watched both the morning sessions live - its at 5 here!:) so Saturday I watched the woman's before and the the live session and then Sunday morning we watched the Saturday afternoon and then the live session. But that was one of the first things that I loved. I felt SO CLOSE TO HOME! When I walked in and heard the Mormon tab singing I literally was fighting back tears. Just seeing the conference centre, all of those amazing LDS people gathered together, hearing the sweet American accent ;), and mostly that I was doing the EXACT thing as you!! I was watching the same talks, raising my hand to sustain them at the same time, and singing at the same time! I just felt so close to home and to you! Oh it was so great! And then the rest of the conference I was just BLOWN away. I have never had a more spiritual meeting. It was better than Christmas - and I LOVE Christmas. Oh just all the the talks, and then getting to see and hear from the new apostles and the songs were perfect and I just felt like all of the questions I had were answered and all the talks were just exactly what I needed. I beat myself up for not taking advantage of conference before. I have always loved it but mostly because I was at home with my family and all the fun girls night and such but I see the power behind actually being prepared to listen to a PROPHET OF GOD. I know without a doubt that what the prophet and apostles said is what we need to know NOW and TODAY! I encourage all of you to read and re read and mark and ponder and then APPLY what was spoken over this weekend. I know by following what they said it will lead us so much closer to our savior, we will be protected from the craziness in this world, and we will be HAPPIER! Oh this gospel is just so great. 

There were SO MANY things that I loved but there were some that I loved and stood out to me. First of, President Gubler is called of God. I can't even tell you. EVERYTHING he has been telling us and the mission plan he set out for all of us was exactly what was talked about all throughout conference. One of the things he has talked about recently was asking us "what lack I?" Asking the Lord what we can fix and then turning to PMG to find the answer. He tells us personal conversion is key, we have been reading the Book of Mormon to see who we are and en what we can apply, he has stressed fearing no one and opening our mouths and continues to remind us we NEED the spirit! Just EVERYTHING!! As I sat listening to conference I was just in awe. President gubler is called of God and is SO CLOSE TO THE SPIRIT. I am SO grateful to get to learn from him each day and be under his leadership. I love him and sweet sister Gubler so much! 

Something else I loved was the testimonies of the 3 new apostles. Something that I have really struggled with at times while being a missionary is just feeling adequate to have this calling. I feel the weight of it and at times think about how imperfect I have been and how imperfect I am and it's overwhelming - I truly am just full of faults. And it was just an answer to my prayers to see these humble men get up and testify that they felt the exact same way. And yes- their calling is significantly bigger and it is of much greater importance but last night I felt that we were very similar and with how we feel. I truly agreed with Elder Rasband as he quoted how he stood all amazed at the Love Jesus offers him. I am full of awe continually of my Saviors love for me. For his mercy and patience and understanding and continual encouragement as I continually fail but try my best. I wanted to shout amen when elder Runland spoke about how how I have not been called because of what I have done in my life but because of what the Savior needs to do through me. This is HIS work. I have never felt the reality of that more than I have lately. These 18 months are his and I plan to do everything in my part so that whatever he needs done I am there worthy and ready that he can do it through me. And then I fought back tears when Elder Stevenson talked about hard nights of questioning his ability and self examining himself but then realising he needed to focusing on what He could do instead of what he couldn't. There is so much that I can not do. There are days that I feel like I can't contact properly, or I need to tech more to needs, or I'm not focusing on the work like I should - so many things I can't do. But I CAN and forever will testify of the reality of Jesus Christ. I love him. I know that he live. And I love him with all that I am. Even with all of my shortcomings I can continue to open my mouth and try my best everyday to help others know of the reality of a saviour who is always ALWAYS there for them too. Everything is possible through him. Ahh everyone just needs this! 

Another talk I LOVED was President Russell M. Nelsons. Oh my goodness I think I'll just read that talk every morning for the rest of my life. I have never felt so grateful to be serving a mission. As he talked about the importance of woman In the church - my heart was just full of gratitude for my Heavenly Father and helping me get to the point of being a missionary. As he talked about the attributes of the woman the church needed I saw that all of those things were something that I am learning by serving a mission. The thought of not being here and learning the things I am truly scares me. The lessons I have learned even just these 3 months will make me not only a better person but a better mom who will raise my children anchored on the doctrines and principles of this church, I will be a better wife, a better daughter, friend and mostly a better disciple for the REST OF MY LIFE! OH my dearest family this gospel is true and I am so thankful for it. I am so grateful to be a missionary and have the chance to share this message everyday and become the woman that this church and my Heavenly Father needs me to be. 

The other thing that stood out was that It's okay to miss you!:) One of the questions I had going into conference was finding the balance of still feeling close to you but keeping my focus on being a missionary. And almost all of the speakers spoke of how dearly they missed Elder Perry, Scott, and Packer The spirit reminded me that it was okay to miss you! It's okay to feel that way but not okay to have it interfere. Just acknowledge it and move forward. Oh it's just so great! AND I haven't even SEEN the last session. I bet it was the greatest! After emailing we are downloading all of them so we can watch them later! It's just the BEST! Super excited! 

Oh and I almost cried again with president monsons talks. I love him so much and he just seemed so old and weak. OH I love him! Praying hard for him to have the strength he needs. AND elder cooks talk about Bristol!! That is TOTALLY IN MY MISSION! Sister Barnes last area!:) all the missionaries were freaking out! It was so great! So basically it's just the greatest mission.... ;) 

Sorry for that conference rant... I kinda just LOVED it. But the rest of this week was great too!:) 

This week sister barnes and I went on exchange with the kennington sisters who are the spanish speaking sisters! So I went on exchange in ESPANOL! Dad. I could have used ya! Haha it was a crazy 24 hours. I also just realized how merciful heavely father is for sending me where i could speak ENGLISH! I have no idea how people adjust to everything in missionary life and then on top of that have no idea what anyone is saying. Dad. youre amazing. But it was lots of fun for only 24 hours. I pretty much just stood there and smilied and tried to catch onto words that i learned in middle school that I could pick out! it was lots of fun!

We also went to grandmas again and I ate enough rice for all of us! Sister barnes sneaked short videos of her. just so you can get the idea of what the people and my life is like here. THeyre short but pretty funny! I'll send them over! 

And with moves next week I won't be emailing until later on in the week! So just send me even more and be excited for me to email later!:) But I hope you have the BEST WEEK!! 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Thank you for the emails! Can't even tell you how much they make my entire week! Love you all and miss you but so grateful to be serving a mission!

Talk to you soon!
Sister Gwilliam 

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