Called To Serve

Called To Serve

Monday, August 17, 2015

Book of Mormon - Preach my Gospel Style

As a mission we are reading the Book of Mormon but doing it a way Preach my Gospel suggests and it has been AMAZING!!! It is on page 114 of PMG. You get 4 different highlighers or colored pencils and highlight 1. Any name referring to Christ 2. His attributes 3. His words or what he says 4. Doctrine. President Gubler has asked us to look for 3 questions while we read too - Who am I? Who is He? and As a disciple of Jesus Christ i will! It has been AMAZING!! Honestly changed everything for me about the Book of Mormon. I always believed in it and had a testimony that it was true but after this I have NO DOUBTS. It truly just testifies of Christ and shows how he is a loving, merciful, and kind Savior whose arms are ALWAYS stretched out for us. Oh i just love it! If you can do it as a family! It would be amazing and such a good thing for Ky to do in preparation! 

And sad story - we had zone conference on Thursday - which was AMAZING!!! Oh my goodness, President Gubler is amazing. The whole time I was just blown away with the spirit and felt like I was sitting there in front of President Holland. He was singing and making it so that I was just SO excited to get out there and work. I LOVED it and love getting to know the missionaries in this mission. It is so fun the bond you immediately have! But yes it was incredible so that isn't the sad story, the Sad story is that I GOT MY ipad which was SO GREAT but got back to set it up and it doesn't work. The missionary before didn't clear it properly so I can't get onto it. And so I have to go to the mission office and get another one (which I don't know when will happen). So I'm ipad-less right now which is the SADDEST because I was so excited to get to send pictures and see your e-mails before Mondays so I had more time to write back! But it’s okay! I actually decided Heavenly Father just has a really good sense of Humor. Also, Last Sunday I sat through the LONGEST most PAINFUL ward council ever. Picture 15 big, sweaty Africans (and me and sister Barnes :) ) crammed into a room the size of our Mothers room at our church in Draper and taking 1.5 hours our of our 2 hour meeting to talk about how we need to have effective meetings. I was DYING. Honestly no patience. So I think Heavenly Father just realized I needed to work on Patience and so I'm now patiently waiting to get an ipad that works! :) 

Things here in London are GREAT! WE FINALLY have a teaching pool - this whole teaching pool thing is the greatest! :) - and we have 4 solid investigators progressing towards baptism. Oh I’m just so happy! I feel like I’m finally getting adjusted and just loving this! It was really hard at the beginning and still miss you all so much but I honestly can say I wouldn't want to be home with you! For these 18 months, as much as I do and will miss you all, I am so grateful to be here and doing my best to work my very hardest every single day!!

OH, and with the accents, I feel like I can imitate it really well but definitely not picking up on it. And I’ve decided I’m not because I’m always with Africans here! Which speaking of, you might want to sign me up for a personal trainer now. This whole Dinner appointment thing is great but they feed us SO MUCH! And then expect we want more and I feel pressure to keep eating... lets just say this whole gaining weight on a mission is becoming a little too real. There are nights were I just feel SO FULL but then it all starts over again! I'm just working hard on working out in the mornings to hopefully help all I’m eating! 

I had the chance to go to the Preston Temple 2 times at the MTC, which was AMAZING! And every missionary gets to go through the London at Christmas time. If we have an investigator we get to go to the visitor center - which is where my ipad could be fixed - so hopefully we'll get to go there soon! :) 

In zone conference we talked about being 100% focused on Christ and our missions - not just 95% or 98% like a lot of us are. I remember just thinking how I ONLY have 18 months to be COMPLETELY 100% converted to this and I don't want one single regret with that!

There are so many cute senior couples here (I met the one who live by Grandma and Grandpa Warner!)  I love them! The senior couples are the best SO I promise you, if you and dad are ever serious about it, to take Tyse and let you and dad go!! PROMISE YOU NOW! And honestly take me up on it! YOu and dad would be the BEST missionaries there ever were so you just have to go! Tyse and I will need some good catching up time too after not talking and getting hamburgers together for 18 months anyways! :)

Always remember God has a plan and his plan is SO MUCH better than ours! Something I’ve learned to love being on a mission is when I pray to just talk with heavenly Father! I know we always hear that but really just kneel down and talk with him! Say it how you feel, and say it like you would if you were talking to family or a friend! I PROMISE you he is listening.  Our Heavenly Father is great at answering prayers but I've also learned he is also the BEST listener. Sometime he just listens so we can talk it out! :)

Love you!!

Sister Megs 

WE GOT YOUR POSTER!!! OH MY THANK YOU!!! Sister Barnes and I LOVE IT! Its hung up above our Study table! Thnak you so much! MADE OUR DAYS! 

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